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29th [March], 1300 hrs






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Month and year : March 1945

Commanding Officer : Lt Col G.C. Hopkinson DSO MC


7th March 1945

Place: 019382


During the morning NTR.


1400 - Bn commenced to move to area KLEINE MEERS (HOLLAND) 6064; purpose of the move was to enable the Bn to be trained in the use of DD equipment.


8th March 1945

Place: 603648


0900 - Bn arrived at KLEINE MEERS.  Immediate arrangements were made to commence DD training.


9th March 1945

Place: 603648


Bn commenced DD training.  Received 4 Armd Bde Training Instruction No.1.


10th March 1945

Place: 603648


DD Training.


11th March 1945

Place: 603648


DD Training.


12th March 1945

Place: 603648


DD Training.  Lt Col G.C. Hopkinson DSO MC rejoined Bn from Python leave and reassumed command.


13th to 21st March 1945

Place: 603648


DD Training.


22nd March 1945

Place: 603648


0630 - Bn wheels commenced to move to Concentration Area south of XANTEN 1141.  For security reasons all tks moved after dark, suitably sheeted and guarded.


Place: 108386


1400 - Bn wheels arrived at concentration area.


2300 - Bn tracks arrived at concentration area having made the journey on transporters.


23rd March 1945

Place: 108386


Received 9 CAMS Op Order No 4.  Received 4 Armd Bde Op Order No 24.


1500 - CO holds conference for all Officers and tk commanders.  Intention:- (a) To leave assembly area unless otherwise ordered at 0400 hrs on D Day.  (b) To cross the R. RHINE between 132422 and 126437, starting at 0600 hrs D Day, or earlier if it is light enough.  (c) Re-assemble in area 135441 with 7 SEAFORTHS and support 46 Bde in carrying out their tasks.  (d) To be prepared to support 44 Bde or 227 Bde East of the river if ordered.  (e) Be prepared to support 6 Air Borne Div if ordered.  Under command of Bn was two troops of Buffaloes; one troop from 11 R tks and one troop from ERY, and one Sherman Bulldozer.  In support of the Bn for the crossing were 'F' Bty 4 RHA, Detachment US Camouflage Coy and 6 Officers and 16 ORs, DD Instructors.


24th March 1945

Place: 108386


0400 - Bn moved off, order of march A, C, RHQ and B Sqns.


0515 - Bn complete in assembly area 125419, whilst waiting here three tks were rendered unfit for crossing owing to the DD equipment being damaged by shell splinters.


0545 - Bn moved forward to river bank and commenced crossing.  RHQ and A Sqn entered the river at 128422 and landed at 130426, B and C Sqns entered the river at 125432 landing at 128437.  The exits on the East bank of the river proved to be much better than had been thought from the study of air photos.


0710 - C Sqn had seven tks across the river but their exits were deteriorating, the 10th tk of C Sqn became bogged and the remainder of the Sqn landed at the Southern exit at 130426.


0758 - LO with 46 Bde reported that at present the position was rather obscure, and as yet no role had been allocated to the Bn.


0809 - OC A Sqn ordered to meet CO at 135434.


Place: 135428


0820 - By this time the whole of the unit was across the river with the exception of the three tks damaged on the West bank and one which went out of control in mid-stream.


0850 - RHQ location 135433.  OC's B and C Sqns ordered to report to HQ for orders.


0900 - A Sqn report that the Inf attack on VISSEL 136452 had been put forward 15 minutes. Later at -


0915 - reported that attack would start at 0950.


0935 - Inf with A Sqn were closing in on VISSEL and two troops of A Sqn fired on some houses in the village that were giving trouble.


0940 - The whole of A Sqn were by this time firing on VISSEL and at -


1000 - Inf and the tks moved into VISSEL, the enemy having surrendered shortly after the tks put in an appearance.  Approx 38 PW were taken.  Meanwhile B Sqn were ordered to move NE with two troops up, one troop going to 135447 and the other troop to 139451, at these points both troops would turn West and advance towards the bund [probable typing error for "bound"] at 130448 and 127453 respectively.  This was carried out successfully, opposition encountered being in the form of Enemy Inf with MG's or rifles, but immediately the tks fired these Enemy gave themselves up.  B Sqn continued advancing, clearing TREUDTEKATH 128464 and advancing on WOLFFSKATH 120460.


1150 - RHQ followed by C Sqn commenced to move.


1155 - B Sqn advancing on WOLFFSKATH, one troop was diverted to take VAH - 130464.  And by -


1205 - B Sqn were established in WOLFFSKATH with one troop in VAH - Approx 59 PW were taken.


1206 - RHQ location 127454.


1240 - Bde asked if it was possible for Bn to push on to its final objective, which was MEHR 1348, without waiting for the Inf who were engaged in the area JOCKERN 142447.  There was no objection to this, except that experience shows that enemy inf will not give themselves up to tks unaccompanied by inf.


1237 - B Sqn were given the task of advancing with, and shooting the Inf into LOHR 106475, this attack was timed to start at 1315 hrs.


1240 - B Sqn ordered to move forward from WOLFFSKATH and fire on the Northern part of the next objective which was OBERKAMP 123474; they were to inform RHQ immediately the bombardment ceased so that the Inf could 'swan' and capture the village.


1245 - A Sqn had by this time arrived in VAH - and a recce had gone forward to br at 125466.


1252 - A Sqn reported that the br was blown at 125466 and that MG fire indicated the presence of enemy in the vicinity.


1320 - C Sqn ordered to advance towards OBERKAMP 123473.  Inf with B Sqn had consolidated at 106475 and 106496.


1345 - B Sqn report that their last attack was not entirely successful, after being shelled by B Sqn the enemy retired to HAFFEN 1149 leaving some elts at 105498.


Place: 127454


RHQ moved to this location, C Sqn location 120460.


1430 - C Sqn moved off with the intention of advancing from WOLFSRATH 120460 North towards 120468, thence to 122469, across br 122470 and then due North towards 125486.  2 HLI were to be transported on the backs of the tks.  Almost immediate C Sqn were held up by MG's and snipers; MG's were effectively silenced and houses containing snipers were 'brewed up'.


1431 - B Sqn reported themselves ready to move with Inf on the backs of the tks.


1440 - C Sqn reported that the ground on the left of the rd was OK but that they were still occupied in dealing with MG's.


1505 - A Sqn ordered to move forward a little and eventually to advance on the left of C Sqn ie., north from 121477.


1515 - Shots were still coming from the houses that C Sqn had shot up, these were at 127481, further fire was brought to bear and no more trouble was experienced from this point.


1516 - RHQ moved behind A Sqn along the route taken by C Sqn.


1540 - C Sqn had reached the first crossing at 123477 and was continuing to advance, they reported that the going off the rd was bad and suggested that the remainder of the Bn remained on the rd.


1550 - Leading troops of C Sqn had reached 124482 and were being fairly hy stonked by our own arty; - Bde was informed and fire ceased.


1551 - Due to the bad going C Sqn had three tanks bogged; the leading troops had reached 128488 where it was held up by a tk obstacle, a further troop was employed in an attempt to find a way round.  SP's were reported in the area, these were flushed and engaged by C Sqn in the area 136489.  This was soon cleared up and Bn in the following order continued to advance:- C, A, RHQ and B Sqn, again C Sqn were held up by A/Tk ditch at 129489, this was covered by 2 SP's so the area was stonked.


1600 - The Inf with C Sqn took approx 68 PW.


1616 - A Sqn ordered to move on HAFFEN 1149.


1625 - The fwd troop of A Sqn entered HAFFEN and reported it clear.


1655 - A Sqn had occupied the Southern Half of HAFFEN and were consolidating round the X rds at 119492.


1712 - An attack by a formation to A Sqns NW was causing the enemy to retreat across A Sqns front, many targets were observed and engaged.


1715 - C Sqn were firmly established in area of A/Tk ditch at 129489, the Inf had decided not to advance any further but were sending out a patrol to investigate a rd block on the East side of the A/Tk ditch.


1720 - C Sqn reported that the Inf patrol had returned and the rd block was a wooden one and was mined.


1742 - By this time the Inf with A Sqn had been considerably reinforced and it was their intention to make firm in that area.


1800 - OC B Sqn reported to RHQ for orders.


1825 - An enemy patrol was observed advancing towards C Sqn area and at -


1840 - this had developed into a small counter attack but by -


1845 - the accurate and continual fire brought down by C Sqn and 'F' Bty 4 RHA had caused the enemy to withdraw.


1925 - A Sqn were ordered to collect and be prepared to move for the night.


1942 - The Inf and C Sqn were concerned over their position for the night; as they were very thin on the ground they requested the support of more tks, therefore at -


1955 - B Sqn were ordered to get into position to the west of the track running North from 124477.


1958 - C Sqn commenced to withdraw.


2140 - C Sqn leaguered in the same area as RHQ.  Whilst withdrawing 4 of C Sqns tks became bogged in the area 125488.  During the day Capt Sir F. COATES and 5 OR's wounded and evacuated.  During the night a strong enemy counter attack started, coming from the North East and overrunning coy of Inf in area 130490 and approached the C Sqn tanks at 125488, brewing one up.  The tp commander therefore decided to use the Brownings to thicken up the Inf in that area, accordingly these MG's were set up on their ground mountings and commenced firing; the enemy Inf however advanced to within 200x of the tks and the Tp Cmdr decided that as they were DD's to set fire to them, this was duly accomplished.


25th March 1945

Place: 128454


Orders:- At first light the Bn less one Sqn was to join 44 (L) Bde in the area 1549, one Sqn was to join 6 A/BORNE Div after first light.  CO was to meet the Bde Cmdr 44 (L) Bde in area 1446 at first light, the Bn, with the exception of the one Sqn that was going to 6 A/BORNE Div would be released by 46 Bde after last light and would have head of coln at 151469 at 0630 hrs on the 25th.  B Sqn was allocated to serve with 6 A/BORNE Div and was to be prepared to move at 0530 in support of 3 PARA BDE who were at 157470.  B Sqn were first to report to 6 A/BORNE Div HQ at 189478.  The intention was:- To advance North East using the rd 146496 - 194513 as a CL; cross the Autobahn running NW - SE and secure br over river at 203530.


0847 - Fwd Inf in carriers reported the rd clear of mines, Bn commenced to move.


0900 - Inf reported rd junc 168478 clear and at -


0901 - A Sqn at 168490 commenced to move fwd behind the Inf who were to clear the woods on the right, one troop being in support.


0950 - B Sqn arrived at 189497, one tk having gone up on a mine during the move.  Here they were ordered to come in support of 6 AIR LANDING BDE who were at 198486 and whose Bns were holding brs at 215505, 216500 and 212485, these were being counter attacked and stonked at regular intervals, but had some SP's in support.


Place: 163475


RHQ location.


Place: 170492


1010 - A Sqn reported that little opposition had been met and the Inf had taken approx 30 PW.


Place: 163475


1020 - RHQ location.  A Sqn had continued to advance up the axis to X Rds 170501, here the Inf deployed supported by one troop; the OP's tk on reaching 170498 had two or three AP fired at it, these were thought to come from the area 165493.  This area was hy engaged by the tks, the Sqn deploying to the left of the track; the steep bank and woods preventing them from deploying to the right, the area was also stonked by Arty.  One A/tk gun claimed as the result of this action.  In order to consolidate the X rds 3 Tp A Sqn, which was reserve troop, was ordered into the area North of the X rds: 3 troop commenced to move fwd but at approx -


1150 - was fired on by an SP or A/Tk gun when it had reached 170497.  One tk KO's, 1 OR killed, Lt H.L. FISHER and 1 OR wounded.  The bedding on the back of the tk behind was also set on fire.  As it was not clear from which area these shots had come a hy concentration of both Medium and Field Arty was brought down on 165494, 162499, 161497, 163502.  As no result was obtained by either the arty or tk fire, and the movement up the track had to go on, a smoke screen was laid the whole length of A Sqns left flank in order that proper dispositions might be taken up.  The Sqn then reorganized itself so that it was facing West from the area 170495 at 170502.


1245 - C Sqn passed through A Sqn with no shots being fired at them whilst in A Sqn area.


1250 - The leading tk of C Sqn was KO'd by an SP.  Meanwhile B Sqn had arrived at area 194495 where it was kept facing North in reserve, it remained in this posn all day.


1300 - A Sqn reported that when the smoke screen cleared the fire on the second tk at 170497 had been put out but the tk had not been able to move; an enemy gun or SP opened up on it with HE and killed several Inf round the tk, it then fired at the tk with AP until it 'brewed up'.  Again the suspected area was 162499 so this and others were again stonked.  One tk opened up with AP on what was believed to be the target but no visible results were obtained.


1302 - Despite opposition, which appeared to be centred along the rd running from rd and rly X ing at 159499 to the East, the original plan was still to be attempted and C Sqn were ordered to take the Inf on the backs of the tks and make a dash for the br at 183508.  A Sqn were to stonk the area of the rly and small town at 162499.


1330 - Leading Inf in carriers had reached track Xing at 186509.


1355 - Inf sent fwd a patrol to investigate suspected SP at 187505; the leading troop of C Sqn had by this time crossed the br and was approaching the Autobahn.  A Sqn were unable to follow C Sqn owing to fire from area 164500; and whilst an alternative was being worked out at -


1430 - One tk of A Sqn observed a lot of Inf movement and two vehicles in the area 166508.  These were engaged and the results thought to be very satisfactory.  Shortly after this the same tk spotted and KO'd an enemy SP at 165504.  A Sqn remained in this location for the rest of the day, targets in the area of high ground 163508 being engaged.


1450 - C Sqn were engaged by SA fire and were at first unable to locate the source.


1445 - A Sqn OP observed much enemy movement in woods at 160509 and the area was stonked.


1505 - C Sqn reported much fire from the area 176513, four of their tks had been KO'd at 176505.


1531 - C Sqn were still 'brassing up' the area 176513 but at -


1544 - they were ordered to withdraw under cover of smoke.


1555 - A plan was made with the approval of Bde Cmdr 44 (L) Bde whereby the Inf would move forward during the night and gain their objective whilst the tks withdrew, proceeded through HAMMINKELN 2148 and joined them on their objective.


1620 - C Sqn were ready to withdraw under cover of smoke which was laid on at -


1625 - along the line 184510 to 176510.


1705 - RHQ had been fired on by an SP, by this time it had been pin-pointed and was engaged by SPG's.


1702 - All of C Sqns tks had withdrawn with the exception of one, this tk remained to observe.


1725 - A Sqn laid on a stonk on troublesome area at 161509.


1900 - B Sqn Cmdr to conference with Bde Cmdr 6 A/L Bde.


1935 - C Sqn ordered to withdraw their forward tk that was doing observation.


Place: 170499


RHQ moved to this location.  A request was made to 4 Armd Bde for the return of B Sqn from 6 A/B Div; this was refused, a second request was made, to be granted permission to pass through 6 A/B Div area by the following route:- 179504, 189496, 197499, 194511, time would be dependent on progress of Inf but Bn was required to be at 203530 by first light.  B Sqn intention for the 26th was:- Remain in support of 6 A/L Bde and at first light RUR with one troop of B Sqn and one troop of SP's was to follow this advance along the same axis to 230481 and then fork left to 241487, 246487, 252487; high ground 258490.  Remaining troop with remaining regt to move in reserve to area 252485.  The plan was altered slightly during the night 25/26.  Zero hour was put back to 0900 hrs.  3 PARA BDE was to be prepared to take over the ground between the river at 222485 and 252485 and 17 US A/B Div was to advance on right.


26th March 1945

Place: 170499


0155 - C Sqns fwd troop at 194513 reported much enemy activity and position was extremely uncomfortable, the nearest enemy MG being only 75x away.  During the night the Bn moved via the route mentioned above and by -


0750 - were in a position to report 200 Enemy at 153845.


0815 - Received Orders from 4 Armd Bde:- Bn was to be relieved by 3/4 CLY and would then concentrate in any area suitable, apart from the area occupied at present, B Sqn however was to remain with the 6 A/B Div.


0905 - A Sqn were engaged enemy inf, killing many and taking considerable numbers of prisoners, by -


0916 - the area 195516 revealed many white flags.


0930 - The fighting appeared to have practically finished and about 200 PW had been taken.  Meanwhile B Sqn had commenced to advance at 0900 hrs, the Inf met scattered opposition and the tks were only used occasionally to shoot the Inf into small strong points.


1005 - B Sqn leading Inf had reached 233481 and the leading troop was at 225483.


1015 - A Sqn location 195516, C Sqn at 204525.


1020 - B Sqn were directed inclusively on 258491 - 260481.


Place: 192513


1035 - RHQ moved to this position.


1043 - One of C Sqns tks was 'brewed up' by an SP.


1150 - Bn relieved by 3/4 CLY and commenced to move back to area 188496.


Place: 188496


1250 - RHQ location.


1400 - Inf with B Sqn were on both their objectives and had made contact with the Americans on their right, capturing approx 400 PW during the day.  A and C Sqns concentrated in same area as RHQ.  During remainder of day NTR.


1700 - B Sqn was relieved by SCOTS GUARDS and returned to Bn at 188496.


27th March 1945

Place: 188496


0745 - CO and OC A Sqn ordered to report to 160 Bde at 185487.  During the morning Sqns carried out maintenance and as much as possible of the DD Equipment was removed.  Orders:- A Sqn were to come under command 160 Bde and move to area 225507 and advance with 160 Bde into DINGDEN 2253.  B and C Sqns were to cross river by br at 203530 and advance to DINGDEN along main rd and then swing NW along rd from level crossing 222534.  B and C Sqns under command 158 Bde.


1210 - OC's B and C Sqn report to RHQ for orders.


1440 - A Sqn on the move.


1630 - A Sqn had linked up with Inf and in area 226507.


1652 - B Sqn had contacted their Inf at RV and at -


1653 - C Sqn were on the move.


1657 - A Sqn reported that their ploy was due to start at 1700 hrs and that their total strength in tks was now 9.


1727 - A Sqn held up by mortar and MG fire at 222517, also MG fire on right but sqn was moving slowly.


1733 - A Sqns fwd right hand troop 225517, left hand fwd troop 223519.


1751 - A Sqn having some little trouble from bazookas but these were dealt with, 15 PW being taken, progress was still slow, but by -


1825 - A Sqn were 100x short of DINGDEN.


1850 - A Sqn location 223523.


1908 - A Sqn had one troop at 227530 and also a troop at 223527.


1920 - B Sqn reported that the SEAFORTHS had been hy counter attacked in wood 205533, the attacking troops being Para troops.  3 Troop had crossed the br, deployed to the left of the woods and smashed the counter attack by firing into the woods.  One OR was wounded and evacuated.


2200 - B Sqn supported a counter attack by the SEAFORTHS, firing for ten minutes into the wood ahead of the advancing Inf; the attack was successful and the Inf reached objective which was the Northern edge of the wood and at 2315 Sqn was released and returned to leaguer which was farm KAMPENHOFF at 210513.  Bde Cmdr 158 Bde gave orders:- Intention was to cross river at br 204530 with one Bn 1/5 WELCH, capture areas at 200536 and 206537, also br at 210531.  Another Bn would then pass through, advance into DINGDEN and then swing NW along axis 220534, 219549, 215549, 208555, 203562, this Bn, the E. LANCS was to be joined by B Sqn at first light.  A Second axis running from 220534, 208544, 206549, 198556, 194564 was to be taken by 1 ELR and supported by C Sqn, who would join them at first light.  1/5 WELCH were to cross river at 2300 hrs and commence the attack, the other bns following as objectives were taken.


28th March 1945

Place: 188496


0052 - A Sqn commenced to advance with Bn of 160 Bde to 222545, 228546, and secondly to 222559, 229563 and finally to 223572 and 230572.


0100 - DINGDEN 2253 and 600x to the East of the town had been cleared, rd blocks in the town having caused a great amount of delay to all troops.


0350 - Owing to the difficulty of movement in the dark the Inf with A Sqn pushed on and a link up was arranged at 0515 hrs.


0355 - B and C Sqns ordered to prepare to move.


0430 - C Sqn passed through B Sqn and at -


0502 - ran into a bad traffic jam.


0530 - The traffic jam had cleared somewhat and C Sqn were progressing nicely and had reached 221534.


Place: 210512


0540 - RHQ moved to this location.


0545 - B Sqn reported that the br at 203530 was not too safe as it had been shifted slightly by C Sqn turning on it.


0550 - A Sqn remained in their present location for the time being, the inf having pushed on, having coys on either side of their first objective and two more coys passing through to second objective.


0559 - C Sqn reported further traffic congestion but by -


0602 - they had married up with their Inf, this took place in area 219545.  B Sqn had by this time crossed the br behind C Sqn and had deployed North and East of the triangle of tracks at 207555.


0730 - C Sqn arrived at 208540; the Inf having cleared to this point without trouble, here however they were held up by MG's.  The country was very difficult but the tks managed to get off the track, pass the Inf trucks and back on to the track again at 207544.  3 Troop then proceeded to shoot up houses and MG's at 212546 taking 6 PW.  A Sqns fwd inf had reached 223554, and at -


0746 - they had joined up with Inf with B Sqn.  B Sqn within the triangle of tracks at 207555 had taken some PW in the area but were troubled with air burst 88's from close range, fire from an SP in the area to the NW brewed up one tk at 205557; fire was brought to bear on the SP by the remainder of the troop but it moved to cover behind a house and then into some dead ground.  It was then decided to continue the advance as originally planned, to buildings and cross tracks at 212567.


Place: 210513


0748 - RHQ moved to this location.


0813 - Inf with A Sqn had reached second objective and taken 25 PW.


Place: 222532


0850 - RHQ moved to this location.


1000 - A Sqn contacted Bn of 160 Bde who had been given the outskirts of BOCHOLT as an objective MR 225581.


1054 - A Sqn request stonk on brick works at 224566.


1115 - Two troops of C Sqn ordered to 195562 and 192574.


1135 - A Sqn inf were moving into 224567.  Both A Sqn and the troops on the left flank were troubled by 88's firing Air Bursts; the tps with A Sqn finally deciding to move without the tks, as they drew fire, this proved successful but slow.


1140 - 4 Troop of B Sqn and coy of E. LANCS moved forward to gain the objective at 212567, HQ and 3 Troop then filtered into the triangle and 5 troop moved forward to the area left by 4 troop.  4 Troop experienced little trouble in gaining their objective and reached farm buildings at 213572 and 5 troop moved forward and occupied buildings and cross tracks at 207573.


1156 - C Sqns 4 Troop had by this time worked their way up to 211553, shooting up targets as they moved, on arrival they sat in that position; 3 Troop then commenced to push up CL which was track running NW up to area 197556.


1255 - A Sqn leading Inf at 225572 and 229571, leading troop at 224563.


1250 - B Sqn reported that they were about to move to 212567 and that their right hand Inf were at 213562, they also gave the following identifications:- 115 Pz Gren Regt, 2 Para Jaeger Abt, Bg NORKUS and BG KARST.


1315 - A Sqn Inf had reached final objective, they were established on a line 223573 to 230572 whilst A Sqn were at 226545.  C Sqn had by this time consolidated in the area 211553 whilst 3 troop moved further forward and consolidated in area of buildings at 196558.  From here 3 troop and 2 SP's continued down CL to woods at 193567.


1347 - B Sqn leading troop at 212567 and had encountered no opposition.


1445 - A Sqn consolidating with Inf at 228557, their next advance being postponed for 30 minutes.


Place: 212572


1507 - B Sqn 4 Troop led by Lt J.R. TALBOT began to advance and had just emerged from the cover of buildings when Lt J.R. TALBOT's tank was hit.  Previously the troop had advanced up the rd, but had been fired on from a Northerly direction when they were just short of their objective.  The troop withdrew and started to sweep wider to the right flank to make use of cover and it was then that Lt J.R. TALBOT's tk was hit, 100x from his original starting point.  Lt J.R. TALBOT and 2 OR's being wounded.


1515 - Smoke was laid on 212572 and remainder of troop regained cover of the buildings.  It is interesting to note that Lt J.R. TALBOT's tk was hit ten times and did not 'brew up'.  5 Troops attack had only progressed 500x when they too were forced to retire owing to fire from their left flank and front.


1540 - The cause of the above trouble was believed to be a Panther and some SP's so C Sqn moved to the west of the wood and got half a troop into position at 188572 and the remainder at 188568, staying there until Inf arrived.


1615 - C Sqns Inf were held up at DELSING 191573 so two SP's were ordered to join them, these were fired on from the ENE but managed to get to cover.  Meanwhile another half troop moved to LUSKAMP 189573, the Inf following up and consolidating.


1622 - A Sqn report that their next advance was to start at 1800 hrs.  NOTE:- During the afternoon and early evening the Inf with B Sqn were harassed by fire from 20mm AA guns and 88mm Air bursts.  A troop of SP's under command E. LANCS was called forward to form a defence point at 212567.  Hy and accurate 88mm fire, both AP and Air Bursts was directed on the buildings and whilst attending to wounded 1 OR was killed and Lt S. KING and 1 OR wounded.  Arty support had been called for on these SP's and 88's and was kept up periodically, but further advance was postponed owing to the impossibility of deploying in such ground lacking in cover, it was not until the advance of A Sqn with 160 Bde had outflanked the position that the opposition slackened and further advance was possible.


1650 - C Sqn reported that LOSKAMP 189573 had been entered by the Inf without opposition.  Under cover of darkness the Inf also occupied DELSING 191573, and GR HARDT 187577.


1805 - A Sqns final attack commenced and progressed well until -


1920 - when smoke which had been laid to give cover was hampering progress, this was stopped and by -


2200 - the objective was gained.


2225 - Inf with A Sqn had consolidated and the Sqn was released.


2248 - A Sqn leaguered 225534.  A Sqn had been expected by the Inf Bde Cmdr to carry on again that night by supporting an attack into BOCHOLT 2360.  The Sqn was relieved of this task as he was made to realise that the Sqn had had no sleep since two days before crossing the Rhine.  During the operation the Sqn was working at a strength of 9 tks only, as at every stage at least 4 tks were either bogged or rendered unfit owing to extremely soft ground off the main rds and tracks.  The Sqn suffered no casualties in personnel and claimed 2 x 88mm Guns destroyed, 3 x 88m Guns captured (abandoned) and many 20mm Guns and SA.  B Sqn remained the night in the buildings at 212572 and the following morning withdrew and joined the Bn at DINGDEN.  The following morning during the advance the BIELEFELD 217582, 4 x 88m Guns were found at 217577, one of which had been hit by HE and the other three spiked.  The 88mm's previously reported were later discovered to be less than 1000x from the tks.  The Inf with B Sqn accounted for 4 x 75mm Mk IV SP's at 215580.  C Sqn remained the night in the LOSKAMP 1895733 area and were periodically stonked by Mortars and AP.  Sqn returned to DINGDEN area at 1000 hrs next day.


29th March 1945

Place: 225534


0910 - RHQ Location.  Day spent in rest and maintenance.


30th March 1945

Place: 225534


0700 - CO meets CO 6 RWF at 234596.  OPERATION SWAN - Intention:- To Advance NE to GRONAU.  The Operation was to have commenced at 291300 hrs but as there was still opposition south of RHEDE 2860 move would probably be made through BOCHOLT 2360.


0916 - Bn commenced to move, order of march B Sqn, RHQ, C and A Sqns and A1 Echelon.


1010 - Honeys sent to recce br N or RHEDE at 296627.


1107 - Bn had reached 254605.


1130 - Recce troop reported that the track was fit for tracks but not for wheels, they were therefore ordered to recce the following route:- Br 286608 - 306596, 314617, 320628, 313635; they again reported back that this track was only fit for tracks.


1240 - Recce troop at 314615 reported SA fire from wood at 323628.  Meanwhile B Sqn had moved forward and at -


1250 - had reached 325618, they reported that the going had deteriorated.


1310 - A Sqn moved behind RHQ and had a troop watching rd to the East at 306597.


1455 - Recce Troop reported that br at 296627 was finished and in use.


1612 - Bn ordered to prepare to move on, B Sqn to pull up to rd at 321647 and wait there for their Inf (3 MONS), C Sqn also picked up their Inf (3 MONS).


1625 - All wheels ordered to take the following route to join the CL - 321648, 313696, 314660.


1700 - Bde Cmdr required a troop of tanks and Pln of Inf firm at 315660 so B Sqn leading troop moved forward and at -


1715 - was in MIDDELKAMP 315660.


1735 - B Sqn ordered to make firm at MIDDELKAMP, dismounted Inf and face NW.


1740 - Recce reported themselves past 314660.


1750 - B Sqn settled in MIDDELKAMP and Inf consolidating.  Recce troop at 313696 report enemy to the NW.


Place: 319651


1806 - RHQ location.


1830 - A Sqn 315630, B Sqn 315660, C Sqn 319644.  During the night NTR.


31st March 1945

Place: 319651


0630 - Sqn Cmdrs to RHQ for orders.


0635 - C Sqn ordered to be prepared to move at 0700 hrs, to wake up their Inf (3 MONS) and order them to open up communication with their HQ.


0655 - Recce troop reported that they had patrolled forward on foot and had NTR.


0715 - Bn ready to move.


0730 - Bn informed that the probable time of departure would be 0830 except C Sqn who were detailed to move earlier.


0750 - C Sqn on the move; they were ordered to over take everything on the rd.  B Sqn ordered to collect their Inf and recall their recce party.


0844 - C Sqn had reached 344685.


0930 - The route that B Sqn were to take proved to be unsatisfactory ie., 311669, 311689, 325711, 330717, 338723, 364712.  Bn moved to area 344685, order of march RHQ, B Sqn, A Sqn and A1 Echelon.


0945 - B Sqn joined the main rd at 340677 via 314660.


1000 - C Sqn report that they had just met two Dutch civilians who said there were no enemy between C Sqn posn and WINTERSWIJK 3075.


1025 - C Sqn had reached 354713.


1030 - B Sqn had reached 364712.


Place: 364713


1120 - RHQ location.


1135 - B Sqn ordered to recce a route out on to the CL without turning round, ie., west from area 365716 to join rd at 357715.


1140 - C Sqn had reached 337718.


1145 - All OC's and RO's ordered to report to RHQ for orders; a Bn concentration area having to be recced.


1240 - Recce report br blown at 337723, this could be covered by a br-tank but there were mines in the vicinity.


1330 - C Sqn ordered to move as soon as its recce party had fulfilled its task.


1335 - C Sqn moved.


Place: 324733


1337 - Recce troop unable to approach its first objective owing to mines, these had been marked by civilians.


1410 - Recce Troop report Br at 325733 blown, also four 'R' mines at 326729 which would require RE's to move, two more 'R' mines in the vicinity and at the Y junction at 324733 there were three across the rd, Teller mines were in the woods.


1420 - Recce troop ordered to return.  Orders:- The Bn and 3 MONS were to be complete in area 338223 by 1500 hrs.


1500 - Orders from 4 Armd Bde:- No move before first light on the 1st April.


Place: 338724


RHQ location, A Sqn 347719, B Sqn 344722, C Sqn 338725.  This Bn and the 3 MONS had to be clear of the axis to allow 52 DIV to pass through.