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Month and year : March 1945

Commanding Officer : Major C.P.R. Crane, RASC


1st March 1945

Place: Home


Unit proceeds on 7 days Block Leave leaving Rear Party for re-mobilizing.  2 O.Rs S.O.S. to X/2 List.  1 O.R. promoted Cpl.  1 O.R. appointed L/Cpl.  1 O.R. T.O.S. from X/2 List.  1 O.R. T.O.S. from No.1 Hldg Bn.


2nd March 1945

337979 2/Lt B.H. Bradbrook proceeds on Para Course.  1 O.R. T.O.S. from X/2 List.  258555 Capt DGW Ballard to be T/Capt w.e.f. 27th Dec '44.


8th March 1945

Unit returns from Block Leave.  2 O.Rs S.O.S. to X/2 List.  4 O.Rs T.O.S. from 53 R.H.U.  1 O.R. S.O.S. to Home Details.  1 O.R. T.O.S. from 51 R.H.U.


9th March 1945

285275 Capt D.S. Bremner & 3 O.Rs emplane U.K. for N.W.E. to attend Court Martial.  2 O.Rs T.O.S. from X/2 List.  1 O.R. S.O.S. to X/2 List.


10th March 1945

Rear Party proceeds on 7 Days leave.  1 O.R. declared a deserter by Court of Inquiry & S.O.S.  341573 2/Lt. Coombs B.A. & 341595 2/Lt. D.C. Wilde T.O.S. from H.Q. RASC.


12th March 1945

341573 2/Lt. B.A. Coombs & 341595 2/Lt. D.C. Wilde emplane U.K. for N.W.E. and join Land Element of Unit.  1 O.R. S.O.S. to X/2 List.  1 Dvr mustered as Turner Cl.111.  1 O.R. S.O.S. to 224 Para Fd. Amb.


13th March 1945

341573 2/Lt. B.A. Coombs & 341595 2/Lt. D.C. Wilde att to 63 Coy & 398 Coy RASC respectively.  1 O.R. T.O.S. from X/2 List.  3 O.Rs T.O.S. from 53 R.H.U.  3 O.Rs S.O.S. to X/2 List.  1 O.R. appointed L/Cpl.


14th March 1945

285275 Capt D.S. Bremner & 3 O.Rs emplane N.W.E. for U.K. and return to Unit location after attending Court Martial.  1 O.R. S.O.S. to Home Details.


15th March 1945

1 O.R. S.O.S. to X/2 List.


16th March 1945

1 O.R. T.O.S. from X/2 List.


17th March 1945

337979 2/Lt. B.H. Bradbrook recalled from Para Course.  258555 Capt DGW. Ballard emplaned U.K. for N.W.E. and joined Land Element of Unit.


18th March 1945

6 O.Rs with Bren Carriers detached to 3 Bde and 6 O.Rs with Bren Carriers detached to 5 Bde to be Glider Borne in forthcoming Op.


19th March 1945

Sea Party of Unit consisting of 3 Offrs and 133 O.Rs proceed with Vehs to Concentration Area at Tilbury.  1 O.R. injured en-route and S.O.S. to X/2 List.  1 O.R. S.O.S. to X/2 List.  1 O.R. Absentee S.O.S. to Home Details.


20th March 1945

Sea Party consisting of 3 Offrs and 132 O.Rs embarked U.K. disembarked OSTEND and proceeded to BREE. HOLLAND.  Gliderborne Element of Unit consisting of 6 Offrs and 77 O.Rs. leave location and proceed by road to TARRANT RUSHTON where personnel take off in 12 HAMILCAR Gliders for WOODBRIDGE Airfield.  Gliders are loaded for Op with 12 Bren Carriers & Trailers and Panniers containing Amn & Supplies.  On arrival at Airfield personnel proceed to Transit Camp at Glevering Hall.  1 HAMILCAR has to cast off over an American Airfield owing to Tug trouble and does not arrive at WOODBRIDGE on the 20th Mar '45.  Glider is sealed and armed guard is placed over it for the night.


22nd March 1945

Sea Party arrive BREE. HOLLAND.  Briefing commences for Gliderborne Element of Unit at Glevering Hall.  All HAMILCAR Gliders are checked over and loads given final lashing down.  Glider that landed on American Airfield arrives at WOODBRIDGE.


23rd March 1945

Sea Party move to GELDERN. GERMANY. and link up with Land Element of Unit who had been att to 398 Coy, R.A.S.C.  4 O.Rs with Jeeps and Trailers are att to Div for Op and are Gliderborne.  1 O.R. of Gliderborne element S.O.S. to X/2 List.


24th March 1945

Place: Field


Gliderborne Element leave Transit Camp and proceed to Woodbridge Airfield.  Hamilcar Gliders take off at 0730 hrs for GERMANY.  Gliders cross RHINE at approx 1030 hrs.  Coming in to land after casting off, flak experienced by all Gliders and Ground Mist and Smoke Screen of 2 Army made landing very difficult.  Glider landings were very wide-spread and all personnel were under snipers fire when making for R.V.  Gliders landed between 1035 hrs & 1050 hrs.  First Glider Crew arrived at Div at approx 1130 hrs and were unable to reach R.V. as it was still in enemy hands and therefore crew at Div until other Glider Crews reported at half hourly intervals.  Re-Supply Drops were carried out before sufficient personnel had reported to Div.  At approx 1330 hrs all available personnel moved forward to R.V. which had then been cleared of the enemy as far as possible.  At 1400 hrs collection of containers and Panniers was started using 3 Bren Carriers and 1 Trailer also 1 captured 3 ton enemy veh which was repaired by unit fitter under snipers fire and which had to be unloaded of enemy amn.  Amn & Sup Dumps were set up at MR 192474 Sheet 4205. Scale 1.25,000.  Issues were being made from Dumps by 1600 hrs & also direct from DZ.  To save time owing to shortage of Tpt.  Containers and Panniers were unpacked on the spot & Amn & Sups brought to Dump loose.  While unloading Glider 1 O.R. was shot through the back by sniper and killed outright.  At nightfall collection of further Amn & Sups was suspended and personnel dug in for the night.  A 50% stand to was carried out during the night.  Suspension of collection during the night was only stopped because of very active sniping on most of the outlying DZs.  3 O.Rs with a captured enemy veh were detailed to remove casualties from Div. HQ. to a Fd Amb.  On returning from completion of detail they ran into an enemy patrol and were taken prisoner, during the night they were utilised as stretcher bearers by the enemy.  326040 Lieut. J.B. Roberts & 1 O.R. were detailed to take Amn to 5 Bde.  On completion of detail they ran into the same patrol as the other 3 O.Rs and were taken prisoner.  Lt Roberts and the O.R. volunteered to act as stretcher bearers as the enemy were going to leave their wounded as they moved around during the night.  Lt. Roberts during the night informed the Offr i/c Enemy Troops that the War was over and it was no use carrying on any longer, the enemy Offr was quite prepared to give in if he could be assured that he and his men would not be shot on capture.  After much talk on both sides it was decided that Lt. Roberts and 1 of the enemy should pass over to the British lines leave our 4 O.Rs in the enemy hands as hostages.  The German O.R. was given assurances in our lines that they would not be shot if they gave themselves up as prisoners.  Lt. Roberts then returned to the German lines with the enemy O.R. and without any further trouble was able to take the lot prisoner amounting to sixty odd prisoners.  At approx 1500 hrs 2 O.Rs with Bren Carrier reported to Dump and reported that on landing 2 O.Rs had been wounded & Lt Jose B.G. who was Glider Commander instructed them to seek help while he and 3 O.Rs remained with the wounded as they were under fire and could not move into the open.  The Bren Carrier Crew were unable to get any help owing to shortage of personnel all round and therefore returned to where they had left the remainder of the crew.  On reaching a spot very near to where they had left the rest of the crew they sighted an enemy Armoured Veh proceeding away from the spot.  As there was considerable amount of enemy fire going on in the vicinity the Carrier Crew decided to report to the R.V. before the Carrier got put out of action.  It was presumed from the Carrier Crew story that the remainder of the Glider Crew had been taken prisoner.  At approx 1700 hrs 3 Jeeps and Trailers reported from 6 A/L Bde to help in the collection of Amn & Sups from the D.Zs.  Landings of gliders are given hereby in detail also remarks in respect of those missing.  Glider No's 267-278.


Glider No.267 - Good Landing - Hit by Shell on ground and set on fire & destroyed - Bren Carrier was being used to evacuate a wounded man from another Glider it was hit by Shell fire, set on fire and destroyed.  It was impossible to remove the wounded man from the Carrier before it burnt out & he had been wounded again by the Shell which hit the Carrier & believed killed.  Casualties to Crew - 179987 Capt S. Sutherland-Waite & 4 O.Rs wounded, also the following casualties were sustained by personnel not of this unit who were travelling in the Glider.  1 Corps of Sigs O.R. 1 22nd Ind Para Coy O.R. wounded.  1 Glider Pilot killed.  179987 Capt S. Sutherland-Waite & 2 O.Rs of Unit remain on duty & report to R.V.


Glider No.268 - Missing.


Glider No.269 - Missing.


Glider No.270 - Hit by Flak and tail shot up - Carrier broke loose on landing but was not damaged.  No casualties sustained by Unit personnel - 1 Public Relations Offr travelling in Glider wounded.


Glider No.271 - Hit by Flak - Crash landing and broke up - Carrier damaged - No casualties.


Glider No.272 - Hit by Flak - Fairly good landing, crashed through fence and lost 1 wheel - No casualties.


Glider No.273 - Missing.


Glider No.274 - Hit by Flak - Rt Wing torn off before landing - Crash landing - Bren Carrier intact - No casualties.


Glider No.275 - Missing.


Glider No.276 - Hit by Flak & set on fire - Fairly good landing - Glider destroyed by fire on ground - Bren Carrier removed intact.  Casualties 2 O.Rs wounded.  Only 2 O.Rs & Bren Carrier reached R.V. as previously mentioned, remainder presumed P of W.


Glider No.277 - Hit by Flak - Crash landing and broke up - 1 O.R. wounded & 1 War Correspondent travelling in Glider wounded.


Glider No.278 - Hit by Flak - Fairly good landing - Carrier intact but later struck by small arms fire but not damaged - No casualties.


25th March 1945

A roll call was made at 0700 hrs and it was found that 4 Glider Crews & part of a fifth were missing.  Strength as at 0700 hrs 4 Offrs incl 1 wounded & 44 O.Rs incl 3 wounded.  At approx 1000 hrs 4 O.Rs who had Glided in with Div reported to Dump with their Jeeps & Trailers.  At approx 1800 hrs 'A' Pl. with Jeeps and Trailers linked up with Gliderborne Element of Unit having crossed the RHINE on the 24 Mar '45. with 2nd Army.  Jeeps & Trailers and Personnel were immediately detached to Bde's of the 6th, Airborne Div.  1 O.R. S.O.S. to X/2 List.  179987 Capt S. Sutherland-Waite evacuated.  Unit notified that 2 O.Rs detached to Bdes had been wounded & evacuated.  Unit notified that 4 O.Rs detached to 5 Bde are missing w.e.f. 24th, Mar '45.


26th March 1945

At approx 1700 hrs 6 O.Rs from Glider No.275 previously reported missing reported in & gave the following description of their landing - Hit by Flak - Crash landing and broke up - Bren Carrier damaged & not recovered - 295378 Lieut G.H. Starkey & 1 O.R. injured on landing & evacuated.  3 O.Rs slightly injured and suffering from shock and were evacuated for 24 hrs.  Glider Pilot wounded - Glider set on fire on the 25th, Mar '45 by Shell fire and it is believed Bren Carrier was destroyed at the same time.  Remainder of Crew comprising 3 O.Rs were unable to break through to the R.V. and so went into action with 194 U.S. Airborne Coy.  On the 26th, Mar '45 an attack by 513 U.S. Para Coy enabled the 3 O.Rs together with the 3 O.Rs who had been evacuated for 24 hrs to report to R.V.  At approx 1900 hrs Land & Sea Element of Unit with their vehs reached the Gliderborne personnel having crossed the RHINE at approx 1700 hrs.  1 O.R. who had been wounded on the 24th, Mar '45 evacuated.  1 O.R. Appointed L/Cpl.


27th March 1945

1 O.R. Wounded by Enemy Mine.  1 O.R. Killed by Enemy Mine.  341598 2/Lt. Wilde D.C. Wounded by Enemy Mine.  Collection of Panniers and Containers completed as far as possible & no further issues of Amn or Sups made as Normal Dumps had been established by R.A.S.C. Land Element.  Collection of Airborne Salvage commenced i.e. Empty Containers, Panniers, Parachutes. etc.


29th March 1945

1 O.R. S.O.S. to X/2 List.  Glider No.273 located with the Glider Pilots dead beside it, no trace of our personnel, Bren Carrier or Load.


30th March 1945

2 O.Rs injured in Bren Carrier accident & S.O.S. to X/2 List.  Collection of Salvage ceases.


31st March 1945

Unit leaves location at M.R. 192474 Sheet 4205. Scale 1.25,000. and proceeds to COESFELD MR. 612724 Sheet 56 Scale 1:50,000.  Further Personnel detached to various Bns of the Bdes.  314758 A/Capt EOSR Lewenhaupt & 1 O.R. on Advance Party duties fail to rejoin unit and are reported missing.  1 O.R. DR fails to rejoin unit and is reported missing, his M/cycle is found the following day damaged beyond repair.



Month and year : April 1945

Commanding Officer : Major C.P.R. Crane, RASC


1st April 1945

Place: Field


Unit leaves COESFELD and proceed to ALTENBERGE. MR. 826834 Sheet P.2. Scale. 1:100,000.  (223538) Capt CJR. Jacobs RAMC att to unit from HQ. RASC.


2nd April 1945

Element of Para Pls detached to 63 Coy, RASC for tpt duties.  1 OR. previously reported missing rejoins unit after having been injured in a M/Cycle accident and admitted to a Fd Amb for 48 hrs.  1 OR wounded and Evacuated.  Information received that Glider No.268 previously reported as missing had crash landed in U.K. and that all 5 members of this unit had been badly injured.


3rd April 1945

Unit leaves ALTENBERGE and proceeds to LADBERGEN. MR 000930 Sheet P.2. Scale. 1:100,000.  1 OR previously reported as missing with 314758 Capt. EOSR. Lewenhaupt. rejoins unit after having been taken prisoner and later repatriated by the Americans.  He reported Capt. Lewenhaupt as P.O.W.


4th April 1945

Unit take over the guarding of Ord Surplus Stores Dump at LADBERGEN.  341573 2/Lt. B.A. Coombs and 'B' Tpt Pl. of this unit ceased to be attached to 63 Coy, RASC and revert to command of own unit.  326040 Lt. J.B. Roberts and Element of Para Pls take over duties at Div. PW Cage.  1 OR. SOS to X/2 List.  2 ORs TOS of 1st Rfts in UK from Home Details.  1 OR who had been detached to 3 Para Bde for Op now known to have been injured in Glider Crash and evacuated.  Element of Para Pls return to unit from tpt duties with 63 Coy. RASC.


6th April 1945

Unit leaves LADBERGEN and proceeds to HOLZHAUSEN MR. 548102 Sheet N.3. Scale. 1:100,000.  326040 Lt. J.B. Roberts and Element of Para Pls remain att to DAPM for duty with Div. PW. Cage.  13 ORs remain at LADBERGEN to guard Ord Surplus Stores Dump.


8th April 1945

300 Rfts for the Div are accommodated for 1 night before despatch to HQ. Div.  27 x Austin 3 Ton 4x2 vehs are taken on charge from 2nd Army Veh Pk.  Vehs were immediately sent on detachment in charge of Para Pl. personnel.


9th April 1945

Unit leaves HOLZHAUSEN and proceeds to DUDINGHAUSEN MR. 065252 Sheet N.3. Scale 1:100,000.


10th April 1945

Special Order of The Day received from Lt. Gen. E.H. Barker. CB, CBE, DSO, MC. Commander 8th Corps.  A further number of Rfts for the Div are accommodated for 1 night before despatch to HQ. Div.  2 ORs SOS to X/2 List.  T/14427305 Dvr. J.C. Coupland 'Mentioned in Despatches' for NORMANDY Op. Authy. Supplement No.36994 dated 22 Mar 45. to London Gazette.  1 O.R. appointed L/Cpl.  1 OR. SOS to X/2 List. (Battle Accident).


11th April 1945

5 Offrs & 54 O.Rs of unit attend G.O.Cs Parade.  British repatriated prisoners are accommodated for the night, these men included members of the 1st Airborne Div who had been taken at ARNHEM.  1 O.R. SOS to 1 Br. Airborne Corps. UK.


12th April 1945

1 O.R. TOS from 399 Coy, RASC (Inf Bde).  1 O.R. TOS from 398 Coy, RASC.  1 Cpl/RAMC Orderly att to unit from 195 A/L Fd Amb.  A skeleton Comp Pl was formed to maintain a Para Bde.  Information received that (288472) Lt. GB. Jose. previously reported as missing believed P.O.W. now known to have been taken prisoner after been wounded in both legs, later being repatriated by the Canadians.


13th April 1945

Unit leaves DUDINGHAUSEN and proceeds to HAMBUREN. MR. 525512 Sheet N.4. Scale. 1:100,000.  Dump formed for to maintain 3 Para Bde. & 5 Para Bde.


14th April 1945

3 Para Bde draw supplies from Comp Pl Dump.  German captured troop carrying trailer utilised by unit as mobile office.


15th April 1945

3 Para & 5 Para Bdes supplied from Comp Pl Dump.


16th April 1945

5 Para Bde supplied from Comp Pl Dump.


17th April 1945

Unit leaves HAMBUREN and proceeds to NETTELKAMP. MR 916797 Sheet. M.5. Scale. 1:100,000.  5 Para Bde supplied from Comp Pl Dump.


18th April 1945

5 Para Bde supplied from Comp Pl Dump.


19th April 1945

5 Para Bde supplied from Comp Pl Dump.  Dump closes Bdes revert to 63 Coy & 398 Coy for supplies.


20th April 1945

2 O.Rs SOS to 398 Coy, RASC.  2 O.Rs TOS from 398 Coy, RASC.  1 O.R. TOS of 1st Rfts in UK. from Home Details.  Unit visited by Maj Gen Watson of the 29th, US Div who was in search of elements of his Div.  He landed in his personal aircraft.  (223538) Capt CJR. Jacobs RAMC C.T.B.A. to this unit from H.Q.  R.A.S.C. T/88131 Cpl J.W. Fozard previously reported missing rejoins unit after having been prisoner and repatriated by 11 Armd Div.  In his story of his capture and disposal he was able to give information regarding many members of this unit reported missing.  His story is in an appendix attached.


21st April 1945

2 O.Rs reported as missing on detail with Jeep.


22nd April 1945

10 ORs TOS from 34 R.H.U.


23rd April 1945

1 O.R. T.O.S. from X/2 List.


24th April 1945

Unit leaves NETTELKAMP and proceeds to BARUM MR. 866987 Sheet M.5 Scale. 1:100,000.


25th April 1945

(181918) Capt D. Norman TOS from HQ. RASC and assumed 2nd in command of Unit.  1 O.R. T.O.S. from X/2 List.  Postal Voting forms received and action taken to acquaint All Ranks of the procedure.


26th April 1945

30 ORs of unit attend Mobile Cinema Show.  Age & Service Group Nos received from GHQ. 2nd Echelon and necessary action taken to complete documents.


27th April 1945

8 O.Rs T.O.S. from 90 Coy, RASC.  30 O.Rs of unit attend Mobile Cinema Show.


28th April 1945

(341682) 2/Lt. R.W. Goodman & 21 O.Rs join unit in the field from 1st Rfts in U.K.


29th April 1945

60 O.Rs of this unit attend Cinema & Stage Show at LUNEBURG.  12 O.Rs who had been guarding Ord Surplus Stores Dump at Ladbergen rejoin Unit.  1 O.R. T.O.S. from X/3 List.


30th April 1945

Unit leaves BARUM and proceeds to MR. 897108 Nr. SOLCHSTORF. Sheet M.5. Scale 1:100,000.  12 ORs report to WESTERWEYHE MR 865932 Sheet M.5. 1:100,000 to guard Ord Surplus Stores Dump.



Month and year : May 1945

Commanding Officer : Major C.P.R. Crane, RASC


1st May 1945

Place: Field


Unit leaves location at MR. 897108 Sheet M.5. 1:100,000.  River ELBE crossed by 2nd Army constructed bridge and Coy moved in to location at M.R. 880344 LAUENBURG. Sheet L.5. 1:100,000.  1 O.R. proceeded to UK on Compassionate Leave.  1 L/Cpl. promoted Cpl.


2nd May 1945

Lieut J.B. Roberts and No.1. Para Pl. attached to D.A.P.M. for P.O.W. duties.


3rd May 1945

Unit leaves LAUENBURG. and proceeds to WISMAR on the BALTIC.  A whole German Panzer Army complete with their own vehs were passed on their way to P.O.W. Cage.  Unit moved into location at WANGENHEIM KASERNE. PARKSTRASSE. WISMAR. Sheet K.6.  Information received that Cpl. Gosling & Cpl. Blackmore previously reported P.O.W. had been liberated and were on their way to UK.  Unit allotted task of providing transport for PWXs mostly American soldiers before their onward despatch to U.K.  Unit allotted task of providing accommodation for thousands of EASTERN DPs also the feeding and administration of these people.


4th May 1945

277042 Dvr. Haynes R. previously reported missing now repatriated and rejoined unit.  He reported that 14636100 Dvr. Heyhirst V.A. previously reported missing, had been taken prisoner with him and that he had been shot at point blank range through the right shoulder after having been captured.  This was carried out by SS Troops without any provocation on the part of Dvr. Heyhirst.  (See statement by Dvr. Haynes attached).


5th May 1945

Capt. EOSR. Lewenhaupt (314758) previously reported P.O.W. now repatriated and rejoined unit.  3 O.Rs proceed on Privilege Leave to UK.  Instructions received to prepare 6 Jeeps and 1 Trailer for a special mission in DENMARK.  Capt EOSR Lewenhaupt and 6 O.Rs proceeded with the above Tpt to LUNEBURG Airfield.  On arrival only 1 Jeep and Trailer was required and therefore the remainder of the Tpt was returned to WISMAR together with 5 O.Rs.  Capt Lewenhaupt & 1 O.R. emplaned with the 1 Jeep and Trailer for DENMARK.  10 men of unit at end Cinema Show.


6th May 1945

1 O.R. accidentally injured and SOS to X/2 List.  2 Offrs and 40 ORs attend Div. Church Service at St NICHOLAIKIRCH. St. NICHOLAIKIRCHOF. WISMAR. to commemorate second anniversary of the formation of the Div. and as a thanksgiving for the successes of the Div during the past year.  Service officiated at by the Senior Chaplain to the Div.


7th May 1945

Lieut Roberts and 1 Para Pl. return to unit from duty with the DAPM.  Notification received of the unconditional surrender of all German. Land, Sea & Air Forces in EUROPE to the A.E.F. and the SOVIET High Command.  Surrender being signed by the German High Command Rep at 0141 hrs on the 7th, May '45.  Active Ops to cease w.e.f. 0001B hrs 9th, May '45.  Russian Interpreter attached to unit from Cdn Para Bn. for duty with the DPs.  1 O.R. S.O.S. to 398 Coy, RASC.  1 O.R. TOS. from 398 Coy, RASC.  1 O.R. accidentally injured and SOS to X/2 List.


8th May 1945

VE Day.  With the exception of essential personnel all ranks were given the day as a Holiday.


9th May 1945

1 O.R. proceeded on 14 days Compassionate Leave.  1 O.R. SOS to X/2 List.


11th May 1945

All available personnel witness G.O.Cs parade with the march past of 3rd Para Bde and the Scots Greys.  Large crowds of German civilians attended this Parade.  20 men of Coy proceed on an Organised Swimming Party to the BALTIC.


12th May 1945

Instructions received for 4 Jeeps and 2 Trailers with Drivers to proceed to DENMARK and join remainder of party already there.  20 men proceed by Tpt on an organised tour and swimming party around the BALTIC coast.  5 O.Rs T.O.S. from 31 R.H.U.


13th May 1945

A Russian Concert Party arrive in WISMAR to give a Show.  Unit allocated 80 seats.  T/14363313 Dvr. Breeze W.R. accidentally drowned while bathing in an unauthorised bathing pool.  Court of Inquiry convened.


14th May 1945

A Div RASC Sports meeting was held at WISMAR Airfield.  The Coy was well represented and obtained good marks.  The body of Dvr. Breeze was buried at Military Cemetery WISMAR.  Funeral was attended by a large number of men of the unit.  14 O.Rs T.O.S. from 31 R.H.U.


15th May 1945

Orders received for return of unit to U.K.  Preparations made for the move.  Air and Sea parties detailed.  1 O.R. TOS. from X/2 List.  120 O.Rs attend Div RASC Concert.  12 O.Rs who had been guarding Ord Surplus Stores Dump at WESTERWEYHE rejoin unit at WISMAR.  Advance Veh Party consisting of 1 Offr and 8 ORs proceeded to OSTEND.


16th May 1945

Advance Air Party consisting of 1 Offr and 2 ORs proceed to U.K.  50 O.Rs attend Div RASC Concert Party.


17th May 1945

Air and Sea Party consisting of 8 Offrs and 270 O.Rs proceed by road to LUNEBURG.  Russian Interpreter returned to 3 Cdn Para Bn.  All captured enemy tpt handed in to Corps Pool at LUNEBURG.  All detachments of unit including the DENMARK party are to return to U.K. with Unit to whom detached.


18th May 1945

1st Air Party consisting of 2 Offrs and 58 ORs leave by air for U.K.  1 O.R. TOS from 39 R.H.U.


19th May 1945

2nd Air Party consisting of 1 Offr and 35 ORs leave by air for U.K.  Sea Party consisting of 5 Offrs & 177 O.Rs proceed to SULINGEN.  3 O.Rs SOS to X/2 List.


20th May 1945

Sea Party move to GOCH.  Notification received of the award of the M.M. to 6290913 Cpl Knightley LTC. for the period of Op VARSITY.  1 O.R. accidentally injured and S.O.S. to X/2 List.


21st May 1945

Sea Party move to LOUVAIN. BELGIUM.  1 O.R. SOS to X/2 List.


22nd May 1945

Sea Party move to OSTEND and transit at 111 Transit Camp.  Air Party in U.K. receive instructions to despatch as soon as possible on 28 days leave all personnel of Age & Service Group 27 and upwards.  Remainder of personnel in Age & Service Group 1-26 to be despatch on 9 or 14 days leave according to whether they returned to U.K. for Op VARSITY or remained with the B.L.A.  4 O.Rs T.O.S. from 51 R.H.U. and join Sea Party for embarkation.  1 O.R. SOS to X/2 List.  1 O.R. T.O.S. from 1 Holding Bn.


23rd May 1945

Sea Party embark OSTEND in LSTs and proceed to TILBURY.  1 O.R. T.O.S. from 53 R.H.U.  1 O.R. T.O.S. from 32 R.H.U.  179987 Capt S Sutherland-Waite T.O.S. from H.Q. R.A.S.C.


24th May 1945

Place: Home


Sea Party disembark TILBURY and proceed to Unit location at MINSTEAD LODGE, MINSTEAD. Nr Lyndhurst. Hants.


25th May 1945

2 O.Rs T.O.S. from 53 R.H.U.


26th May 1945

1 O.R. T.O.S. from X/2 List.  1 O.R. S.O.S. to Armd Recce Regt. 6 A/B Div.  1 O.R. T.O.S. from 53 R.H.U.  8 O.Rs T.O.S. from Home Details.  1 O.R. S.O.S. to X/2 List.


27th May 1945

1 O.R. T.O.S. from 53 R.H.U.


28th May 1945

1 O.R. T.O.S. from 53 R.H.U.  314758 WS/Lt. EOSR Lewenhaupt. promoted Capt w.e.f. 13 Jan 45.


30th May 1945

1 O.R. T.O.S. from X/2 List.


31st May 1945

All personnel now on their respective type of leave with the exception of a small holding party of essential personnel.