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Month and year : March 1945

Commanding Officer : Major D.J. Bradley, RASC


1st March 1945

Place: Heuchin


Comp Pl & PP kept busy.  Trg of non-drivers and general fitness for Coy under way today.  Weather fine, inclined to rain.


2nd March 1945

Place: Heuchin


Baths for unit commenced - 90 personnel per day.  Currency exchanged for unit personnel.  O.C. recce'd new location, BETHUNE area - present one far from satisfactory.


3rd March 1945

Place: Heuchin


2 IC and Advance Party left for new location, Noueux Les Mines.  AFs W 3008 & 3009 despatched.  Recreational trg for Coy in afternoon.  Weather fine.


4th March 1945

Place: Heuchin


Coy moved to new area.  OC attended conference at Div HQ.  Weather fine all day - heavy rain in evening.


5th March 1945

Place: Noueux Les Mines


Billeting at last location cleared - no complaints from the Mairie.  Trg programmes on Pl basis commenced, Physical Fitness the keynote.  Pet Ps still working to full capacity.  Two Officers left for 48 hrs in PARIS.  Weather fine.


6th March 1945

Place: Noueux Les Mines


Training continues.  Nothing untoward happening.  ENSA show in ARRAS for the troops.  Baths for part of the Unit.  Comp pl continue to supply Div.  Weather fine.


7th March 1945

Place: Noueux Les Mines


Training continues.  Life still very quiet.  Pay Parade today.  Weather fine.  More personnel proceeded on 48 hr leave.  Pet P working steadily.


8th March 1945

Place: Noueux Les Mines


Canteen sups picked up from BIS ROUBAIX.  Trg continues - night drive tonight for 'B' Pl.  Played local team at football - we lost 2-0, very clean and keen game.  Picture show in local cinema for troops.  Weather inclined to rain.


9th March 1945

Place: Noueux Les Mines


15 vehs on Ordnance detail for 3 days.  Major A.C. Bille-Top (2 IC CRASC) inspected unit.  Trg continues.  Weather fine.


10th March 1945

Place: Noueux Les Mines


Trg continues.  Comp Pl and Pet P functioning well - no trouble in that direction.  Educational visits arranged for Vimy Ridge.  AFsW 3008 and 3009 despatched.


11th March 1945

Place: Noueux Les Mines


Church Parade this morning.  OC attended conference at Div HQ.  Trg continued on Pl basis.  2 IC recce'd suitable spot for TEWT on Wednesday next - Move of Coy into location and defence.


12th March 1945

Place: Noeux Les Mines


OC proceeded to HQ 21 Army Group, Brussels, to discuss details of POL etc for forthcoming Op.  Tpt details commenced again - operating for 12 L of C Area.  Trg Programme on Pl basis, as per appended instructions.  2 Lt B.A. Coombs reported to Unit - O IC 716 Pl attached.  Weather fine.


13th March 1945

Place: Noeux Les Mines


Tpt details for 12 L of C cancelled wef today.  Compo Packs (2 days reserve) picked up from GHENT.  ENSA show in location for unit and Cinema in evening.  Trg programme continued.  Weather fine.


14th March 1945

Place: Noeux Les Mines


2nd Line Petrol picked up by 'B' Pl.  16 vehs despatched to O.F.P. for stores carrying.  Trg continues.  Weather fine.


15th March 1945

Place: Noeux Les Mines


TEWT this morning - down to and including Section NCOs.  OC attended conference at CRASC in morning and Div HQ conference in afternoon.  Return Football match with local team, lost again 3-2.  Cinema show in evening for unit.  Weather fine.


16th March 1945

Place: Noeux Les Mines


OC lectured Coy on forthcoming moves etc., ref security and to put men in picture as far as possible.  Coy route march this afternoon, very smart turn-out.  'B' Pl prepared for move, painted out all signs - but move postponed.  OC attended conference at CRASC 1730 hrs.  Weather fine.


17th March 1945

Place: Noeux Les Mines


AFsW 3008 & 3009 despatched.  Trg continued.  Played local Polish miners at Football, drew 2-2.  Weather fine.  Remnants of CRASC (LE) came under comd.


18th March 1945

Place: Noeux Les Mines


Trg continued.  OC attended conference at Div HQ.  Football against another local team this afternoon.  'B' Pl route march.  Everything still very quiet.


19th March 1945

Place: Noeux Les Mines


Coy ordered to move, preparatory to forthcoming operation.  Operation order appended.  All signs appertaining to Airborne, personnel and vehicle - removed or obliterated.  2 IC and Advance Party proceeded to new area - WEERT.


20th March 1945

Place: Noeux Les Mines


Coy moved to bivouac area SONNIS - for night only.  Billeting cleared at Noeux Les Mines.


21st March 1945

Place: Sonnis


Coy moved to new location TONGERLOO.  2 IC and OC attended various conferences at Div HQ & CRASC ref forthcoming op.  2 IC and Advance Party departed for new location in GERMANY.


22nd March 1945

Place: Tongerloo


Coy moved to GERMANY.  HQ at AENGENESCH.  Slow move owing to congestion on roads.  750 Compo Packs obtained from 12 Corps - balance of reserve rations.  Preparations made for establishment of Adv HQ at Div Dumps of POL and Sups.


23rd March 1945

Place: Aengenesch


W/T Signal exercise held 1000 hrs at ST 8 Corps (Rear) HQ - 1 Offr 2 ORs attended.  Maj Gen Gale passed through Aengenesch, stopping for a few moments at 'B' Pl lines.  Adv HQ est at MR Sheet Q1/073343 - Capt Woolley IC.  Capt Tunnicliffe and party moved forward to prepare dumps POL and Sups for ferrying over Rhine to Airborne troops.  Heavy aerial bombardment by RAF over Rhine to NE of this location during the night.


Place: Q1/072345


1800 - Tac HQ established under comd of 2 IC with Adm Capt & Comp Capt.  No 1 dump for supply of POL and Sups to Airborne elements of Op Varsity/Plunder.  Dumps taken over from 398 Coy RASC.  Weather fine - sunshine all day.


24th March 1945

Place: Aengenesch


Heavy artillery barrage observed over the Rhine at two points, NE and E of this location, before first light.  Dakotas in large numbers (troop-carrying) passed over going NE about 0930 hrs, followed by others towing gliders.  Airborne berets and signs resumed in this Coy when gliders had gone in.  Two American paratroopers baled out near this location from a returning Dakota.  Taken in charge by American M.Ps.  Transport provided for occupants of several gliders which had crash-landed this side of the Rhine.  A Liberator, returning from supply mission crashed in American amn dump E of this location.  Dump exploded shortly afterwards.  AFsW 3008 & 3009 despatched.


Place: Q1/072345


No calls for POL or Sups today.  Day spent in organising HQ - Cam dumps, general maint of dumps and recceing area.  Weather fine - sunshine all day.  Slight enemy air activity at night, no incidents within camp area.


25th March 1945

Place: Aengenesch


Large formations of heavy bombers observed, flying in NE direction, about 0900 hrs.  Information received, light bridge est 2 Army sector, and instructions received from CRASC to send forward 30 vehs (13 POL, 17 COMPO) complied with.  3,200 Compo Packs collected by 2 Lt Miller.  Enemy aircraft machine gunned this area several times during the night.  Three observed shot down in flames by AA fire.  No casualties to personnel of this Coy.


Place: Q1/072345


No heavy calls for Sups and POL today - advance going very well.  Few DUKWs loaded - but demands nothing like as expected.


26th March 1945

Place: Aengenesch


HQ RASC moved forward to new location.  Weather broke, thunder & rain.  Warning order received for move of Coy E of Rhine.


Place: Q1/072345


Owing to rapidity of advance, entire stocks of No.1 Dump ferried over the Rhine to No.2.  Personnel kept extremely busy for 24 hrs.  Weather fine - slight rain - inclined to thunder.


27th March 1945

Place: Aengenesch


Party from No.1 Supply Dump reported back after closing of dumps.  Tpt kept extremely busy collecting Sups & POL and ferrying over to No.2 Dump.  Coy moved to new location E of Rhine with exception of small rear party - Area WESEL.  Weather fine but inclined to rain.


Place: Q1/072345


No 1 dump closed down and personnel returned to Coy HQ.  Stocks at No.2 Dump frozen, and put in reserve, as normal maintenance commenced today.  Weather - slight rain.


28th March 1945

Place: Wesel


Tpt kept very busy again - Pet Ps & stocking 122 DID with POL.  Rear Party arrived 0115 29th.  Recce by 2 IC for new location.  Warning order received to move.


29th March 1945

Place: Wesel


Coy moved again - area ERLE.  PP again established at usual place.  One Pl detached for Tp carrying - pl of 5 tonners reported and att from 19 Coy RASC.  Weather - rain.


30th March 1945

Place: Erle


Tpt of unit kept working to full capacity.  Sup Ps and Pet Ps est at Kl Raken P1/520548.  1800 Compo Packs picked up from 58 FMC and all unit tpt fully laden with POL and Sups.  Advance going extremely well.  No.2 Dump personnel returned to unit after clearance of dump by unit tpt.


31st March 1945

Place: Erle


Unit moved to Area ALTENBERGE P2/853832.  Sup P & PP established BILLERBECK 694757.  10 Germans POW surrendered to unit & sent to Div cage.  All ranks in good spirits with rapidity of advance - although very long hours of driving are being imposed on the drivers.  Further move up anticipated tomorrow.  AFsW 3008 & 3009 despatched.



Month and year : April 1945

Commanding Officer : Major D.J. Bradley, RASC


1st April 1945

Place: Altenberge


No move today - warning order, however, received for tomorrow; move Dortmund-Ems Canal area SCHMEDEHAUSEN.  Coy tpt again fully committed.  Weather - slight rain.  Compo Pt established NORDWALDE P2/825875.


2nd April 1945

Place: Altenberge


Coy moved to W Dortmund-Ems Canal at P2/975896.  Comp Pt est at P2/928885.  O.C. attended usual morning conference.  Slight delay in battle owing to bridge demolitions - otherwise no serious opposition being met.  30,000 gls pet being dumped at P.P. today for use of Div.  Weather - rain.


3rd April 1945

Place: Schmedehausen


Composite Pt est LADBERGEN Ch P2/9993.  Weather - heavy rain best part of day, making part of Div Axis practically impassable.  Wireless communication established with CRASC & 8 Corps rear.  Owing to heavy traffic in area, unable to pass messages.  No move tomorrow owing to bad state of roads.  Plenty of armour passing through location during the day.


4th April 1945

Place: Schmedehausen


No drawings today from FMC as FMC is on the move.  Composite Pt as usual at 128015.  20,000 gls POL lifted for 61 FMC.  Vehs still working to full capacity.  Weather generally fine - inclined to rain.  Coy packing during evening preparatory to move.


5th April 1945

Place: Wissingen


Coy moved to area WISSINGEN N2/325073.  Owing to rapidity of advance a further move in the afternoon to BLASHEIM N3/568122.  Comp Pt established at WISSINGEN.  POL collected from 61 FMC.  Weather - fine in morning, heavy rain in afternoon and evening.  Many POW surrendered to Unit at new location - 51 in all.


6th April 1945

Place: Blasheim


Composite Pt est at LUBBECK.  Major of Unit personnel had baths today.  Weather - heavy rain best part of day.  Tpt commitments again very heavy.  10 vehs desp for troop carrying of 5 Bde.


7th April 1945

Place: Blasheim


AFs W 3008 & 3009 despatched.  Weather fine and sunny.  Composite Pt est at HOLZHAUSEN II N3/748163.  Tps commitments again heavy.


8th April 1945

Place: Blasheim


Weather - fine.  Composite Pt est at LAHDE N3/868198.  Pt late owing to congestion over bridges.  Coy received orders to move area GORSTEN tomorrow; changed during night to area ALTENHAGEN N4/0928.


9th April 1945

Place: Altenhagen


Coy moved to ALTENHAGEN N4/0928.  Very good move & very little traffic on roads.  Composite Pl est at SACHSENHAGEN N3/042235.  Tpt off-loaded preparatory to performing 3rd line duties for 8 Corps.  Att pl re-directed from 3rd line duties to troop carrying of 3 Para Bde.


10th April 1945

Place: Altenhagen


BBP & PP est at Coy location - Unit continues to collect POL & Sups from 62 FMC.  Att 5 ton pl engaged on T.C. work.  Weather - sunshine all day.  Slight enemy air activity in evening, but no incidents in location.


11th April 1945

Place: Altenhagen


G.O.C. addressed part of Unit in general speech to elements of Div RASC this morning.  Expressed his appreciation of the good work put in to maintain the fighting troops during the period of advance.  BBP & PP again in Unit location.  Re-supply collected from 62 FMC.


12th April 1945

Place: Altenhagen


BBP & PP in Unit location.  Sups & POL collected from 62 FMC for last time.  Small dump est for 716 Coy RASC to enable that Unit to supply 3rd Para Bde garrison troops for CELLES.  'A' platoon standing by for T.C. of Div.  'B' platoon still away from Div doing T.C. work for 15 (S) Div.  2 i/c recced new location W of CELLE.  Majority of personnel bathed at local mines.  Weather - fine.


13th April 1945

Place: Altenhagen


BBP & PP at Unit location.  Sups & POL from 63 FMC today - area N of NEUSTADT.  Warning order received for move W of CELLE.  Weather - fine.  'A' platoon det for T.C. duties with Para Bdes.


14th April 1945

Place: Celle


AFs W 3008 & 3009 despatched.  Coy moved to CELLE N4/543479.  BBP & PP est at Coy location.  Weather - fine.  Sups collected from 63 FMC for last time.


15th April 1945

Place: Celle


Sup Pt & PP in Coy Location again.  BIS Sups collected from OSEDE.  'A' platoon returned from T.C.  11 vehs of T.C. for Cdn Para Bn.  Weather - fine.  'A' platoon reported enemy air activity - no casualties.


16th April 1945

Place: Celle


Sup P & PP est at ESCHEDE N4/689626.  Weather - sunshine all day.  Sups & POL from 64 FMC.  Warning order to move.  1 OR killed - 1 OR wounded through enemy strafing attack.


17th April 1945

Place: Breitenheese


Coy moved to area UELZEN M5/855746.  Sup P & PP est at BREITENHEESE X Rds M5/855744.  Weather fine.  Sups & POL collected from 64 FMC.


18th April 1945

Place: Breitenheese


Sup P & PP est at LEHMKE M5/955851.  Sups & POL collected from 64 FMC.  Weather - fine.  Coy prepared to move to KAHLSTORF M5/985857, but cancelled at last moment owing to area not being cleared of enemy & Para Bns in possession.


19th April 1945

Place: Breitenheese


Sup P & PP est at HANSTEDT II M5/972887.  Replenishment from 64 FMC.  Coy moved to area LEHMKE M5/953852.  HQ at 961858.  Enemy strafing of location this morning - one plane.  1 vehicle written off - 4 damaged - six casualties - 4 detained in MDS.  'B' platoon rejoined Unit.  Att platoon from 19 Coy RASC detached.  Weather - fine.  High wind.


20th April 1945

Place: Lehmke


Sup P est at LEHMKE.  PP at HANSTEDT II.  Replenishment from 64 FMC.  120 personnel of Unit had baths at MBU.  'A' platoon proceeded on Corps detail for 25 pdr.  Weather - fine.


21st April 1945

Place: Lehmke


Sup P & PP as yesterday.  Replenishment from 64 FMC.  Remainder of Coy bathed.  Weather - wind & rain.  'A' platoon still on Corps tpt details.


22nd April 1945

Place: Lehmke


AFs W 3008 & 3009 despatched.  Sup P & PP as yesterday.  Sup replenishment from 64 FMC.  No Pet replenishment.  Coy moved to new location in afternoon - TATENDORF M5/882981.  'C' platoon detached to assist 398 Coy to move - then to proceed for T.C. with 5 Para Bde.


23rd April 1945

Place: Tatendorf


Sup P & PP est at Unit location.  Day spent in settling in.  Anticipated stay of 5 - 6 days.  W/S platoon kept busy with minor repairs on vehs of 'B' platoon, who had a length stay with 15 (S) Div.


24th April 1945

Place: Tatendorf


Sup P & PP at Unit location.  Replenishment from 64 FMC.  CRASC inspected location in the afternoon.  Maintenance programme being carried out on available vehs & trg of further 20 m/m crews instituted.  Cinema show at LUNEBURG cancelled owing to presence of Typhus in town.


25th April 1945

Place: Tatendorf


Sup P & PP est at Unit location.  Replenishment from 64 FMC.  'A' platoon returned from Corps detail.  Pls engaged as far as tpt details permit, in getting vehs back into shape.


26th April 1945

Place: Tatendorf


Sup P & PP at Unit location again.  Replenishment from 64 FMC.  Captured enemy vehs inspected by Corps REME W/S.  All eight allocated to this Unit in good running order & roadworthy.  Film show at 398 location for 30 personnel of this Unit.  Baths for personnel in location.  Village now being shared with American 9 Army Troops.  Release Rolls received from O 2 E.


27th April 1945

Place: Tatendorf


Sup P & PP at Unit location.  Replenishment Sups from 64 FMC.  POL & bread from 65 FMC - LUNEBURG area.  6,000 gls extra MT 80 obtained from FMC - stocks for pending ops.  Cinema show in Unit location at 1730 & 2000 hrs.  4 x 3 ton loads of Compo packs despatched to 15 (S) DUKW dump.


28th April 1945

Place: Tatendorf


Sup P & PP at Coy location.  Replenishment POL from 65 FMC.  Sups from 64 FMC.  Inter-platoon football match in afternoon - good percentage of men had baths at MLBU during evening.  FFI for all personnel after tea.  AFs W 3008 & 3009 despatched.


29th April 1945

Place: Tatendorf


Sup P & PP at Coy location.  Replenishment from 65 FMC.  BIS Sups collected from LUNEBURG.  Coy received warning order to move to Div Concentration area prior to crossing the River ELBE - FORST MEDINGEN M5/893115.


30th April 1945

Place: Tatendorf


Sup P & PP at Coy location.  Replenishments from 65 FMC.  Coy moved in morning to concentration area.  First part of Coy to cross River ELBE - 33 vehs in all - Serial No 13 left location at 301030 B - eventually crossed at 010300 B.