Note: My apologies for the numerous gaps in this diary. The original is very faintly handwritten, and is quite unintelligible in places.


National Archives catalogue number WO 177/360.




Adm / Admin






























































X 2 and 7

X Rds

Y 2 and 25

Z 1 and 36

Map Reference


Assistant Director Medical Services

Advanced Dressing Station




Adjutant and Quartermaster Branch




British Liberation Army



Casualty Clearing Station

Commanding Officer



Deputy Assistant Director Hygiene

Deputy Assistant Director Medical Services

Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General

Deputy Director Medical Services


Division / Divisional

Displaced Person





Field Dressing Station


German Air Force


Headquarters Royal Artillery





Landing Zone

Motor Ambulance Convoy


Main Dressing Station


Medical Liaison Officer

Medical Officer

Medical Operation Instruction

Map Reference

Motor Transport

Officer Commanding

Operation Order




Prisoner of War

Ex-Prisoners of War

Royal Army Medical Corps

Regimental Aid Post




Senior Medical Officer



Killed: 2 Officers, 7 Other Ranks


Wounded: 2 Officers, 25 Other Ranks

Missing: 1 Officer, 36 Other Ranks



Month and year : March 1945

Commanding Officer : Col M. MacEwan DSO, DFC


1st March 1945

Place: Bulford


Division on block leave.  Returns 8.


9th March 1945

Place: Bulford


Planning of operation VARSITY commenced.


17th March 1945

Place: Bulford


1000 - ADMS deps by air for BETHUNE.


Place: Bethune


1400 - DADH (SMO Land Elts and Med Liasn Officer) briefed by ADMS.  Conf ADMS and OC Land Elts (Lt Col [de Salis?]).


18th March 1945

Place: Exsden


DADH reports to DDMS XII Corps.  Liaison effected.


19th March 1945

Place: [Mersden?]


DADH reports to ADMS 15 (S) Div (Col Robertson) and joins 193 Fd Amb (OC Lt Col Warren RAMC) contacting Major Wadsworth RAMC MLO 15 (S) Div.


20th March 1945

Place: Bulford


Med HQ (Airborne elts:- DADMS, Sgt Pomeroy, Cpl [Layard?], Pte Stevenson) move to Transit Camp MUSHROOM FARM - near BRAINTREE, ESSEX.


21st March 1945

Place: H[?]chwald


XII Corps Medical Conference.  ADMS and DADH attended.


22nd March 1945

Place: Venraw


2nd Army Medical Conference.  ADMS and DADH attended.  Final plans consolidated.


Place: Mushroom Farm


Glider loading at RIVENHALL Airfield - briefing of all ranks completed.


24th March 1945

Place: Mushroom Farm


0500 - Depart for RIVENHALL.


Place: Rivenhall


0745 - Take off of Gliders.


Place: Xanten


0800 - ADMS crossed RHINE in Stormcraft, contacted 15 (S) Div CEP at BIZLICH.


Place: Dierfordswald


1040 - Div HQ lands on LZ: fair amount of opposition chiefly small arms fire.  Capt Mason RAMC Div HQRA M.O. wounded severely in glider crash.  DADMS set up RAP at Rear HQ and cleared LZ of casualties.


Place: Bizlich


1100 - ADMS driver and batman wounded by shellfire - dvr evacuated and ADMS returns across RHINE to collect (volunteer) spare driver at XII Corps.  Hiccup in ferrying of Ambulances for Div units, eventually sorts out.


1515 - 12 Ambulances ferried over on class 9 rafts and taken by ADMS to MDS 224 Parachute Amb est at MR. 156471 this being first contact between Land elts and 3 Bde.  Evacuation of 224 commenced and with assistance of weasels and jeeps supplied by ADMS 15 (S) Div was completed by following morning.


Place: Dierfordterwald


1700 - Enemy attacked rear HQ cas evacuated under fire to MDS 225 Parachute Amb MR. 188484 and withdrawal to Main HQ in KOPENHOF effected.


2000 - No [ground?] contact with 3 Bde possible on link of ADMS, DADMS [accordingly?] plan not rpt not affected.


25th March 1945

Place: Kopenhof MR 188478


LOCATIONS.  [?] as according to MOO No.1.  Admissions to Div Med Units:- 905.  RAMC cas X 2 and 7.  Y 2 and 25.  Z 1 and 36.


1030 - DIERSFORDTER WALD reported clear of enemy.  DADMS to 224 contacts ADMS - ambulance car convoy led by 225 and 195 on evacuation commenced.  Evacuation of Div RAP arranged - section of 195 returned.  Some desultory shelling of area but no other enemy reaction.


26th March 1945

Place: Kopenhof MR 188478


LOCATIONS unchanged.  DADMS liaison with XII Corps SONSBIRG and OC 155 Fd Amb (Lt Col Le[?] RAMC) at ISSUM.


2330 - 53 (W) Div moving through Div area - severe traffic congestion.  Evacuation halted for four hours.


27th March 1945

Place: Kopenhof MR 188478


1300 - LOCATIONS.  Rear HQ moved to 255449.  224 MDS at 252468.  225 MDS at 188494.  195 MDS at 215483.  Total admitted to div med units on 26th 188, 27th 62.  RAMC casualties Y 2.  On 27 X 1 and Y 1.


28th March 1945

Place: 255449


0830 - ADMS & DDMS to 24 FDS for conference with DDMS VIII Corps.  Arrangements send three surgeons from Div.  Div now under VIII Corps.  224 to move to area WEST of ERLE.


1630 - Rear Div moves to 3849 X rds WEST of ERLE.  224 MDS in SCHLOSE FREIHEIT, RAESFELD.  225 and 195 locations unchanged.  Total admitted to Div med units 81.  RAMC casualties nil.


29th March 1945

Place: Erle 3849


0930 - A/Q Conference - advance to continue 2 Bdes up [?] 5 and 6 through 3 Bde at LEMBECK.  225 Para Fd Amb ordered to recce for move to area GROSSE REKEN.


Place: Rhade 4551


1800 - Rear HQ moved forward to RHADE 4551.  Cas admitted to Div med units 116.


30th March 1945

Place: Rhade 4551


0900 - AQ Conference 0800.  Advance continues.


1000 - ADMS left to visit rearward med installation to follow up Airborne casualties.  DADMS to 224 to explain plan.  195 [?] and moving forward.


1500 - DADMS located German Military hospital at GERLEVE MR 657718.  33 Allied wounded, chiefly Airborne, well looked after - arrangements made to evac them tomorrow to 195 Fd Amb.


Place: Coesfeld 6072


1800 - Locations.  225 staging forward.  225 GR REKEN open.  195 WEST of COESFELD 595695.  Cas admitted to Div med units 73.


31st March 1945

Place: Coesfeld 6072


1400 - Rear HQ moves forward following advance.


1800 - Locations.  224 MDS GREVEN 9188.  225 Staged at 864860.  195 unchanged.


Place: Greven


2230 - Rear HQ moved up to MR 863876.  ADMS returned.  DADMS visits VIII Corps rear at GRESCHEN also visits German military hospital [? ?] patients wounds.  Cas admitted to Div med units 108.



Month and year : April 1945

Commanding Officer : Col M. MacEwan DSO, DFC


1st April 1945

Place: Greven


0900 - A/Q Conference Gen OO explained.  MOO 2 issued.


1230 - Rear HQ moves up to Main HQ EAST of GREVEN.


1630 - [? ?] ADMS VIII Corps - [?].  22 FDS to open in GREVEN and take over gradually from 224.  Extra MAC cars to be provided.  Cas admitted during day = 165.


1800 - Locations.  224 - GREVEN 917883 open.  225 - MR 864860 closed.  195 - MR 874886 closed.


2nd April 1945

Place: Greven


225 moving forward to recce site LENGERICH when taken during day.


1805 - Rear HQ moving forward to LENGERICH.


2100 - 225 opening MDS at NEIDER LENGERICH MR 071974 224 to close.


Place: Lengerich


2230 - Rear HQ open at LENGERICH MR 078992.  Cas admitted during day:- 43.


3rd April 1945

Place: Lengerich


0900 - AQ Conference plan explained.  Three progress assault on OSNABRUCK.  1 Commando Bde with 21 Lt Fd Amb under comd.


1630 - Visit of DDMS Corps (Brig Melvin).


1830 - DADMS to [?]zation Rear VIII Corps but Rear HQ not yet arrived.


2000 - OC 195 Airlanding Field Amb reports unit closed in German Civil Hospital LENGERICH.


2200 - Orders [?] to 195 to move forward WISSINGEN at first light.


2359 - B Pl 227 MAC reverts to command VIII Corps - column to evac our casualties.  Cas admitted during day 170.


4th April 1945

Place: Lengerich


0900 - AQ Conference.  Advance EAST from WISSINGEN amplified.


1000 - OC 224 reports Fd Amb closed at NIEDER LENGERICH.


1130 - MOO 3 issued.


1330 - Rear HQ moved forward.  DADMS to Rear VIII Corps.


1600 - Location of 195 MDS WISSINGEN  325074.  DADMS visits 225 and saw OC B Pl 227 MAC (Capt Rowlands) arranged for reinforcement of 195 subsection in [lieu?] of long convoy.  Then visited 195 MDS.


2000 - Med office - Rear H.Q. established at BLASHEIM MR 568120.


Place: Blasheim


2310 - Capt Dobson RAMC MO 1/M/C 15 (S) Recce Regt visited to obtain location of Med Units as his unit operating with 6 Bde tomorrow.  Cas admitted Div Med Units = 147.


5th April 1945

Place: Blasheim


0900 - AQ Conference - DADMS attended.  Operational plan for Today explained.  Med arrangements clearly implemented.  Rear Div moves forward to FRIEDEWALDE MR 761178.  ADS established by 224 there


1800 - Locations.  224 MDS LUBBECKE.  195 MDS WISSINGEN MR 325074.  225 staging forward.  Cas admitted to Div Med units 65.


6th April 1945

Place: Friedewalde


0900 - A/Q conference - future intentions uncertain.  ADMS & DADMS to MINDEN thence to LUBBECKE.  ADMS visits 195 at WISSINGEN, DADMS to 225 now established at FRIEDEWALDE.


1700 - General holds 'O' Group.  DADMS attends.


1900 - Med op order No.4 issued.  Locations unchanged.  Cas admitted to Div medical units = 117.


7th April 1945

Place: Friedewalde


0900 - A/Q Conference.  Generals [views?] implemented.  DADMS to UCHTE - visits 1 FDS.  Accommodation short so arranges for moving of non urgent cas to BOHMTE.  Visits 227 MAC & ADS 224.


1400 - DADMS to 224 Para Fd Amb then to Rear VIII Corps.  OC 195 reports unit moving up to harbour in PETERSHAGEN.  Locations as at 1800 hrs.  224 LUBBECKE.  225 ADS GORSPEN MR 888217.  195 on wheels.  Cas admitted during day: 63.


8th April 1945

Place: Friedewalde


0430 - OC 225 visited HQ.  Considerable difficulty in evacuating casualties.  One amb car destroyed by panzerfaust and one captured in ambush.  Arranged for opening of surgical centre and holding [point?] forward.


0745 - OC 195 visits - instructed to advance with Bde and set up in Bde area.


1000 - Rear HQ moving forward.  DADMS to Corps [?] then to 225 who have set up Adv Surg centre in NEUSTADT.


Place: Steinhude


1615 - Med office opens at MR 109299.  Locations signals [dispatch?].  Cas during day 57.


1800 - Locations.  225 Para Fd Amb (Adv Surg Centre) NEUSTADT MR 171351.  195 Airlanding BAD REABURE MR 008279.  224 Para Fd Amb on wheels.


9th April 1945

Place: Steinhude


1000 - ADMS accompanied DADMS - visited all field ambulances.  224 open in school at WUNSTORF MR 156268.


1800 - Cas treated in Div med units 146.  [?] locations unchanged.


10th April 1945

Place: Steinhude


0900 - AQ Conference - 3 Bde & 6 Bde move forward then 15 (S) Div advances through them towards CELLE.  225 and 195 to move with their Bdes: orders issued.


1400 - DADH to 21 Army Gp to locate and return with GSO 2 (Ops) Major [Troughton?] - if possible.


1800 - Locations.  Med office, ADMS, 225 unchanged.  195 open at MR 224288.  224 at MR 158268.  Cas treated in div units = 46.


11th April 1945

Place: Steinhude


0800 - Visit by OC B Pl 227 MAC, his cars withdraw by order of DDMS on 15 (S) Division passing through our positions to take up chase.


1200 - 224 move forward to new location in 3 Bde area.  DADMS visits 225.


1630 - DADMS to B Pl 227 MAC and then to Rear VIII Corps.


1800 - Locations:- 224 [?] MR 291412 NEGENBORN.  225 [?] MR 169328 (closed).  195 [?] MR 224288 HORST.  Cas [held?] in Div med units - 86.


12th April 1945

Place: Steinhude


0900 - A/Q Conference.  [?] of services.


1100 - DADMS visits main HQ then 225, 224, 195.


1800 - Locations unchanged - casualties admitted to Div med units.


13th April 1945

Place: Steinhude


1400 - DADMS visits CELLE, saw location of 225 in recce party.


1800 - Visited 224 arranged for party to do med appreciation of BELSEN conc camps when liberated.


14th April 1945

Place: Steinhude


0900 - A/Q Conference - move 1230 hrs.


1000 - Admin instr for conc camps issued.  Appx D.


1200 - DADMS [?] visit 224 then on to BELSEN - [?] WINSER [?] enemy posn so returned to main [HQ through?] CELLE.


1600 - Visited Rear VIII Corps at BOYE MR 553520.


Place: Eschede


1800 - Rear HQ established X Rds MR 665601.  224 Para Fd Amb CELLE MR 573507.  225 Para Fd Amb CELLE MR 585503.  195 Airlanding GORSSEN MR 617551.


15th April 1945

Place: Eschede


0900 - A/Q conference further moves explained - 5 Bde [?] task.  Reinforcements for 225 from 195.


1030 - DADMS visits 195.  ADMS visits 225.  195 moving forward with 6 Airlanding Bde.


16th April 1945

Place: Eschede


0900 - A/Q conference.  Divisional role (less 5 Bde) outflanking UELZEN.


Place: Celle


1030 - ADMS visits 225.  DADMS to Rear VIII Corps - conc camp commitment cancelled.  MAC cars arranged for 2 leading Bdes.  Visits A.S.C. at 21 Lt Fd Amb - saw Capt [Gran?] then visits 225 then HQ MAC.


Place: Eschede


1145 - Rear HQ moves to MR 882803 arriving 1700 hrs.


Place: Stadensen


1800 - Locations of Med units.  224 STADENSEN MR 900790.  225 (closed) STADENSEN MR 901791.  195 (closed) MR 927816.


17th April 1945

Place: Stadensen


0900 - A/Q conference.  Further moves clarified.


1400 - DADMS visits Field Ambs and Main HQ. ESTERHOLZ MR 940840.


1500 - Rear HQ moves to BOLLENSEN MR 9481.


1800 - Locations of Fd Ambs.  224 STADENSEN MR 900790.  225 STADENSEN 901791.  195 HANSTEDT MR 970886.


18th April 1945

Place: Bollensen


0900 - A/Q conference.  3 Bde attack yesterday complete success.  6 Bde advance today - 195 in support 224 remains as firm base - 225 remains under command Bde for possible advance tomorrow.


1800 - Locations unchanged.


19th April 1945

Place: Bollensen


0900 - A/Q conference - no moves.  Med units to close up and [?] Ülzen earliest.


1100 - Visit OC 'B' Pl 227 MAC.  Future moves explained and plan co-ordinated.


1700 - DADMS Corps - plan.  CCS opens at LUNEBERG 1800 hrs.  OC 224 Fd Amb to be SMO UELZEN.


1600 - DADMS visits Main HQ coordination conference.


1700 - DADMS visits 224 Para Fd Amb.


1800 - Locations.  224 moving to RÄTZLINGEN MR 9790.  225 closed at HANSTEDT MR 9788.  195 open at ROSCHE MR 0291.


20th April 1945

Place: Bollensen MR 9381


1030 - Visit OC 'B' Pl 227 MAC.  FDS open KIRCHWEYHE 886938.  All our evac there too - Fd Ambs notified.


1700 - DADMS to Rear VIII Corps, then to 224.


1800 - Locations unchanged.


21st April 1945

Place: Bollensen


0900 - A/Q Conference.  224 to move to area SOUTH of LUNEBERG.


1000 - ADMS to DDMS VIII Corps.  Med responsibility area outlined.


1700 - CO's conference - OC 224 not present - medical responsibility: area discussed and duties detailed.  Future plans explained.


1810 - Sig from OC 224 - message not received until 1630 hrs - is reporting a.m.


22nd April 1945

Place: Bollensen


DADH to 224 Para Fd Amb for duties with captured German Military Hospital MUNSTER.


23rd April 1945

Place: Bollensen


1130 - Div HQ move to MELBECK 7812.


24th April 1945

Place: Bollensen


Division resting and refitting - planning for Op 'Audacious'


27th April 1945

Place: Melbeck


1630 - DDMS VIII Corps conference on operation Enterprise - DADMS attended.  Op Audacious cancelled.


28th April 1945

Place: Melbeck


1500 - Conf ADMS [? ? ? ?] 158 Fd Amb with 15 Bde under comd.


1730 - Conf [? ? ? ? ?].


29th April 1945

Place: Melbeck


0900 - A/Q Conference.  Op Enterprise [? ? ? ?].  15 (S) Div commenced the river crossing at 0500 hrs.


30th April 1945

Place: Melbeck


0830 - Rear Div moves to MR 816167.


0900 - 3 Bde commenced crossing river with 224 under command.


1630 - 6 A/L Bde commenced crossing.


2200 - 195 Airlanding field ambulance commenced crossing of river.



Month and year : May 1945

Commanding Officer : Col M. MacEwan DSO, DFC


1st May 1945

Place: MR 816167


0400 - Rear HQ [to move?] en route for river crossing.


Place: 880390


1045 - Crossing River ELBE at LAUENBERG.


Place: 9835


1630 - Rear HQ established at BOIZENBERG 9835.  224 Para Fd Amb established at BOIZENBERG 9835.  158 A.D.S. established at BASEDOW 8939.  225 Para Fd Amb closed at HORST 9235.  195 Airlanding closed at HORST 951348.


2nd May 1945

Place: 9835


0900 - A/Q Conference - Advance NE on 2 Bde front - 5 Bde LEFT and 3 Bde RIGHT to WITTENBERGE.  Field Ambs under command.


1500 - Rear HQ to move - DADMS visits PWX hospital at LAASAHN MR 135610, and make arrangements for evac of wounded.  Advance continuous - 3 Bde reach WISMAR on BALTIC and link up with RUSSIANS.


1900 - Visits 224 Para Fd Amb location in German Air Force Hospital.


2100 - Main HQ established WISMAR - 225 Para Fd Amb to join up with 224 in GAF Hospital MR 441995 [? ? ?] WISMAR - GRESSE road.  195 Fd Amb move up to 6 A/L Bde area at first light.


3rd May 1945

Place: Wismar


0900 - A/Q Conference.  195 Fd Amb to move up under comd 6 Airlanding Bde.  ADMS on official visit to Russians.


1400 - DADMS visits PW cage & [addressed?] med arrangements [?] then visits 6 A/L Bde, saw DAQMG and SMO.


4th May 1945

Place: Wismar


0900 - A/Q Conference.  PW, PWX & D.P. [?] discussed med [? ?].


1100 - ADMS & DADMS visit 224 discussed civilian - German PW med problems.


1900 - News of German surrender in NW Europe.  Visit by 2i/c 195 Fd Amb (Major [Wright?]) subject DPs.  Now 5,000 in 2 Oxf Bucks area [? Diarrhoea?] and Typhus rife.


5th May 1945

Place: Wismar


0900 - A/Q Conference.


1000 - ADMS visits BAD KLEINEN to [?] DP problems.


1100 - DADMS visits 6 A/L Bde area - Capt Jacobs RAMC [? ?] Capt S Smith RAMC.


1400 - DADH visits PW camps and DP areas.


6th May 1945

Place: Wismar


All units fully occupied with Eclipse duties.


9th May 1945

Place: Wismar

Visit by Col Ettenne, Chief Surgeon, XVIII US Airborne Corps.


11th May 1945

Place: Wismar


Brig Eagger DDMS I Brit Airborne Corps arrives.


12th May 1945

Place: Wismar


Brig Eagger DDMS I Brit Airborne Corps inspects units.


14th May 1945

Place: Wismar


DADMS 5 Div (Major Wills) visits to arrange relief medical arrangements.


17th May 1945

Place: Wismar


DADH departs and advance party by road to LUNEBERG.  Thence to NETHERAVON by plane.


18th May 1945

Place: Luneberg


Div HQ moves to LUNEBERG, dep 0900 arr 1630.  Air party leaves 1320 arr GREENHAM COMMON 1710.


21st May 1945

Place: Bulford


DADMS visits 1 Brit Airborne Corps to discuss reorg of med units especially personnel for service in South East Asia Command.


24th May 1945

Place: Bulford


Rear party arrives ([?] ADMS is [? ? ?] B.L.A.


26th May 1945

Place: Bulford


DADH [?] on leave.


28th May 1945

Place: Bulford

ADMS returns from BLA.


29th May 1945

Place: Bulford


ADMS to HQ 1 Airborne Corps.  Work on reorg continues.



Appendix "D"


SUBJECT: BELSEN Concentration Camp.

Ref. No. Med/16.

To: OC 224 Para Fd Amb

From: ADMS 6 Airborne Div



1.  In the general area of BELSEN 4867 there is a Concentration Camp containing approximately 60,000 prisoners.  These prisoners are partly political and partly criminal.  They are accommodated in two camps:

        Camp ONE at 477658 is enclosed with barbed wire.

        Camp TWO at 483675 is an ordinary unfenced hutted camp.

    There is a supply depot for these at 482691 and hospitals (one of which is, however, at present a normal military hospital) at 459676, 473678 and 484682.


2.  The guard at the camp consists of a unit of approx 700 Hungarians (complete with families), a proportion of Wehrmacht tps and certain SS Guards.  There are also a Wehrmacht Adm HQ at the Commandantur and SS Adm Tps (cooks, storekeepers and book-keepers).


3.  Disease has for some time been a considerable problem but the loss of the electricity (which comes from STROMVERSORGURGSVERBAND OST-HANOVER, CELLE, BAHNOPS-PLATE 9) and consequently lack of adequate water has led to a serious outbreak.  There are at present 9,000 sick:-

        Typhus exantematious ..... 1,500

        Normal Typhus ..... 900

        Tuberculosis ..... 500

        Gastric Enteritis ..... a very large number.


4.  Is it essential that this area should be kept as free of our tps as possible and that the persons at present in the concentration camp should be kept there till adequate arrangements can be made to sort them out - both from the point of view of preventing the spread of disease and preventing criminals breaking out.


5.  Accordingly, in the interests of our own tps, the civil population and the Wehrmacht, certain negotiations were made with 1 Para Army.  Details of the arrangement reached are at Appx 'A' and every effort will be made on the British side to carry these out.  It is considered that from their own point of view the Germans have every intention of fulfilling their obligations to the best of their ability.


6.  Units will ensure that all tps likely to go into the area are aware of the position and of the agreement reached.  Tps will be instructed to uphold the authority of German and Hungarian guards and, if necessary, to render assistance.  These guards will retain their arms and MT (incl 4 ancient and immobile DF tasks) and their orders and duties will be respected.  It is thought that a serious risk of disturbance and attempts to break out will arise with the approach of the British tps.


7.  As soon as operations permit the whole of the area concerned will be placed OUT OF BOUNDS to all British tps except on essential duty.


8.  The necessary plans for taking over the administration and care of this camp and for the sorting of the prisoners are being made by 8 Corps and the sole responsibility of fmns is, so far as is humanly possibly, to respect the agreement given at Appx 'A' and to see that prisoners do NOT escape.


9.  The name of the Military Commandant of BERGEN is Oberst [HAHRIES?] and of his Assistant Oberst SCHMIDT.  On arrival of our tps they will be at the Commandantur ready to hand over their authority but to continue to carry out their task.


10.  The supply situation is as follows:

        (a) The Hungarian Tps (and families) have 4 weeks food.

        (b) The German guard will be able to feed themselves.

        (c) The prisoners have food for about 4 days but there is NO bread.

    The Medical Stores are very short, in particular the following are required:

        (a) Bandages.

        (b) Disinfectants and Delousers.

        (c) Washing and Laundry arrangements (incl soap).

        (d) Digitalis, Tanalsin, heart stimulants.

        (e) Vitamin Tablets.



To prevent the spread of infectious conditions to British Military Personnel, the civilian population outwith the area as defined above, and to limit the further spread of infection within the camp.



1.  Major NA MILLER RAMC with Section Officer and complete Section from 224 Para Fd Amb (Section Offr preferably one who speaks German) will enter the camp at the earliest possible moment to assess the Medical position and organise the Medical services.  76 Fd Hygiene Section will accompany (instrs DDMS 8 Corps letter 8C/6632/M dated 13 Apr) and will be responsible for general hygiene and dusting of all personnel.  If further medical assistance is required, Major NA MILLER will contact this Office immediately.


2.  Electrical power will be required at the earliest possible moment.  It is understood that the internal water supply is dependent on this and presumably water borne drainage.


3.  Water - Pending restoration of normal services a RE Water Point producing 40,000 gallons per day may be required.


4.  Laundry - A complete mobile bath and laundry unit will be necessary in the early stages pending restoration of water supply.


5.  Food Supplies - It may be necessary to limit and modify in the early stages the food intake of personnel in a seriously starved condition or following disease.  It is recommended that provision be made to have adequate quantities of available milk products brought to the area.  Full PW scale of diet will almost certainly NOT be required until the end of a fortnight.


6.  Clothing - No information but likely to be inadequate in scale, both personal and bedding.


7.  AL 63 Mark III - large quantities will be required (6 tons).


8.  Additional British Medical Staff may be required to assist in admin and reorganisation at a later date.


9.  The amount of British Military Traffic throughout the area should be strictly limited to essentials.  All personnel must be dusted with AL 63 Powder before entering the area.


10.  Medical supplies - Local resources are being assessed now and should cover immediate requirements.


[Signed MacEwan]





14 Apr 45.



Appendix 'A'


AGREEMENT with regard to BELSEN CONCENTRATION CAMP made by Chief of Staff, 1 Para Army, Military Commandant BERGEN and BGS 8 Corps.


1.  On instructions from Reichsfuhrer SS, the military Commander at BERGEN approached the Allied forces, 12 April, with regard to the Concentration Camp at BELSEN.


2.  The following area will be regarded as neutral: 475635 - 450640 - 470665 - 448690 - 460705 - 490705 - 495675.


3.  Both British and German tps will make every effort to avoid a battle in this area, and, as far as operations make it humanly possible, no Arty or other fire (incl bombing and strafing) will be directed into this area.  Equally neither side will use this area for the deployment of tps or weapons.  This paragraph is subject to overriding military necessity.


4.  The German Military Authorities will erect notices and white flags at all the road entrances to this area as far as possible.  These notices will bear, in English and German, on one side 'Danger-Typhus' on the other 'End of Typhus Area'.  A disarmed post will be mounted by the Germans at each notice board.


5.  Hungarians and German tps at present employed on guard duties will remain armed and at their posts.  All such tps will wear a white arm-band on their left sleeve.


6.  The Hungarians will remain indefinitely and will be placed at the disposal of the British Forces for such duties as may be required.  The German Wehrmacht personnel will be released within not more 6 days and conveyed back to the German lines with their arms and equipment and vehicles at the end of the period.


7.  SS Guard will be removed by 1200 hrs 13 Apr, any remaining will be treated as PW.  SS Adm personnel will (if the Wehrmacht can prevent them from running away) remain at their posts and carry on with their duties (cooking, supplies, etc) and will hand over records.  When their services can be dispensed with, their disposal is left by the Wehrmacht to the British Authorities.


8.  The Wehrmacht will continue to man the telephone exchange until it can be relieved.  Wires leading out of the camp will require disconnecting.