Note: Apologies for the numerous gaps, particularly towards the end of this diary. It has all been faintly handwritten in pencil, and the writing is extremely hard to understand in places.


National Archives catalogue number WO 171/4165.




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Month and year : March 1945

Commanding Officer : Major W.L. Taylor, RAOC, 249678


1st March 1945

Place: Troisvaux near St Pol, France


Cpl and 2 Ptes detailed from this unit to DADOS HQ 15 L of C to assist in issuing stores passing through his Dump for re-fitting this unit and Land Elements of units of 6 AIRBORNE DIV preparing for next op.


2nd March 1945

Place: Troisvaux near St Pol, France


Disposed of 17 cars 5 cwt 4x4 and 17 [G.S.?] Trailers as though on WE not required for next op.  38 x 3 ton loads of stores held in this location above carrying capacity of unit.  Visited by DADOS 1 BRIT AIRBORNE CORPS who put OC in picture verbally re next op.


3rd March 1945

Place: Troisvaux near St Pol, France


ADOS of fmn now functioning from DIV HQ in UK.


4th March 1945

Place: Troisvaux near St Pol, France


First unit Church Service in BLA.  Stores commence arriving via 15 L of C Dump for re-equipping.


6th March 1945

Place: Troisvaux near St Pol, France


Complete scaling of MT Major Assys commences to arrive from No.1 Sub-Depot 15/17 AOD.


7th March 1945

Place: Troisvaux near St Pol, France


Lt H.D. Phillips of this unit recalled to UK for attachment to ADOS at Div HQ.  Departed DOUAI Airfd 1500 hrs.  Stores for replenishment of stock carrying is very well, scaling of MT Major Assys practically complete.


8th March 1945

Place: Troisvaux near St Pol, France


Received instrs from DDOS 1 BRIT AIRBORNE CORPS to pick up PK/5 (Packs of ORD stores of [V?] 7.8.9. concerns) approx 45 tons awaiting collection 17 STSD.


9th March 1945

Place: Troisvaux near St Pol, France


Advised ADOS of gravity of large quantity of grounded stores seriously affecting mobility of unit.


10th March 1945

Place: Troisvaux near St Pol, France


Brigadier AAQMG of 1 BRIT AIRBORNE CORPS visited unit and a general discussion of impeding operational requirements from this unit took place.  PK/5 referred to above was picked up from 17 STSD 17 x 3 ton loads of [Warlike?] stores and ORD stores peculiar to Airborne fmns.


11th March 1945

Place: Troisvaux near St Pol, France


Party of 6 proceeds on 48 hrs leave to PARIS.


13th March 1945

Place: Troisvaux near St Pol, France


DDOS 1 BRIT AIRBORNE CORPS and ADOS of fmn arrived at Airfd B56 and were met by O.C.  Came to unit location and various verbal instrs were given concerning disposal of stores not required for next op and stores to be obtained or retained.


14th March 1945

Place: Troisvaux near St Pol, France


16 x 3 tons of ORD stores loaded from grounded stores in operational priority and tactically loaded in addition to all vehs on WE being completely laden.


15th March 1945

Place: Troisvaux near St Pol, France


[?] conf of DIV HQ Land Elements.  O.C. was informed that no more tpt could be provided for lifting ORD stores so arrangements are made with ADOS 11 L of C for all stores not now required to be disposed of to DADOS Dump HQ 15 L of C.


16th March 1945

Place: Troisvaux near St Pol, France


Received orders for Recce party to stand by.


17th March 1945

Place: Troisvaux near St Pol, France


57 tons of surplus serviceable [Vot?] 7 & 8 stores returned to DADOS Dump HQ 15 L of C.


19th March 1945

Place: Troisvaux near St Pol, France


Unit left present location on 3 day march to WEERT in HOLLAND all stores loaded and all vehs held on as surplus to WE also personnel commence march 0900A.  Bivouacked on roadside area ATH Belgium.  Replaced Austin 4x4 Radiator during night.  Movement Order No.3 attached for 3 day march.  At Appx "D" to AFC 2119A.


20th March 1945

Continued march to area SONNIS in Belgium again bivouacked for night.


21st March 1945

Continued march at 0830A to village of BOCHOLT Belgium.  During march OC unit deployed to report to DDOS 12 Corps at MECHELEN on arrival found 12 Corps HQ had moved.  L/Cpl speaking German attached to unit as interpreter.  REME AWD scaled with stores from ORD FD PK stock.  DIV HQ ORD personnel arrived this unit location ex UK by sea.  ADOS of fmn now with unit.  3 offrs 17 ORs.  O.C. unit visited DDOS 12 Corps and made arrangements for sending ORD stores to form dumps on both banks of River Rhine.


22nd March 1945

Place: Bocholt, Belgium


9 x 3 ton lorry loads of ORD stores despatched to Dump on W bank of River Rhine near Xanten with personnel of this unit to form ORD re-supply dump and pre-load for DUKWS to establish Dump on E bank of R. Rhine when crossing is effected.


24th March 1945

0945 - Planes carrying parachutists and tugs towing gliders passes over unit location travelling E.  1 glider (HORSA) carrying platoon of 2 Bn Ox & Bucks forced down near village.  Lt ARCELL in command.  They were taken by tpt to Div HQ Land Elts.  Received verbal instrs to move at 0600 hrs 25 MAR.


25th March 1945

0600 - Unit commenced march to area SONSBECK and entered Germany at 0742 hrs 25 MAR.  ADOS instructed that all ORD personnel on WE or attached incl 39 Port and Pet and 14 FTS and their vehs will cross R. Rhine with this unit.  Orders to recce location E of R. Rhine received and orders to cross river by bridges at WESEL at 0125A 26 MAR received.


27th March 1945

Place: Sonsbeck, Germany


0125 - Unit commenced march towards R. Rhine.


1002 - Crossed pontoon bridge with full WE of personnel and vehs at WESEL without incident and bivouacked for night in DIERSFORDTER WALD NE of WESEL MR 192461 Cen Europe 1/100000 ESSEN.  5 x 75mm pack-how eqpts issued.  Unit commences to function in its departmental capacity immediately on arrival in this location.  ADOS and certain of his DIV HQ personnel proceed to DIV Rear to function from that location leaving Indents Personnel located with Div O.O. at this unit.


28th March 1945

Place: Diersfordter Wald, N.E. of Wesel, near Essen, Germany


All stores ex 6 AIRBORNE DIV ORD DUMP in DMA ex Re-supply by air brought on charge this unit ex DIV TPS BOND who landed by glider in fmn landing on E bank of R. Rhine.


29th March 1945

Unit moved to ERLE.  Set up X rds MR 414447 E of ALTSCHERHBECK.  Issues proceeding to meet Div units requirements.  All demands except REME wkshops and RASC wkshops, now based on Airborne Corps and Fd Pk (except VOR stores) all being met.  REME and RASC VOR demands being met by this unit.  ACOFP is located in 8 Corps OFP area.


30th March 1945

Moved to area BILLERBECK - ALTENBERGE.  Received message whilst on rd that blown bridges ahead necessitate bivouac for night area LETTE.  Unit pulled in at first convenient area S of LETTE location signalled to ADOS and issues proceeding.


General  An eventful month full of activity and interests.  Units functioning better than was to have been expected and thriving on vicissitude.  Morale high as a result of being one of first RASC units to cross R. Rhine and forming part of a fmn which has contributed so largely to recent success of 21 Army Group.



Month and year : April 1945

Commanding Officer : Major W.L. Taylor, RAOC, 249678


1st April 1945

Place: Lette, Germany


0900 - Unit moved from LETTE to brickworks S of NORDWALDE near MUNSTER.  3 German prisoners gave themselves up and were handed over to DIV PRO COY.


2nd April 1945

1000 - Unit left brickyard S of NORDWALDE crossing R. EMS at GREVEN.  Received new location whilst on march and bivouacked in copse 968892 Sheet P2 1/100000 CEN EUROPE.


1900 - 2 Bath Secs of 310 MLBU joined Unit in present location.  Very soft standing many vehs ditched.


4th April 1945

1400 - Unknown British soldier discovered dead in copse.  Buried and location of grave and particulars sent to DIV HQ.


1600 - Received verbal orders to move to BISSENDORF area 2904.


5th April 1945

0800 - Unit moves to station at HOLZHAUZEN arriving 2000 hrs having been diverted there from BISSENDORF area.  Several vehs lost but all turned up by 2330 hrs.


6th April 1945

Located and operating at HOLZHAUZEN station Sheet N3 Cen Europe MR 553105.


2330 - German civilian deserter from Wehrmacht apprehended and handed over to POW camp.


7th April 1945

All AB [64?] PG I & II inspected and brought up to date.


8th April 1945

1700 - ADOS gave verbal instrs to move to area MUNCEHAGEN on 9 Apr.


9th April 1945

1100 - Left HOLZHAUZEN unit covered 20 miles in first hour without incident.  Crossed River WESER 30 miles from unit SP at 1330B arrives new location 1400 hrs and issues commenced immediately.  Enemy Jet planes engaged by our A.A. almost overhead during day.


10th April 1945

Located in an ideal Fd Pk set up on farm near MUNCEHAGEN.  Good traffic circuit hard st[?]ings and regular layout of vehs for departmental activity which lent itself to good camouflage and protection.


11th April 1945

1100 - Moved to WUNSTORF airfd square 1530 N4 [?] Germany 1/100000.  Unit due to open in this location at 1530 hrs actually managed to open at 1230 hrs.  136 demands received before 2100 hrs for 371 items of which 292 were issued immediately from stock.


2100 - Enemy action overhead [?] AA shot one plane down in flames.


12th April 1945

German WO and 2 OR's found on airfd in civilian clothes handed over for interrogation etc to POW camp.  The Control Tower of the airfd and hangars make excellent Ord Fd Pk location [late?] arrival of RAF.


13th April 1945

Place: Wunstorf Airfield, Hanover, Germany


1000 - Unit was visited G.O.C. fmn Maj. Gen. E. L. BOLS who spoke to all ranks and thanked for the part it had played in maintaining the division.  The mileage covered by unit to date since leaving location in UK, in operational moves is 1177 miles, without loss of vehs or personnel.


14th April 1945

1200 - Received verbal orders to move on 16 APRIL to area N of UELZEN MR 9081.


15th April 1945

1200 - Orders to move to UELZEN cancelled.


16th April 1945

1200 - Received orders to move to UELZEN not later than 0800 17 APR.


17th April 1945

0745 - Unit left location to move up DIX AXIS to find new location.  At halt at CELLES received amended instrs and OC recced area N of BREITENHEES and unit moved in 1700 hrs.  Some grounded stores left with rear party at airfield.  DDOS and DADOS 1 BRIT AIRBORNE CORPS paid surprise visit from UK and spent day and night at unit location in copse at MR 857764 N of BREITENHEES.


18th April 1945

This unit has now moved 23 times since leaving location in UK on 24 DEC 44 incl 13 moves since leaving ST POL FRANCE on 19 MAR 45.  Received orders to move 19 April to area STEDERSDORF.


19th April 1945

0620 - Enemy air-activity in copse hy machine gunning from aircraft no damage or casualties.


0900 - Left location and moved 8 miles to station at STEDERSDORF Station Sheet 1/100000 Cen Europe SALZWEBEL M5 MR 924828.  Unit halted on move to make urgent issues of [charging sets?] wireless sets and batteries.


20th April 1945

1100 - CREME of fmn called and discussed spares problem no serious worries except inevitable delay caused by length of L of C.


21st April 1945

1200 - CRASC of fmn called with his 2i/c and discussed his problems of M.T. spares.  No serious difficulty other than those known about by reason of length of L of C.  Received verbal orders to recce new location WESTERWEYHE 8693 Sheet M5 1/100000 Cen Europe SALZWEBEL.  German prisoner in civilian clothes apprehended and handed over to DIV PRO COY.


22nd April 1945

0930 - Unit proceeded to new location on farm at WESTERWEYHE 8693 Sheet M5 1/100000 Cen Europe SALZWEBEL.  Sgt M[?] of this unit detached to 5 Parachute Bde to establish a small dump of ORD stores in Bde area in case of separate operation.  ADOS Div and DADOS 1 Brit Airborne Corps [scaling?] units.  This location is a good one with excellent traffic [?] to village adjoined to DIV AXIS.


23rd April 1945

1100 - CRASC called in unit to say he had met DADOS 1 Brit Airborne Corps who had become ADOS of this formation.


24th April 1945

1200 - Issued to all ranks forms for completion requesting Ballot Paper be issued out to them in the event of a General Election taking place whilst they as unit is in N.W. Europe.  ADOS Lt Col J. Fielding RAOC called to say goodbye to unit and thanked O.C. offrs and men for all they had done.


25th April 1945

1100 - New fmn ADOS Lt Col K.J. MEECH RAOC called to see units, he agreed to allow unit not to maintain "[?] out" which has [?] being maintained contrary to R.A.O.S.  German M.T. batteries and brake fluid seized and put on stock.


26th April 1945

Selected all available spares and M.T. [?] and issued to REME wkshops to form basis for [?]; 4 officers join Section necessitated by length of campaign as Div is now functioning in an [?] role.  [Note: Even the decipherable parts of this passage are very difficult to make out and so may not be accurate.]


1600 - ADOS of fmn called and instr that a forward dump of 15 vehs and trailers [?] be prepared and scaled with MT spares and complete equipment [Armaments Engines and Sups?] soon for the divisional crossing of the Elbe.  Unit now receiving German captured eqpt from higher fmn for issue to div units e.g. charging sets.  All new and passable quality.  [Note: Even the decipherable parts of this passage are very difficult to make out and so may not be accurate.]


27th April 1945

1000 - All personnel briefed for crossing of Elbe.  Vehs and scaling complete.


28th April 1945

1000 - Conf with CREME, ADOS, O.C. REME Wkshops, O.C. Airborne Corps Sub Park & Capt Kellow 39 POD.  Capt Kellow 39 POD will organise with the units assistance.  Wkshop Store Section RAOC (and [?]) in Div REME Wkshops to meet present [?].  Unit received one 15 cwt 4x2 Dodge surplus to W.E. for collection of stores.  [Note: Even the decipherable parts of this passage are very difficult to make out and so may not be accurate.]


29th April 1945

No trailers will be allowed across River Elbe in early stages Class 9 Bridge only available.  Scaling of Adv and Det rendered to 15 Austin 4x4 lorries completely loaded with stores.  1 offr & 30 ORs will follow when called forward.  Balance of unit will follow when traffic on bridge permits.


30th April 1945

1130 - Unit moved to WICHMANSBURG 8507 Sheet M5 Cen Europe 1/100000 to await calling forward by ADV and REAR ELEMENTS across R. ELBE near LAUENBERG.


This has been a month of movement.  Unit has followed behind the swift moving fmn without respite and personnel and vehicles have performed splendidly in their [?] responsibilities as RAOC personnel.  From the departmental side of the unit [?] activities the appended figures are of interest.


Indent Analysis for 22 days 7 - 28 April (incl).  Demands 2070.  Items 5002.  Items Issued 3128.  Temporarily Not Available 439.  Stock Not Normally Held 877.  [AF? 1099 Replenishment Demands?] 592.


Above indicates that 62.5% of all [Vehs?] & Items demanded by ALL units in the fmn [? ?] were met immediately and [? ? ? ?].  During the 22 days covered by above analysis the unit occupied and moved from and to six different locations.  The troops of the division's success is reflected in the performance of the personnel.



Month and year : May 1945

Commanding Officer : Major W.L. Taylor, RAOC, 249678


1st May 1945

Place: N.W. Germany.  Moving from one location to another.


0040 - Received verbal instrs for ADV DET to cross R. ELBE on Class 9 Bridge at LAUENBERG.


0055 - Det consisting of one offr Capt F.A. Lowe M.C. RAOC 30 OR's and 15 4x4 Austins left location to cross ELBE.  All essential M.T. spares, assys, A.E. and S spares and co[?] eqpts loaded.


0620 - Three enemy fighters flying very low straffed unit (REAR DET), 3 casualties.  Evacuated to 22 FDS at LUNEBERG.  2 OR's returned to duty slight wounds by [cannon?] shell splinters.  One OR evacuated from LUNEBERG AIRFIELD now severely wounded.


2nd May 1945

1140 - Received message that REAR ELT was to cross Class 40 bridge over R. ELBE at 1200 hrs.


1500 - Unit rear elt left location and proceeded very slowly to Class 40 Bridge via LUNEBERG HEATH.


3rd May 1945

Crossed R. ELBE on Class 40 Bridge and joined ADV ELT at BUCHHORST near LAUENBERG.


0800 - ADV DET and main party resume march having crossed R. ELBE and proceeded up DIV AXIS finally arriving at WISMAR on BALTIC COAST.  Unit located in WAGON WORKS in the town and issues commenced.


4th May 1945

1000 - OC unit and ADOS of fmn in Jeep accident whilst en route to visit 18 US Air Corps.  Both RTU after hospital treatment.


1500 - 3 x 3 lorries despatched back across R. ELBE to pick up stores.


1600 - 1 OR (reinforcement since arriving in theatre) proceeded on privilege leave to UK.  First privilege leave to an OR of this unit since arriving in theatre.


1900 - Capitulation of all German forces in Holland - Denmark and N.W. Germany announced to tps.


5th May 1945

Visited ORD 18 US Airborne Corps with ADOS of fmn re supply of M.T. spares.  Visit eventually [?].  Lt G.E. Newcombe temp att to this unit proceeded to UK on privilege leave.


6th May 1945

1000 - [Divine?] service in NIKOLAIKIRSCH, WISMAR attended by 1 offr and 10 OR's from this unit.  Thanksgiving service on second anniversary of formation of the Division.  Discovered Fire in one of bldgs of station local German fire dealt with the outbreak.


7th May 1945

2100 - B.B.C. Broadcast announced that May 8 1945 would be VE day.  Coy paraded and thanked by OC for work they had done and all ranks other than duty personnel infmd that VE day would be treated as a holiday within the unit.


8th May 1945

VE DAY.  Very quietly observed men at their own request left to their own devices.  Offrs had a drink with Sgts in their mess.


9th May 1945

Place: Wismar, Mecklenburg, Germany


1100 - Visited by DDOS 8 Corps who will make use of large quantities of German [? ?] at this location.  Smartening up of unit commenced.  Food and some drink laid on.  Q.M. changed.  Sgt Evans takes over Job from Sgt [?] who returns to control Bulk Stocks in airfields.


10th May 1945

Secured into stock all prepacked [?] of stores which had been assembled at RHEINE airfd for 5 Para Bde which were not required in view of cancellation of op.  Received letter re amdt to W.E. in personnel and vehicles.  Authy 79/MOB/5367 dates 4 May 1945 to take effect w.e.f. 2 May 45.


11th May 1945

Implement amdt to W.E.  [Odd words can be understood in the sentence that follows but their overall meaning is quite unintelligible].  Increase of strength of 4 will be result in [? ? ?] of ADOS.  No further implementing action to be taken at this stage.


12th May 1945

Received letter from ADOS to effect that 25% of personnel can be paid parachutists.


14th May 1945

[?] asking for volunteers for parachuting.  Received verbal warning from ADOS to prepare to move to UK forthwith with all vehs, stores and personnel on W.E.


15th May 1945

0750 - All Senior NCO briefed by O.C. re move to UK.


1700 - ADOS says 4 day postponement of move.  Visited by ADOS 5 Brit Inf Div whose ORD FD PK will be taking over this location.


16th May 1945

1600 - Verbal order from ADOS to commence march to OSTEND at 1100 hrs 17 May.


1930 - All loading and packing completed.


17th May 1945

0800 - Withdrew all enemy pistols and small arms from personnel.


0900 - Received route and timings and admin Instrs for 5 day march to OSTEND from WISMAR from ADOS.


1300 - Unit passed SP at BOBITZ near WISMAR and [proceeded?] to bivouac area near LUNEBERG covering 89 miles.  Drew compo rations for 6 days and staged night at ANELINGHAUSEN.


18th May 1945

0830 - Resumed march and proceeded to area W of SULINGEN for nights bivouac.


19th May 1945

0615 - Resumed march.  4 3 ton 4x4 BLR handed in to REME at DIFOHOLZ.  12 3 ton 4x4 BLR handed in to 2 Army Veh Park.  Stores loaded on other vehicles in convoy.


1745 - Crossed [Wechmeritz?] Bridge across RHINE at RHEES at stages [bivouac?] in GOCH.  Days [?] was 174 miles.


20th May 1945

0928 - Resumed march from GOCH arrived W of LOUVAIN BELGIUM having covered 123 miles in 8 hrs incl halts  [Speed 29 incl 24?].


21st May 1945

0850 - Resumed march from staging area W of LOUVAIN.


1530 - Arrived OSTEND.  Days [?] 111 miles in 7 hrs [34 ? 24.  ?].  TOTAL DISTANCE of march from WISMAR to OSTEND 602 miles in 5 days.  Vehs and personnel stood up very well to an average of 130 miles per day for 5 days.  Pte H[?] of this unit rejoined at OSTEND as he was returning from UK leave.


22nd May 1945

0800 - Called forward to [?] LST 510 loading commenced [? ? ? ?].


1715 - Loading completed and lifeboat drill and lifeboat stations all laid on.


1820 - LST set out for TILBURY.


23rd May 1945

Place: Moving to Figsbury Barracks, Winterbourne Gunner, Wilts.


1245 - LST [? ?] a land and off loading commenced.


1345 - Off loading of vehs and personnel finished.


1530 - Commenced march from [?].


2200 - Arrived Figsbury Barracks U.K.  Location which unit marched out from on 24 Dec 44.  Losses for campaign 2 x 3 ton 4 x 4 vehs [?] of BLA.  1 x 250cc M/C.  2 personnel wounded by straffing from enemy aircraft, one only slight.


24th May 1945

[Ranks?] 27 and over R[?] age and service good commence to proceed on 28 days leave and [? ?] that they have been warned for service overseas.


1530 - Six 3 ton 4 x 4 lorries which were "shut-out" at OSTEND arrive unit location; thus all available personnel, vehs and stores return successfully from BLA.  Unit split into eligibles and non-eligibles for service in SEAC.  Only 1 offr & 8 ORs non-eligible.


25th May 1945

Pte Chiswell who was wounded on May 1 returned to unit ex BLA.


31st May 1945

GENERAL  This month completes a five month campaign which resulted in 67% complete and immediate issues of all demands received.  Personnel and vehs stood up excellently to many tests and strains and kept pace at all times with the fmn it served.  Morale was high throughout and maximum effort displayed by all concerned.