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Month and year : March 1945

Commanding Officer : Brigadier W.D.C. Greenacre, M.V.O.


1st March 1945

Place: B.L.A.


Op VERITABLE is entering its third week.  The Siegfried line has been breached NORTH and SOUTH of the REICHSWALD - the Ninth and First US Armies have assaulted the R.ROER line.  Four armies are now engaged in clearing the corridor between the two rivers, two of them wheeling on to the line of the RHINE and to within shelling range of the RUHR.  Up to date opposition against us in the NORTH has been stiff and progress slow.  Heavy blows from the Americans in the SOUTH and from the British and Canadian troops in the NORTH must soon compel the enemy to either evacuate all his forces EAST of the RHINE or sacrifice them in defence of their REICH fortress.  KERVENHEIM has been taken by 105 Bde and 4 Tk Coldm Gds and the advance continues to 993375.  Continuing his former tactics the enemy has fought a fierce defensive action, giving ground only under extreme pressure.


2nd March 1945

9 Inf Bde and 3 Tk SG have cleared WINNEKENDONK 9934 and the woods NORTH of it.  Right Flank and 2 Lines encountered some opposition from isolated SP guns (Panzer Jäger) one of which was destroyed and another badly damaged.  Spandau fire was at times intense.  About 100 PW were taken.  There are signs now that the enemy is withdrawing his most valuable material and troops to the RHINE and is reinforcing his Northern front to protect the crossings over it.


3rd March 1945

The front is becoming fluid.  Left Flank of 3 Tk SG with 2 RUR (9 Bde) have continued their advance into the wooded area SOUTH of WINNEKENDONK against negligible opposition.  The Americans were this morning 15 miles SOUTH of us at GELDERN.


1400 - Bde main HQ joined Bde Tac.


1800 - Bde Tac moved to KERVENHEIM with 3 Brit Div Main HQ.


4th March 1945

Difficulties of road movement have prevented the armoured formations on this northern front from breaking out to round up the remnants of 1 Para Army retreating to the RHINE.  Gds Armd Div is standing by SW of KAPELLEN preparatory to advancing along axis KAPELLEN - HAMB - BONNINGHARDT.  The wood NE of KAPELLEN still has some enemy in it and this afternoon 4 Tk Coldm Gds were fired on by an unseen A/Tk weapon from this area.  This Bn will remain on call to operate with 155 Bde in that direction if required.  This morning 17 US Cav Gp joined up with units of 52 (L) Div at WALBECK 9623.


5th March 1945

It now appears that the 3 Div and 6 Gds Armd Bde task is nearly completed.  Gds Armd Div has passed through us to HAMB and reached the 68 Easting in square 0732.  53 Div Recce are at 130270 and 127267.  Our main problem is to find an area where the bns may reconcentrate and carry out the necessary maintenance.  The rain of the last three days made serious difficulties in this respect.  The Bde has now been in the line for 25 days without respite.  The Bde is now disposed as follows - HQ (Main) 968417, HQ Tac KERVENHEIM, 4 Tk Gren Gds 984391, 4 Tk Coldm Gds 998341, 3 Tk SG 990366, Admin Area GOCH.


6th March 1945

Today wood 0633 has been cleared by No 3 Sqn Coldm Gds and 1 Norfolks (185 Bde).  At most, we have 8 miles to go before closing up to the western bank of the RHINE.  COLOGNE has fallen to First US Army.


7th March 1945

4 Tk Gren Gds moved to area 977389 and have been warned that they may be involved in an operation in the WESEL pocket with 8 Bde which has come under comd Gds Armd Div.  Little progress has been made in eliminating the pocket.  The Americans are now on the RHINE from COLOGNE - Northern outskirts DUISBERG.  Third US Army further SOUTH are reported to be making rapid progress in the direction of BONN.


8th March 1945

No 1 Sqn 4 Tk Gren Gds have been warned that they will be required to support 8 Bde in clearing the northern half of the WESEL pocket.  43 Div now has one bn in XANTEN.  35 US Div has pushed 2 miles NORTH of ORPENBERG.  The pocket is said to contain 20,000 of the enemy, remnants of the battered 1 Para Army.  The enemy intention seems still to hold the bank of the RHINE at all costs.  The great news of the day is that Gen HODGE's First US Army has taken intact a railway bridge over the RHINE at REMAGEN.  Units of 9 US Inf Div and 9 US Armd Div are over.


9th March 1945

Bde Main HQ has moved to KERVENHEIM, Bde Tac with 3 (Brit) Div Main to 035344.  8 Bde has called for Nos 2 and 3 Sqns 4 Tk Gren Gds.  This force will not now be used if 52 Div can clear MENZELEN 1636.  In the NORTH 2 Cdn Div has passed through 43 Div and captured the high ground at 1039.  Enemy resistance in this area is still very stubborn.  A security silence has been imposed covering the movements of First and Third US Armies.


10th March 1945

8 Bde and 4 Tk Gren Gds are now under comd 52 Div.  By 1200 hrs it was evident that the enemy were pulling out in this sector and 52 Div entered MENZELEN meeting little opposition and have moved on to 173390.  Flanking formations have also made considerable gains, 2 Cdn Div reaching area 1637 and 35 US Div capturing BÜDERICH 1937.  Further SOUTH on the First Army front it is reported that Pz Lehr and 9 Pz Div have moved down to counter the REMAGEN bridgehead where the resistance is rapidly stiffening.  4 Tk Coldm Gds and 3 Tk SG have been released.  The former will go to a rest area in WINNEKENDONK, the latter to KEVELAER.  When 4 Tk Gren Gds are released, which is expected very shortly, they will also go to KEVELAER.  3 (Brit) Div will relieve 43 Div.


11th March 1945

Bde HQ Main has been moved to KEVELAER 765328 where it has been joined by Bde Tac.  4 Tk Gren Gds have been released.  Bde Wksps, Ord Fd Pk and 261 Fwd Del Sqn are now all in KEVELAER.  There are now three divs in the REMEGAN bridgehead.


12th March 1945

The Bde is now under comd 8 Corps (Second Brit Army).  The other formations in the Corps are 52 Div and 3 (Brit) Div.  On right 52 Div are holding the WEST bank of the RHINE from the WESEL road 2038 - 0849, on left 3 Brit Div from 0849 - 9659.  8 Corps is flanked right by Ninth US Army and left by 2 Cdn Corps.  The Bde is settling down to a much needed period of rest and maintenance.  The REMEGAN bridgehead is now 4 miles deep and 10 miles wide.  The Red Army is 8 miles from STETTIN and 15 from DANZIG.


13th March 1945

1000 - The Army Comd visited Bde HQ.  Here he met the Bde Comd and the Bn Comds.  The Bde has temporarily taken over the responsibility for allocating accommodation in KEVELAER area.  The Staff Captain is now carrying out the duties of Town Mayor under this arrangement.  First US Army reports fierce but unsuccessful counterattacks against the bridgehead which now extends 6913 - 7217 - 7220 - 6924 - 6726 - 6526 - 6328.  A pontoon bridge has been constructed at 6718.  The Third US Army has nearly finished clearing the WEST bank of the MOSELLE from TRIER and its confluence with the RHINE NORTH of KOBLENZ.


14th March 1945

The DAA&QMG, Major R.C. WHIGHAM, and Major H. SHAW, OC 229 Coy RASC, have been awarded the M.B.E.  Captain V.F. ERSKINE-CRUM, former Adjutant 3 Tk SG, has been awarded the M.C.


15th March 1945

4 Tk Gren Gds have moved to PONT 0022, 4 Tk Coldm Gds to VEERT 0026.  Third US Army has forced a new bridgehead over the MOSELLE SW of KOBLENZ and has advanced up to 3 miles on a 9-mile front against light opposition.  An advance of 4 miles NORTH of SAARLAUTERN has also been made.  The RAF used 22,000-lb bombs for first time yesterday.  BERLIN was raided by Mosquitoes for 23rd night running.


16th March 1945

3 Recce Regt are now under comd the Bde in area 966241.  229 Coy RASC has moved to LOOM 9117.  11 Lt Fd Amb has now left us to come under comd 12 Corps.  A Lt Fd Amb will no longer be attached to a formation of this nature.  Medical requirements will for the moment be met by 24 FDS.  First US Army has cut the main FRANKFURT - COLOGNE autobahn.  The bridgehead now covers an area of 80 square miles.  Third US Army troops have made good progress SE from the MOSELLE crossing at 8070 and have reached 9050.


17th March 1945

N.T.R. on our front.  General PATTON's SE drive continues.  4 Armd Div CC'B' reached.


0300 - BAD KREUZNACH early this morning.


18th March 1945

N.T.R. from our own sector.  A section of the REMAGEN railway bridge has collapsed as a result of enemy shelling.  Two pontoon bridges and two foot-bridges have however been constructed and the process of reinforcement continues over these.


19th March 1945

N.T.R. on Corps front.  First US Army has made small advances in its bridgehead.  Gen PATTON has pushed on and reached ALZEY 2727.  The American Southerly and Easterly thrusts have joined up at GANGLOFF 9818.  BERLIN has been raided for the 27th night running.


20th March 1945

On Corps front N.T.R.  It has been announced that MANDALAY is in Allied hands again.  Third US Army has taken WORMS at MAINZ.


21st March 1945

Plans are going ahead for a new 21 Army Group operation in which this Bde will take part.  Operation PLUNDER.  On D-day (provisionally 24 Mar) Second British and Ninth US Armies are to make assault crossings of the RHINE between REES 0752 and COLOGNE.  In co-operation with 18 Airborne Corps, 6 (Brit) Airborne Div and 17 (US) Airborne Div, a firm bridgehead will be established.  The initial assault will be carried out by 51 (H) Div (30 Corps) in area REES, 15 (S) Div (12 Corps) between XANTEN and WESEL and 1 Cdo Bde in area WESEL.  6 Gds Armd Bde's role will be to supply an early reinforcement to the airborne formations starting with a crossing by Left Flank 3 Tk SG to join up with 6 Airborne Div on D+1.  The remainder of 3 Tk SG and 4 Tk Gren Gds and 4 Tk Coldm Gds (both in support 17 US Airborne Div) will follow on days and at times dictated by developments in the tactical situation.


22nd March 1945

Planning for op PLUNDER continues.  The C.O. and three Sqn Leaders of 3 Tk SG had previously flown to England to confer with unit and formation comds of 6 Airborne Div.  The Bde Comd and the COs and Sqn Leaders of 4 Tk Gren Gds and 4 Tk Coldm Gds have been in consultation with American airborne formations and units about their part in the coming battle.


23rd March 1945

2100 - Op PLUNDER.  This evening at 2100 hrs 30 Corps on our left began the assault on the RHINE by launching 51 (H) Div against REES.  News is scanty but apart from initial heavy arty fire the Div has encountered only moderate opposition and has definitely secured a foothold.  There is news to-night that Gen PATTON's Third US Army has forced a new RHINE crossing somewhere between WORMS and SPEYER.


24th March 1945

Op PLUNDER.  At 2230 hrs last night 1 Cdo Bde took the plunge across the river and by dawn had penetrated into the town of WESEL.  By 1400 hrs this afternoon WESEL was clear.  15 (S) Div began to cross just NORTH of XANTEN at 0200 hrs and by 1100 hrs 44 Bde right and 227 Bde left were firmly established on the far bank.  46 Bde is now moving through the bridgehead in a Northerly direction.  At 1000 hrs the first wave of Dakotas carrying 18 Airborne Corps arrived over the RHINE in the XANTEN area.  The Corps was to land 17 US Airborne Div on the right in area HAMMINKELN 2048, 6 Airborne Div left, 3,000 yds to the WEST.  Opposition from enemy Flak Batteries was at first intense, but the later sqns, towing the airlanding bdes, found that the ground defences had been to a great extent smothered by the initial drop.  It has been difficult to estimate precisely the success of this airborne assault but what news has filtered through indicates that the immediate tasks have been carried out.  17 US Airborne Div have taken three bridges over the R.ISSEL at 217506, 218498 and 223485.  Units of 15 (S) Div have linked up with 6 Airborne Div and units of 1 Cdo Bde with 17 US Airborne Div.


25th March 1945

Left Flank 3 Tk SG moved across the RHINE on rafts this morning to area HAMMINKELN where they remained under comd 6 Airborne Div in reserve.  Remainder 3 Tk SG began to cross at 1700 hrs and had by 2000 hrs rejoined Left Flank.  The enemy has not yet reacted very strongly to yesterday's operation.  It would appear that the three Para Divs opposing us on this front were, thanks to the accuracy of the drop, incapable of organising sufficient strength to counterattack at the vital moment.  We have yet to encounter the mobile reserve which must soon be launched at the bridgehead if the enemy hopes to annihilate it.  There is already a Cl 40 roadbridge across the RHINE at XANTEN and at 1600 hrs work was begun on another at WESEL.


26th March 1945

News all along the Western front is excellent.  Gen PATTON is reported across the RHINE at OPPENHEIM and threatening DARMSTADT.  Ninth US Army has consolidated a bridgehead now some 13,000 yds deep SOUTH of R.LIPPE.  3 Tk SG have been committed in clearing operations NORTH of HAMMINKELN with units of 6 Airborne Div.  The bridgehead is now strong enough to withstand anything the enemy has available to throw against it.  The enemy resistance is weakening to the NE.  He has begun to commit his reserves - 15 PG Div against 30 Corps on our left and 115 Pz Div against Ninth US Army on our right.


1900 - Bde HQ moved over the RHINE by the new WESEL Cl 40 bridge to 245410.


27th March 1945

A 6 Gds Armd Bde Gp composed as under received orders to move with all speed along the axis WESEL - HALTERN - DÜLMEN, breaking through the softening perimeter of the bridgehead and striking at MÜNSTER.


1100 - The Bde Comd gave as his intention at the O.Gp this morning the seizing of MÜNSTER and the crossings of the DORTMUND-EMS Canal.


6 Gds Armd Bde Group

6 Gds Armd Bde, 513 US Para Regt, 3 Recce Regt, 6 Fd Regt RA, 77 Med Regt RA, 2 btys 63 A tk Regt RA.


1500 - The head of the column, 3 Recce Regt, crossed the SL, 333422, followed by 3 Tk SG.  Progress was at first slow, the Recce Regt running into mines about 1½ miles from SL.  When these had been cleared 3 Tk SG carrying personnel of 3 Bn 513 Para Regt were then sent through and by dark had reached SCHERMBECK 3944.  This Group was then ordered into DORSTEN 4541 with the object of seizing the bridges over the canal and R.LIPPE should these be intact.  They are making good progress.  Bde Tac HQ harboured in area PEDDENBERG.  It has now been announced that the security veil that has hitherto prevented publication of the Bde's name has been lifted.  To-night we feature in the B.B.C. news at 2100 hrs.  Press reporters have become an integral part of the Bde Comd's retinue.


28th March 1945

Today DORSTEN has been cleared and the advance continued by 4 Tk Coldm Gds.  All bridges in DORSTEN were found to have been blown but engineer detachments from 17 Airborne Div report that the damage is slight and work on them has begun.


1200 - 4 Tk Coldm Gds with 2 Bn 513 Regt passed NORTH of 3 Tk SG via WULFEN 5047.  Once clear of LIPPRAMSDORF 5546 enemy resistance showed definite signs of stiffening.  Three distinct groups of 88-mm dual purpose guns were located defending the approach along the axis to HALTERN.  Within 4 miles of their objective the Bn was brought to a halt.  With darkness, however, the opportunity came and about 2400 hrs HALTERN was reached in one sudden thrust.  4 Tk Gren Gds has now moved NORTH under comd 6 Airborne Div.


1430 - Bde HQ moved to HOLSTERHAUSEN 4543.


29th March 1945

0100 - The morning reports were received that 4 Tk Coldm Gds had launched out on the next stage of the advance and were heading for DÜLMEN.  By 0900 hrs their accompanying infantry were firmly in.  At this point the tanks halted unable to get through the ruined streets.  Bulldozers were brought up and by 1500 hrs one route had been cleared.  With a route through DÜLMEN 4 Tk Coldm Gds are now pushing on towards BULDERN.  The inf with 3 Tk SG have cleared the SOUTH bank of the LIPPE assisted by the tank guns.  Our Allies reported that they, in fact, would prefer to get on with the job without our assistance.  The enemy gave themselves up faster that way.  Meanwhile 4 Tk Gren Gds and 5 Para Bde have had a good day NORTH of us and are tonight in Southern outskirts of CROESFELD.  As on our own front resistance is spasmodic and half-hearted.  We have struck at a weak spot.  The B.B.C. announced that 6 Gds Armd Bde has sufficient supplies of fuel and ammunition to take it anywhere! The Guardsmen and American paratroops are more than ever keen to be allowed to go.  This combination is being thoroughly appreciated by both our allies and ourselves.


1700 - Bde HQ was established ½ mile EAST of HALTERN.


30th March 1945

0300 - This morning 4 Tk Coldm Gds reached BULDERN.  There they found a better organised defended locality established immediately EAST of the town.  3 Bn 513 Regt, now in reserve, was sent for to assist.  The battle that ensued was the most violent since this op began.  But severe casualties were inflicted on the enemy (PW quoted the figure of 60%) and this pocket - four coys strong - was in 12 hours whittled down and dispersed.


1230 - 3 Tk SG meanwhile, in view of this hold-up, moved NORTH from the axis along road 723628 - 725653 where again resistance stiffened.  Some SPs and more inf strongpoints had by 1530 hrs brought this advance to a halt.


2100 - 4 Tk Coldm Gds began to move out along the main road and are now some two miles from APPELHÜLSEN.  Bde HQ is now in BULDERN.  At one moment during the day, two tanks were moving at speed neck and neck along the main road.  The comd of one tank glanced over his shoulder at his competitor.  A word to his driver halted his vehicle - another command to his gunner sent an A.P. shot into the engine compartment of an enemy Panther!


31st March 1945

In the early hours of this morning units of 3 Recce Regt discovered the NOTTULN 7370 was clear and 3 Tk SG were enabled to follow on their former route and occupy it.  4 Tk Coldm Gds were by now in APPELHÜLSEN and both Bns sent out units NW and SE along the NOTTULN - APPELHÜLSEN ROAD where they made contact.  At this juncture, as the plan then stood, a final halt to our advance on MÜNSTER was to have been called, the Bde reconcentrated and despatched to the 8 Corps front where we were to join in the advance on OSNABRÜCK by 11 Armd Div and 6 Airborne Div.  However, at 1200 hrs, orders were received to press on along our original axis.  4 Tk Coldm Gds left APPELHÜLSEN 1430 hrs, 3 Tk SG NOTTULN 1500 hrs.  The plan for this next phase was simply that the Scots Gds were to move SE on an axis running about 1 mile NORTH of the Coldm Gds CL and with them continue the advance.  3 Recce Regt were to explore the main SCHAPDETTEN - ROXEL - MÜNSTER road on our left.  500 yds from the SL trouble began.  Small arms fire became intense, some SP guns shelled the inf and progress was extremely slow.  By 1600 hrs 3 Recce report they were nearly in ROXEL and had not encountered any serious opposition on that flank.  By dint of much persuasion from our med and fd regts, 4 Tk Coldm Gds had by 2400 hrs finally occupied ALBACHTEN 8569.  3 Tk SG made BOESENSELL 8269.  Bde HQ has moved to area APPELHÜLSEN.  4 Tk Gren Gds with 6 Airborne Div is making extremely good progress.  A bridge has been bounced across the DORTMUND-EMS Canal at 9890.  This column is competing with the fastest thrusts into the WESTPHALIAN Plain and the next step, LENGERICH, seems a safe one.



Month and year : April 1945

Commanding Officer : Brigadier W.D.C. Greenacre, M.V.O.


1st April 1945

Place: B.L.A.


The advance of 6 Gds Armd Bde Gp continues.  This morning we learned that 5 US Armd Div intended crossing our front passing through MÜNSTER eastwards and received instructions that roads leading EAST were frozen for their benefit.  This afternoon this plan was abandoned and the green light appeared on our axis again.  The column and its supporting arms have now come directly under comd G.O.C. 17 Airborne Div.  This means that we have all the resources of Divisional infantry and artillery to help us.


1900 - 4 Tk Coldm Gds set out from ALBACHTEN and have encountered little opposition.


2200 - 3 Tk SG, now with 194 Airlanding Bde, moved to ROXEL and at 2200 hrs they too began a further advance.  It was soon discovered that the bridge 882730 was blown.  This entails a diversion to the NORTH on a route which 3 Recce Regt explored this afternoon and which leads via 872731 into the outskirts of the city.  "S" Sqn has been despatched on this errand.  Bde H.Q. now established in ALBACHTEN.


2nd April 1945

Today we entered MÜNSTER.  By dawn this morning 4 Tk Coldm Gds and 513 Regt had reached the line of the road running NORTH and SOUTH through square 8970 and by 1015 hrs "S" Squadron of the Scots Guards, overcoming the great difficulties of their night drive and fierce bazooka attacks from entrenched German inf, finally contacted units of 194 Airlanding Regt in area of NORDHOFF 8974.  It appeared that the remaining troops in the city were going to make some sort of stand and by the early afternoon an operation on a divisional scale had developed.  The Scots Guards were by now moving along the route taken by "S" Squadron earlier in the day, while the Coldstream Guards were making very good progress into the outskirts of MÜNSTER along the MÜNSTER - ALBACHTEN main road.  One Flak Battery on their sector, having failed to convince their Bn Comd that it was time to surrender (negotiations that were conducted by the Netherlands Interpreter attached to the Coldm), eventually took the law into their own hands and came in.  The number of PW and deserters had by this time comfortably passed the 600 mark.  By 1700 hrs the defences had broken down but sniping continued on a reduced scale, making it clear that the last phase - house to house mopping up by the infantry - had begun.  The tanks were halted and the three Airborne Regts - 507 in the NORTH, 513 in the SOUTH and 194, having passed through 513, in the Eastern quarter - closed in.  Tonight this phase will be continued.  There is even better news from 6 Airborne Div front to our NORTH.  4 Tk Gren Gds have added six 88-mm dual purpose guns to their score during the day, all on a two-mile stretch of road.  They are reported tonight in the outskirts of OSNABRÜCK.


3rd April 1945

The clearing of MÜNSTER is being completed by the infantry.  The task of 6 Gds Armd Bde Gp is now virtually completed.  We have opened up the road to HANOVER and BERLIN from the RHINE bridgehead and captured the most important rail, road and canal communications centre on the Second Army front.  Perhaps the most outstanding feature of this operation has been the entirely successful and happy co-operation with our American allies and both we and they have learned mutual respect in the course of the last two weeks' fighting.  It is in a way regrettable that 4 Tk Gren Gds could not have remained with us - with their assistance the speed of our advance might well have been doubled.  But without them 6 Airborne Div would doubtless not have established its exceptional record of rapid advances to our NORTH.  Today they are reported far beyond OSNABRÜCK - W/T communication with them is now becoming very difficult and we have only a very hazy idea about their dispositions.


4th April 1945

The Bde has now reconcentrated in an area in Northern outskirt of MÜNSTER.  Bde HQ is in the barracks previously occupied by German replacement units.


5th April 1945

A day of rest much needed by everyone.


6th April 1945

1300 - The Bde left area MÜNSTER to reconcentrate area DIEPENAU 6625 - LAVERSLOH, a distance of 85 miles, to come under comd 15 (S) Div who are to continue the pursuit on the 8 Corps front so vigorously begun by 6 Airborne Div with 4 Tk Gren Gds and 11 Armd Div.  We are thinking and planning now in terms of a final major effort to carry us from the WESER to the ELBE.


7th April 1945

0600 - Bde HQ arrived new location in DIEPENAU this morning.  Move of 4 Tk Coldm Gds and 3 Tk SG continued and completed.  4 Tk Gren Gds with 6 Airborne Div are still advancing.  WUNSTORF 1526 is now clear.  Resistance on this front seems to have collapsed completely.  HANOVER is now threatened by two columns, both some 10 miles away.  One US armoured thrust is coming in from SW and we are closing from the NW.


8th April 1945

Bde HQ, 4 Tk Coldm Gds and 3 Tk SG have passed a quiet day.  Already the Corps front line has swept far ahead of us and is now centred round the STEINHUDER MEER and the R.LEINE EAST of it.  Here, it looks as though the Grenadiers will end their wild chase and can hope for a brief pause - their column is getting rather short of sleep.  Airborne ops have been successfully carried out in HOLLAND.  This morning a force was dropped in an undefined area EAST of the ZUIDER ZEE.  4 Cdn Armd Div is on its way NORTH to contact them.


9th April 1945

4 Tk Gren Gds have today, nothing daunted, accompanied 6 Airborne Div across the R.LEINE.  Bridges were found intact at BORDENAU 1830 and NEUSTADT 1735 and this evening the Bn has established its Tac HQ on the far side at 204361.  The enemy still persists in offering us only the most untidy and thoroughly ineffectual Order of Battle.  The remnants of his 25 Army that were reportedly clearing out from HOLLAND are almost certain to be cut off and gradually decimated.  Another bag has been formed between the Dutch frontier and the R.WESER by 7 Armd Div and 53 (W) Div, both of which have units on the river's WEST bank SOUTH of BREMEN.


10th April 1945

As a finale No 3 Sqn of the Grenadiers has played a comparatively minor role in clearing the woods in 1933 and 2034.  This will definitely be the Bn's last offensive act for a short time.  Meanwhile, starting at 1600 hrs, 15 (S) Div took the other two bns with them Eastwards to take over the advance from 6 Airborne Div.  With bridges over the LEINE the way is now open to CELLE and the last major obstacle before the ELBE, the R.ALLER.  The allotment of troops will be as usual.  46 Bde will have 4 Tk Coldm Gds in support and 227 Bde 3 Tk SG.  HANOVER has been occupied by 84 Div of the Ninth US Army.


11th April 1945

15 (S) Div with the two tank bns have swanned on.  The advance is being made on two CLs; Right, 46 Bde with the Coldstream Guards on road RESSE 2835 - BISSENDORF - GR BURGWEDEL - ENGENSEN - CELLE, and Left, 227 Bde with the Scots Guards, BRELINGEN 3241 - MELLENDORF - FUHRBERG - CELLE.  By 2000 hrs the force on the right had reached RAMLINGEN 5337 and on the left the Scots Guards crossed the railway at 550480 in the SW suburbs of CELLE.  Enemy resistance continues light but obstructions in the shape of roadblocks and cratering have prevented complete freedom of movement.  The occasional band of infantrymen armed with rifles and bazookas is also inducing some caution.  We still find no enemy order of battle we can get our teeth into.  Bde HQ is now at FUHRBERG which it reached this evening after an all day drive.  To-night the advance continues.


12th April 1945

Early this morning the party on the left entered CELLE and took over.  The Coldstream with 46 Bde found their way completely barred by blown brs and craters and so have doubled back, turned NORTH and joined the Scots Guards C.L. at FUHRBERG.  CELLE was occupied eventually with little difficulty and the town remains very little damaged.  Bde HQ moved in this afternoon at 1400 hrs.  At 1900 hrs the leading tanks of 4 Tk Coldm Gds entered CELLE after their enforced diversion.  Tonight the Div is concentrating in a bridgehead won over the R.ALLER, preparatory to continuing up the axis to UELZEN.


13th April 1945

Advancing on three C.Ls, right part of 46 Bde and two sqns 4 Tk Coldm Gds, centre 227 Bde and 3 Tk SG and left remainder of 46 Bde and Coldm Gds, the Div has made further progress NE in the direction of UELZEN to reach the line of the 80 Easting and HÖSSERINGEN 8076, RÄBER 8087 and BAHNSEN 8084 have been cleared.  Some small groups of SS personnel have been encountered during the day, some of whom had received orders that they were to remain within striking distance of our axis after our columns had passed.  This is the first sign of organised guerilla tactics we have so far come across, but as yet there is little sign of their being put into operation.  Otherwise the day's battle had been a repetition of the old story.  Bde HQ moved up along the main CELLE - UELZEN road behind 15 Div HQ as far as ESCHEDE 6962 where it is spending the night.  The civilian population of this small town seem quite indifferent about our coming.  Here, again, large numbers of Poles, Belgians and Russians were 'liberated' from their duties as farm hands - they have, on occasion, shown us great enthusiasm in their welcome.


14th April 1945

There is every indication now that UELZEN is going to prove a stumbling block.  German troops from the chemical warfare schools in CELLE have been falling back on UELZEN supported by some S.P. guns.  In addition, fresh troops (mostly flak personnel) from the other side of the ELBE have been rushed up with orders to defend the place.  The Scots Guards, operating without 10 HLI and 2 Gordons of 227 Bde, have made excellent progress on the left, only to be stopped in the outskirts of the objective in VEERSSEN by a tenacious and determined enemy force.  Some Mk IV SP guns were seen and hits scored on them but with very little effect.  Since dusk, several bazooka attacks have been made against individual tanks, resulting in some casualties and three Churchills KOd.  The infantry are opposed at every step by heavy small arms fire.  46 Bde with 4 Tk Coldm Gds have during the day concentrated all their efforts on the right CL.  This group has tonight settled in area NETTELKAMP 9197 - BORNE 8883.


15th April 1945

0400 - In the early hours of this morning a daring enemy exploit nearly resulted in a disaster to the 46 Bde Gp.  'A' Sqn 15 Recce Regt, 2 Glas H and No 3 Sqn 4 Tk Coldm Gds, harbouring in area of NETTELKAMP, were surprised by a party of German infantry at least one coy strong and about 14 SP guns.  Before any kind of co-ordinated action could be taken, the enemy force had penetrated to the centre of the village and were raking the line of soft vehicles with fire.  Houses were set alight in which the infantry were resting and a great deal of damage done to personal and camp kit and some casualties suffered.  About 30 3-ton lorries were badly damaged or destroyed.  As soon as the whole harbour area was fully roused, however, reaction set in with a vengeance.  One NCO in comd of a troop of M.10 SP guns managed so to organise his vehicles that in a matter of minutes 12 enemy SPs had been knocked out from very close range.  The infantry too took heavy toll of the enemy force and by daylight the situation was largely restored.  The clearing of this area has continued until 1500 hrs this afternoon.  44 Bde has today moved up and taken over areas NIENDORF 9085, HALLIGDORF 9186 and HAMBROCK 9087, preparatory to their continuing the advance tomorrow with two sqns 4 Tk Coldm Gds under comd.


2200 - 227 Bde and 3 Tk SG, after consolidating on the line of the road 888888 - 894884 in VEERSSEN where resistance has undoubtedly been stiffest, began to pull out.  They are being relieved by 9 Cameronians of 46 Bde and one sqn 4 Tk Coldm Gds which will remain under comd.  The plan now has reached its second phase.  Tomorrow 6 Airborne Div, 6 Airlanding Bde leading, will advance from WRESTEDT 9082 - LEHMKE 9585 - RÄTZLINGEN 9790 thence Eastwards to the R.ELBE with 4 Tk Gren Gds under comd.  When the last-named village has been reached by the Airborne Div, 44 Bde with its two sqns of 4 Tk Coldm Gds begin an outflanking movement, passing to the EAST of UELZEN.


16th April 1945

1230 - 6 Airborne Div started off and by 1600 hrs had cleared LEHMKE and were heading out NE to RÄTZLINGEN with one sqn 4 Tk Gren Gds forward.  Opposition was slight.  The rebuff of the night 14/15 Apr seems to have dissuaded the enemy from any further aggressiveness in this sector.  At 2300 hrs 44 Bde began active patrolling from HALLIGDORF 9186 EAST and SE confirming 6 Airlanding Bde's reports of negligible resistance.


17th April 1945

0400 - This morning 44 Bde cleared and occupied GR LIEDERN 9288.  6 Airborne Div and the Grenadiers had by first light absorbed RÄTZLINGEN 9790 and by 1000 hrs were in RIESTEDT 9593.  44 Bde are now closing in on UELZEN from the EAST while 6 Airborne Div are completing the ring to the NORTH where a link-up with troops of 11 Armd Div is expected shortly.


18th April 1945

With UELZEN now almost completely surrounded - to the WEST is 11 Armd Div, to the EAST 44 Bde and to the NORTH 6 Airborne Div - 15 (S) Div began to close in and mop up.


0630 - 46 Bde with Nos 2 and 3 Sqns 4 Tk Coldm Gds have cleared the town from the SOUTH, making contact with 44 Bde and No 1 Sqn (across the ILMENAU stream), who were early this morning established in the Eastern suburbs.  This evening the town blazed and in spite of its complete isolation prior to the finale, yet snipers and bazooka parties lingered in the wreckage until each individual had been winkled out.  It appears that Pz Div CLAUSEWITZ has been withdrawn, possibly across the railway bridge at 885338, leaving 20 Cav Repl Bn behind in UELZEN to put up some kind of fight.  The Coldstreams are now reconcentrated immediately South of UELZEN in area 8988 with the prospect of a night's sleep before moving up with 46 Bde on the next stage to the ELBE tomorrow.


19th April 1945

11 Armd Div has made extremely rapid progress Northwards to the River.  Early this morning 1 Cheshires were in LÜNEBURG and patrols of Inns of Court had motored almost up to the river bank.  227 Bde with 3 Tk SG after their 48 hrs rest went forward, keeping EAST of the UELZEN - LÜNEBURG railway, with 15 (S) Recce operating as a protective screen on their right and with nothing more than isolated rearguard parties of infantry to oppose them, have reached SCHARNEBECK 8525.  4 Tk Gren Gds will now come under comd the new arrivals from Italy - 5 (Brit) Div.


20th April 1945

1100 - Bde HQ moved to SCHARNEBECK 8525.  The enemy on this side of the ELBE is rapidly thinning out.  Our chief opponents during the last few days, Pz Div CLAUSEWITZ, have been recommitted against Ninth US Army's MAGDEBURG salient and we shall not be troubled again by them.  For the rest, 11 Armd Div, on our left, and 15 (S) Div have cleared up all the major pockets of resistance on this bank in their sectors.  46 Bde and the Coldstream completed this task today, bringing in another 100 PW to add to their bag.  It remains for 5 (Brit) Div to clear the stretch of river bank from BLECKEDE 0026 to the 12 Easting.  5 Div Recce have already done extremely well.  The Div left axis is reported by them to be almost clear.  There should be little difficulty tomorrow.  After their release from 46 Bde 4 Tk Coldm Gds moved SOUTH to the reconcentration area.  They are now at ALTENMEDINGEN 9207.


21st April 1945

The Bde is now reconcentrated less 4 Tk Gren Gds with possibly a week's rest before it.


1000 - Bde HQ moved to SECKLENDORF 9205, 3 Tk SG to BEVENSEN 9001.  4 Tk Gren Gds and 5 Div have encountered little opposition.  It is clear that the enemy has evacuated what he can across the river leaving little more than a few groups of unenthusiastic infantry of, at most, bn strength to check our advance where possible.  One sqn 4 Tk Gren Gds are in SE outskirts of BLECKEDE.


22nd April 1945

4 Tk Gren Gds and 5 Div have cleared BLECKEDE and the riverbank Eastwards exclusive of a small pocket of resistance at NEU DACHAU 1019 and some scattered remains totalling perhaps 200 men in the GÖHRDE Forest.  The tanks are now to be released and will rejoin us in the conc area, I Sqn and the Bn "A" Ech have already arrived at their new location in BEVENSEN.  The remainder follow tomorrow morning.  From the rest of the Bde there is little to report.  A few PW have been picked up in our area by local protection patrols.  Admin Area has moved to UELZEN.


23rd April 1945

4 TK GREN GDS are now complete in BEVENSEN.  Otherwise NTR.


24th April 1945

Plans are going ahead for an assault crossing of the R.ELBE by troops of 8 Corps.  It seems probable that we shall follow in our break-out role on the heels of 15 (S) Div and I CDO BDE and u/c 5 (BRIT) Div.


25th April 1945

Detailed news of the new RUSSIAN offensive isolating BERLIN and driving NW is eagerly awaited.  The progress of Marshal ZHUKOV forces will effect the timing of our ELBE crossing.  The BBC is still cautious.  It is clear that a link up between US 1st Army and Marshal KONIEV's troops advancing on DRESDEN is imminent.  NTR for the Bde.


26th April 1945

Reports have reached us that a US fmn has contacted troops of the RUSSIAN Army in area TORGAU and it is rumoured that spearheads of ZUKHOV's columns having bypassed BERLIN to the north are less than 50 miles from 8 Corps troops on the ELBE.  It seems probable that ops ENTERPRISE and VOLCANO the establishment and break-out from an ELBE brhead in our sector will be speeded up.  "D" Day is now 29th April instead of 1st May.  Outline of plan for ops ENTERPRISE and VOLCANO.  In the early hours of "D" Day after a preliminary arty bombardment by 400 guns. 15 (S) DIV with 1 CDO BDE u/c will assault the ELBE line between LAUENBURG 8734 and ARTLENBURG 8334.  After the consolidation of the brhead a Class 40 br will be constructed at ARTLENBURG and a Class 9 br at LAUENBURG.  Over these the brhead will be reinforced preparatory to a break-out and advance on LUBECK.  The Corps is to advance north, 5 (BRIT) DIV rt (4 TK GREN GDS and 3 TK SG u/c) 11 ARMD DIV left.  For details of Allotment of troops and the Bde role see Appendix "D", Op Instr No.1. dated 27th April 1945.


27th April 1945

NTR of ops on the Corps front.  Planning for ops ENTERPRISE and VOLCANO continues.


28th April 1945

News from all fronts is excellent.  While BERLIN is being gradually reduced by the combined efforts of Marshals ZUKHOV and KONIEV and the Southern REDOUBT threatened from 3 sides.  Our own attention is constantly on the RUSSIAN advance into MECKLENBURG.  No details are confirmed but it seems probable by all reports, that both NEUBRANDENBURG and NEUSTRELITZ are in RUSSIAN hands.


29th April 1945

0200 hrs this morning OP ENTERPRISE began.  15 (S) DIV (I CDO BDE rt, 44 BDE left) successfully forced a crossing of the R. ELBE between LAUENBURG 8734 and ARTLENBURG 8334.  Little opposition has been encountered and tonight the whole of 15 (S) DIV is over.  LAUENBURG has been cleared and the br in 8935 taken intact.  To the WEST of the brhead 227 BDE are in TESTERHUDE and GRUNHOF.  In the north 44 BDE have occupied WIERSHOF and GUTZKOW while 46 BDE are in LUTAU.  Work has been begun on the brs and in spite of intervention by 12 FW 190 (10 of which were shot down) the Cl 9 br is now ready and the Cl 40 br will be open by 1200 hrs tomorrow.  Approx 1200 PW have been taken.


30th April 1945

Last night 82 US A/B Div (XVIII US Corps) crossed the river a few miles upstream from the 8 Corps brhead at BLECKEDE.  The enemy was taken completely by surprise and succeeded in inflicting only one slight cas.  This new brhead is expanding rapidly.  505 INF REGT already have troops at 0231.  Meanwhile further west there has been a continuous stream of heavy traffic across the brs.  4 TK CG are now over with I Sqn u/c of each Inf Bde of 15 (S) DIV.  Although the tanks have not yet been committed in battle, the Div has continued to improve the brhead situation.  It now has a minimum depth of 6 miles.  On the rt 6 A/B DIV less 5 PARA BDE with 15 BDE of 5 (BRIT) DIV u/c have taken over 1 CDO BDE's original sector and with them have gone 2 Sqns 4 TK GREN GDS.  To-night HQ 4 TK GREN GDS is established at BASEDOW 8939, 4 TK CG at 826395.



Month and year : May 1945

Commanding Officer : Brigadier W.D.C. Greenacre, M.V.O.


1st May 1945

Place: B.L.A.


As news comes in from all quarters and with every B.B.C. bulletin that Germany is in the initial stages of complete and final collapse, the Bde, still under comd 8 Corps, is assisting in the round-up between the R.ELBE and the BALTIC.  From the Western half of the Corps bridgehead 11 Armd Div have today begun their breakout drive Northwards to LÜBECK.  Delayed by road blocks and a blown bridge at SAHMS 8551 they have yet advanced about 5 miles to the line of the 56 grid Northing.  To the EAST 5 Div with 1 and 3 Sqns 4 Tk Gren Gds under comd have now prepared their jumping-off line by expanding the bridgehead perimeter to the railway.  Shelling of the bridge sites has now practically ceased but 4 Tk Coldm Gds report that they had some cas while crossing last night from this cause.  Tonight while Bde HQ was in the process of harbouring at MELBECK 7812 at the first stage in the move of 3 Tk S.G., No 2 Sqn 4 Tk Gren Gds and ourselves across the ELBE, the news was broadcast that Hitler is dead.


2nd May 1945

This has been a thoroughly successful day as far as ops on the Corps front are concerned.  11 Armd Div has taken LÜBECK.  5 Div is poised with forward troops about 4 miles SW of the town preparatory to taking over.  6 Airborne Div has reached the BALTIC at WISMAR to the EAST and 82 US Div from XVIII Corps on right of 8 Corps is within a few miles of ROKOSSOVSKY's army in the area of SCHWERIN.  15 (S) Div with 4 Tk Coldm Gds have broadened the bridgehead with advance to BÖRNSEN 6945, AUMÜHLE 7151 and ROTHENBEK 7556.  A very large number of PW have been taken, as yet uncounted but estimated at 25,000 including 5 generals.  The Chief of Staff of Army Group NORTH today made application at HQ 15 (S) Div for his comd, Gen BLUMENTRITT to visit Comd Second Army tomorrow to negotiate further surrenders.  The Bde column has moved up during the day across the ELBE, Bde HQ leaving MELBECK at 0515 hrs this morning.  Progress has been extremely slow as the mass of traffic, queued up at the bottleneck in ARTLENBURG was gradually filtered through.  We arrived at the crossroads in 8859 at 2045 where HQ spent the night.


3rd May 1945

The Army's main problem from now on has become the disposal of the thousands of PW and the repatriation of PWX who are now streaming in to all units throughout the sector.  Negotiation is now the method and in this all German comds are co-operating with zeal and efficiency.  Today at LÜNEBURG Gen BLUMENTRITT has been in conference with the Army Comd.  HAMBURG and KIEL have both surrendered while units of 11 Armd Div are motoring up into SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN.  BERLIN is in Russian hands and Marshal ROKOSSOVSKY has contacted units of 6 Airborne Div in area ROSTOCK.  It would appear that the Bde has destroyed its last strongpoint and battered through its last enemy defence line.  None of our units have been involved operationally during the last 24 hours.  All eyes are now on the Comds-in-Chief and the B.B.C. has once again become our main source of information.  In a minor adjustment of dispositions, Bde HQ has moved into the village of NIENDORF.


4th May 1945

Tonight we heard that the Northern group of armies operating on the German mainland had surrendered.  While the debacle spreads and increases in virulence throughout the country.  This is for the Bde the end of OVERLORD and we are now preparing for op ECLIPSE.  The Bde Comd, B.M. and Staff Captain attended a conference on the subject at HQ 8 Corps this afternoon.  The Bde will shortly move to its occupation area.  We have been allotted the KREIS of PLÖN on the BALTIC, EAST of KIEL.


5th May 1945

1500 -  The Bde Comd held a conference for all unit Comds to explain our role from now on as occupying forces.  Orders were issued for the initial tasks of the Bde in op ECLIPSE.  Army Group G in the SOUTH opposite US Seventh and French First Armies has now been compelled by the meeting of Allied forces through the BRENNER PASS to surrender.  There remains now a central group of German forces in CZECHOSLOVAKIA still facing destruction.


6th May 1945

The move into the Bde occupation district will be done under conditions of normal non-operational moves.  Recce parties will probably leave tomorrow to prepare for main bodies following 2 days or so later.  There is at present no move for any troops under comd 8 Corps beyond the LÜBECK-HAMBURG autobahn.


7th May 1945

The move of Recce parties has been postponed and we received final instructions from 8 Corps about a move tomorrow.  Recce parties from the Bns, Services and Bde HQ will leave LÜBECK at 1000 hrs.


8th May 1945

At 0002 hrs this morning a "Cease Fire" was ordered throughout EUROPE.  Our VE Day has been one of the most difficult in the Bde's service history.  A committee headed by a German Naval Captain met the recce column in the outskirts of PLÖN and it was clear that the local service authorities were prepared to cooperate to the best of their ability.  Bn parties left the main column at this point for their own areas while the Bde HQ party began preparations for future occupation of the SCHLOSS in PLÖN itself.  Throughout the KREIS the accommodation problem is acute.  There has been a 300% increase in population in the last six weeks due to the vast civilian exodus from E.PRUSSIA and MECKLENBURG while the remnants of the German Army had also been squeezed into what was the last available corner.


9th May 1945

Place: Plön


Orders have been received at this HQ today that in spite of all the well-laid plans, HQ 8 Corps will take over SCHLOSS.  There is so much ground to cover before the full size of our ECLIPSE task can be estimated that so far only the domestic arrangements have fully occupied the day.  For our immediate use houses and camps have had to be cleared of thousands of civilians, refugees and Wehrmacht troops (Bde HQ has had to find fresh accommodation for 1,500 bodies including 350 Hungarian women who had been living during their trek Westwards under appalling conditions and are now half-starved).


10th May 1945

There seems to be little zeal in either the local population or the German services to hinder the British authorities.  Reports have come in from each of the bns of slight civilian disturbances.  The Russian elements in the Southern part of the Kreis have been responsible for some outbursts involving theft and three or four murders.  More German troops have arrived at KIEL prior to passing through the KREIS to 1 Cdo Bde area under escort provided by 4 Tk Gren Gds and 3 Tk S G.  This means the Bde will have to provide food and encampments for 15,000 men during the next three days.


11th May 1945

A German Kommandant has now been selected from the troops in this area to run a central organisation under the Bde Comd's directions for the movement, collection and eventual disposal of all enemy service personnel.  Oberst SEIFERT has now established a HQ in PLÖN and will daily attend a conference held by G.S.O. III at this HQ.  Our first task will be to establish the whereabouts of German formations and units in the area, assess their size and security value and reconcentrate them to facilitate management later.  Stragglers are to be collected daily and marched to the neighbouring District EAST of us, occupied by 1 Cdo Bde.


12th May 1945

1000 - Bde HQ began the move down into RUHLEBEN Barracks.  The day has been spent settling in and arranging for the disposal of the former barrack staff.  Bde will keep certain personnel essential for the maintenance of the camp, boilermen, electricians, hairdressers and a number of civilians who were formerly employed by the German Navy will be retrained.  Owing to the numbers of WEHRMACHT personnel at present in SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN, the Bde area is to be drastically reduced in size and allocation of troops adjusted accordingly.


13th May 1945

1700 - At a conference held by the Bde Comd for COs the next stage in the disposal of DPs and PW was explained (for details see "Notes for Bde Comd's Conference).  RUHLEBEN Barracks will henceforth be known as CHURCHILL Barracks.


14th May 1945

The Barracks guard-room now has some distinguished occupants.  They include the former Kommandant of CRANIENBURG Concentration Camp, his wife and mother-in-law, 2 Gestapo agents, 3 high ranking SS officials and a multitude of civilian suspects that the Bde is looking after for the FSP.


15th May 1945

Orders have been received from Corps HQ that all Wehrmacht troops excl Fd-Marshal BUSCH's HQ, Corps SAUBERZWEIG, Luftwaffe, naval personnel, will leave the area tomorrow for a PW zone that includes the OLDENBURG peninsula, LÜTJENBURG and the SELENTER SEE ("PW Area 'F'" on map).


16th May 1945

This has not been a satisfactory beginning to the evacuation.  Less than 1,500 men out of a total of 2,500 have passed the two checkpoints set up by the Grenadiers at PASSAU and the Scots Guards at MALENTE.  This would appear to be the result of misunderstood instructions from our patrols directing the stream along the roads.


17th May 1945

By dint of reorganisation of road and frontier patrols, the evacuation of PW has been more successful today.  There are possibly only another 700 bodies to go.


18th May 1945

A Staff Captain (Eclipse), Captain J.D.W. STOBART, Gren Gds, has been appointed to deal with problems concerning the repatriation of Displaced Persons.  The process of rounding up and directing the remaining stragglers of German PW through the checkpoints continues.  This has certain obvious difficulties, the greatest being the complete distribution of the necessary instructions throughout the area.  In this Col SEIFERT's staff are requiring a great deal of direct assistance from the staff of this HQ.  The Corps Comd has visited the Bns today.  He lunched with the Bde Comd and the 3 Bn Comds at the Officers' Mess in the Churchill Barracks.


19th May 1945

The next task is the repatriation of some 7,000 Russians.  The Grenadiers have clearly the greatest problem in this respect - they have 4,000 in their area, the Coldstream 1,000, the Scots 2,000.  It has now been announced that the Bde is to return to the Gds Armd Div.  Under this formation and 1 Corps, we shall resume the role of infantry troops.  The move Westwards to the RHINELAND, shortly to be taken over by the Corps, will take place about 15 June.


20th May 1945

The collection of the Russian PWX and Displaced Persons progressed apace.  The camps recently evacuated by the Germans are being occupied.  This will be a lengthy and difficult business.


21st May 1945

The size of the Displaced Persons problem has now been assessed.  In the course of the next 7 days 2,000 French and Belgians will be evacuated Westwards.  1,000 will go by air, the remainder in transport provided by Corps.


22nd to 24th May 1945



25th May 1945

7,000 Russians have now been evacuated Eastwards.  The Bde area is clear of a further 200 mixed D.Ps (male and female) who have been removed to Mil Govt's camps outside the area.


26th May 1945



27th May 1945

Three Russian officers from ROKOSSOVSKY's Army with whom we have had dealings in connection with the repatriation of Russians were entertained at this HQ by the Bde Comd this evening.


28th May 1945

Small groups of German Army troops are still being rounded up all over the district and despatched into the PW area.  There are obviously going to be labour problems shortly if the farms are to remain productive.  A scheme known as BARLEYCORN comes into operation 4 Jun 45 which allows for the quick release from the PW zone of a number of German troops with temporary papers.  This is designed to ease the situation.


29th May 1945

In the process of cleansing the district of undesirable persons the Bde has so far been extremely successful.  The central guardroom of 19 cells has been filled every night now for the last 2½ weeks.  Some 30 ortsgruppenleiters have been arrested and disposed of and 10 Gestapo agents apart from the mixed bag that has been picked up by arrangement with 53 FS Sec.


30th May 1945



31st May 1945

It is now decided that 4 Armd Bde will be taking over from us when we leave for the Guards Armoured Division.  Representatives are expected to be visiting this HQ during the coming fortnight to arrange the handover.  The date of the move to area COLOGNE will probably be, for the main parties, 17 Jun 45.







Lt.Col. Lord TRYON    4 Tk Gren Gds.

Lt.Col. C.I.H. DUNBAR    3 Tk SG.

Major G.E. PIKE, MBE.    4 Tk Gren Gds.



Major. C.O.M. FARRELL    3 Tk SG.

Lieut. G.F. ANSON    4 Tk Coldm Gds.

Lieut. M.C. WOODALL    4 Tk Coldm Gds.

Lieut. A.R.G. STEVENSON    3 Tk SG.

Lieut. D.W. SCOTT-BARRETT    3 Tk SG.



2659663 Sgt. C. LOWE    4 Tk Coldm Gds.



2661097 Sgt. F.A. SHARP    4 Tk Coldm Gds.

2612026 Sgt. G.H. HANKS    4 Tk Gren Gds.

2694192 Sgt. L. AITKEN    3 Tk SG.

2031321 Sgt. A. MULLIGAN    4 Tk Gren Gds.

2618617 Sgt. A.T. HERITAGE    4 Tk Gren Gds.



Lt.Col. C.I.H. DUNBAR, DSO.    3 Tk SG.

Major I.J. CROSTHWAITE    4 Tk Gren Gds.

Captain P.E.G. BALFOUR    3 Tk SG.

Lieut. R. CARR-GOMM    4 Tk Coldm Gds.

2610382 RSM. A. SPRATLEY    4 Tk Gren Gds.

2660360 MQMS. R. REILEY    4 Tk Coldm Gds.

2694683 SSM. J. TODD    3 Tk SG.