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Month and year : March 1945

Commanding Officer : Major M.E. Phipps, RASC


1st March 1945

Place: Field


1015 - Coy leave location in Ghentbrugge and proceed to AUXI-LE-CHATEAU in FRANCE.  Comp Pl remain as rear party.


1800 - P.P. closes in Ghentbrugge.


1915 - Move completed & Coy HQ est.


2nd March 1945

11 Vehs collect coal for Divl Land Elements.


3rd March 1945

0900 - Coal point established at Ligny St. Hochel for issue of Coal to Div Land Elements.  27 Tons not issued.


4th March 1945

1030 - O.C. attends Coy Comdrs Conference at Div HQ L.E.


1500 - Major Bille-Top inspects 716 Coy Land Elements, vehs and personnel.


5th March 1945

0600 - Capt. C.E. Evans leaves with party of 7 ORs in 15 cwt to visit graves of 398 & 716 Coy personnel in Normandy.


7th March 1945

1530 - Capt Evans and party of ORs return from trip to Normandy and report having visited this Coy's location of June & July 44.  Graves were visited and found to be well cared for.


8th March 1945

1100 - Major Bille-Top O.C. RASC L.E. inspects Company.


0930 - Coal point opened at Ligny St. Hochel for 6 A/B Div L.E.


11th March 1945

O.C. attends Coy Comds Conference at Div HQ.  Warning Orders received for collection of Div Second line amn and possibility of Coy move on or about 17th March.


12th March 1945

0900 - O.C. Coy proceeds in search of urgently required Ordnance stores, and M.T. spares on behalf of Div RASC.


13th March 1945

0900 - O.C. Coy continues to try and procure Ord Stores and M.T. spares.


1930 - Orders received to collect whole of Div second line amn.  70 x 3 ton lorries required.


14th March 1945

0600 - 70 x 3 ton lorries proceeded to BAD to collect amn.  Started loading at 1100 hrs.


15th March 1945

0930 - O.C. attends Conference at CRASC HQ.


17th March 1945

0700 - Capt Smith & Unit recce party move forward to Geldern (Germany).


0730 - Lt. Geater and small party move to Ath, where the Coy will stage night 17/18.


0800 - Coy leaves location and proceeds to Ath.  Move completed 1830 hrs.


18th March 1945

0700 - Coy leaves Ath and proceeds to area GELDERN where Coy HQ is established at 1900 hrs.


19th March 1945

All 2nd line Amn is dumped in Coy location.  Orders received to collect Sups Pet & Amn to form a fwd dump, the dump to consist of 3 times Div 2nd line Amn, 30,000 gals of petrol plus percentage of oil & lubricants, 30,000 Compo rations and certain assault scale rations, for pre loading on to DUCKWS.  45 Unit vehs collect from 138 Pet Depot maaheez and 18 vehs collect the Compo rations from 36 BSD at Eindhoven.  Comp Pl move to Adv dump Area, Capt. R.G. Smith i/c; the dump is situate S.E. of Sonsbeck approx 5 miles west of the Rhine.  249 Coy RE sweep verges and proposed sites of dump in preparation for reception of stores.


20th March 1945

0330 - 2/Lt. Mitchell reported to Adv Dump with 45 vehs containing 30,000 gals of petrol.  This was off-loaded and dvrs returned to Coy location at 0630 hrs.


0830 - A Convoy of Duckws arrived with 10,000 gals of petrol which was dumped in Coy location.


1030 - Lt. Hann and 18 vehs return from Eindhoven, having dumped Compo rations eventually collected from Kavelaer and not from Eindhoven at the Adv Dump.  36 Unit vehs, manned by relief dvrs, Coy HQ personnel and clerks etc. collect Amn from 2nd Army Railhead.  Report back to Adv Dump for unloading and report to RH for another lift.  This party arrive back in location at 210700A.


1500 - 75 Pioneer Coy come under comd this unit.  It is located at Adv Dump and is used for unloading vehs and guard duties.


21st March 1945

0830 - O.C. attends conference at HQ CRASC.  Instructions received that advanced dump will consist of 2 1/3 times 2nd line Amn holding, including special explosives; together with 30 tons of RE stores 30 tons of Ord stores and 10 tons of Med Stores.  61 Unit vehs collect Amn from 2nd Army Railhead.


2100 - O.C. attends conference at HQ CRASC, where orders are received that this unit is responsible for Working out the pre-loading schedule for Duckws.


22nd March 1945

0830 - O.C. attends co-ordinating conference at HQ CRASC.  The stocking of the adv dump is complete except for med stores.  Details of Duckw loading has been worked out and the final preparations made.  An Offr from 229 Coy RASC (Guards Indep Tank Bde) arrives at the dump to open sub-dump to be operated independently.  Amn arrived at the dump for two Fd Regts and two S.P. Batteries, who are now under comd.


23rd March 1945

0800 - Pre-loading of Duckws commences.  System employed - a Duckw load is put on a three tonner, the 3 tonners are ferried to the Duckw park and the load transferred to Duckws.


0830 - O.C. Coy attends final co-ordinating conference at HQ RASC.  All RASC reps were present and they were briefed on the forthcoming op and final details arranged.  66 Duckws were loaded by 1700 hrs & all were loaded to plan with the exception of two Duckws which had not arrived.


24th March 1945

0952 - The air element of the Division landed by Parachute and Glider on the eastern side of the Rhine.  As the gliders passed over this Unit's location, Airborne Berets, divisional signs and all equipment peculiar to an Airborne division were brought to light.


1400 - The first Duckws of Div 2nd Line Amn crossed the river.


25th March 1945

During the day replenishment of Amn to the far bank of the Rhine has been carried out by means of Duckws.


1300 - Lt. Hann and 9 vehs loaded with Amn leave location to proceed to the fwd area.  Warning Order received that 11 vehs under Sjt. Randall, loaded with Amn should stand by ready to move at a moments notice.  This was subsequently cancelled at 2100 hrs.


1630 - News received that a bridge was open across the Rhine.  30 vehs were sent to the Dump to load Amn & ferry across the river.  The vehs were loaded & removed at dump location overnight.


1900 - O.C. attends conference at HQ CRASC.  The following points were laid on.  Target figure of No.2 Dump was to be built up to full Divisional 2nd Line, plus additional Amn for two S.P. Batteries under comd.  All Amn to be held on ground & "open bay" system of units coming back to draw to be employed.  The 2nd line held in Coy location to be built up again to full scale & both these to be effected by drawing on No.1 Dump which is not to be replenished.


2200 - Instructions given by O.C. that Capt. Smith, Capt. Fergusson & a half of Composite Platoon to cross river at 260600A to take responsibility for all Amn in No.2 Dump.  Capt. Beetham remains in comd of No.1 Dump.  Arrangements made for Amn vehs to be phased in by sections throughout the day 26th.


26th March 1945

0630 to 1600 - 69 3 tons loads of Amn were ferried from No.1 Dump to No.2 Dump.  This brought the total of No.2 Dump within 45 tons of the target.


1400 - Warning order received that the necessary vehs must be loaded to open 1 Airlanding & 1 Parachute Bde A.P. at dawn 27th.


2100 - CRASC instructs that A.P. for 6 Airldg Bde, Armd Recce Regt, 53 Lt Regt R.A. & 2 S.P. Batteries must by opened by 271300A at MR 198470 east of the Rhine.  All other Amn on wheels to be taken to No.1 Dump & holding of 2nd line in Coy location to be reduced to a figure which when added to the A.P. holding would equal Divl 2nd Line.


27th March 1945

Capt. Smith carries out recce for the A.P. which he will command.


0915 - 2/Lt. Mitchell leaves with Amn vehs to rendezvous with Capt. Smith.  20 Unit vehs collect 400 reinforcements for 6 Airldg Bde.  The A.P. did not open, but lay up in A.P. location.


1630 - Orders received that Coy must stand by to move at 280100A.


2145 - Orders to move at 2400 hrs to area north of WESEL.  The responsibility of No.1 Dump handed over to FMAS.  150 tons of Amn was left in Coy location and the move was completed to new area by 280300A.


28th March 1945

0900 - A.P. moves to new area in Square 2445 & opened north-east of Wesel.  The Coy was dispersed in a more permanent location after laying up for the night.  This was completed by 1200 hrs.


1230 - Orders received to provide 30 vehs to collect P.O.L. from 3rd Army Railhead on behalf of ST 8 Corps to deliver to FMC Wesel.  Detail completed by 291200A.  This necessitated dumping all domestic & Workshops stores & cancellation of ferrying fwd Amn from Geldern location.  18 vehs of B Pl collect 350 reinforcements for the 3rd & 5th Parachute Bde.


29th March 1945

0230 - Orders received to move Coy to area south of Erle, already recced by Capt. Smith by 1300 hrs.  All Amn not already on wheels to be left on the ground.


0900 - A.P. moves to new area north of Erle and all amn is dumped on the ground on arrival.


0800 - CRASC conference - instrs received that unit must provide 3 tpt Pls ready to move at 1700 hrs from new location to lift one Bde.  All vehs to carry 10 Compo Packs & 36 Jerrycans of petrol.  Move of Pls postponed and by 300100A 3 complete Pls of 30 vehs were ready loaded, with the exception of "C" Pl which was 200 boxes of Compo short.  To replace 3 tpt Pls lost tp-carrying 3 x 5 ton Pls detailed from 2nd Army will be under comd.  All these pls arrived from 29 Mar & were detailed as follows.  1 Pl of 19 Coy RASC despatched to Geldern to load 2nd Line Amn in location there.  3 Pl of 19 Coy less 12 vehs detailed to proceed under Capt. Fergusson to A.P. to load Amn on ground.  "A" Pl of 648 Coy RASC arrived loaded with 17 POL & 13 Compo.  13 Compo delivered to 63 Coy & remainder kept loaded.  Coy move completed by 1900 hrs, less Wksps who will follow on the 30th.


30th March 1945

0900 - A.P. moves for Kleine Reken.  13 vehs of 648 Coy off-load POL at the P.P. Kleine Reken.  Sdry vehs sent off as follows:- 4 to collect Wksps Stores left on ground and to enable Wksps to move to this location.  2 vehs collect tentage from old location & 8 collect Amn from Wesel location.  Eight load HQ stores in this location, dumped on ground in order in order to free 3 ton vehs for tp carrying.  Warning Order received that Coy will move 1st April.  10 vehs are despatched to POW cage to take prisoners and then collect 10 loads of Compo.  All these vehs plus 31 vehs loaded with 2nd Line Amn reported back by 2400 hrs.


31st March 1945

0600 - Company moved as part of Div Adm Convoy to CRASC report centre between Grosse Recken & Lette.  Here vehs were ordered to wait 2 hours.  Coy is ordered to move into Lette for 24 hours.


0900 - A.P. moves to new location east of Billerbeck.  Capt Smith's advance party already installed in proposed new area South of Altenberge is recalled, after a very exacting evening in close contact with the enemy.  The advance party found themselves in prefront of the advance & rounded up 40 prisoners which were despatched to POW cage.



Month and year : April 1945

Commanding Officer : Major M.E. Phipps, RASC


1st April 1945

Place: Field


0900 - AP moves to new area 3 miles east of Greven.


1100 - Coy standing by prepared to move.


1200 - Orders received to move Coy immediately to area N.E. of Altenberge.  Coy arrives in new location at 1500 40 POW were taken at the AP today & were despatched to POW Cage at Greven.  B Pl carrying the 13th Para Bn were today pinned down by Mortar fire.  The dvrs dismounted & took up defensive posns alongside the paratps.  Wksps personnel carried out repairs to vehs whilst under shell fire.  On return journey Pl entered Nordwald they were the first allied tps to enter this village.  Immediately on arrival white flags appeared from all houses.  No enemy tps were encountered.


2nd April 1945

0900 - AP moves to Sq. 9589 east of Greven.


1430 - Coy moved to location east of Greven.  On arrival at Greven information was received that due to the collapse of the approaches to the Dortmund-Ems Canal the proposed location had not been vacated.  Alternative accommodation was therefore found in the immediate vicinity.  The Coy moved in at 1600.  Having passed Greven "C" Pl were ordered by comd 3 Para Bde to go right up to the line.  The column was subjected to Mortar fire & 2 ORs were wounded.


3rd April 1945

0010 - 1 OR of 19 Coy, whilst on Guard duty, was accidentally shot & killed by one of his comrades.


0900 - AP moves to area east of Ladbergen.  Court of Enquiry held on the death of a soldier of 19 Coy RASC.  "C" Pl, having debussed part of 5 Para Bde west of Minden proceeded to village S.W. of Lubeck.  Here a German sentry was shot, Dvrs dismounted & attacked party of enemy soldiers in an adjoining field.  This Pl were the first allied tps to enter this village.  Comd 5 Bde instructed O i/c "C" Pl to take 12th Para Bn to Bordinean Bridge.  Having debussed tps Pl entered Klein Heidorn & enemy tps were encountered.  Column was later halted in Grossen Heidorn (a village in enemy hands) when the 13th Para Bn arrived in battle formation to take the village.


4th April 1945

0900 - AP moves to Langerich.  B Pl lifting the 7th Para Bn to Neustadt ran into enemy machine gun fire on an airfd.  There were no cas, but 3 vehs were put out of action and many more damaged.  Dvrs took up defensive posns with Paratps.  It was 1 hrs before vehs could be moved.


5th April 1945

0700 - Coy moves to Wissingen.  The Coy arrived at 1200 hrs & immediately received orders to move further fwd to Ober Mehnen, after 5 Para Bde had passed through location.


1630 - Move off, the unit arriving in new location at 2015 hrs.  Total journey during the day was 57 miles.


0900 - AP moved to Wissingen, but at 0915 orders were received to proceed to Glasheim where AP was est at 1200 hrs.


1900 - Orders received to release all att 5 ton tpt & recall the Unit's 3 tpt pls from tp carrying.


6th April 1945

All 5 ton vehs emptied of Amn W/S & HQ stores & those on det returned to Unit location.  All 5 ton vehs left at 1330 hrs to report to CRASC 15 Scottish Div for tp carrying.


0500 to 1200 - A B & C Pls reported back; all compo & extra Jerrycans were unloaded into dumps & all vehs were back in location by 1730 hrs.


1330 - Orders received to form AP for 6 Airldg Bde, 1 increment A/Tk, Lt Regt RA and half Armd Recce to be open at Holzhausen at 1600 hrs.  The vehs were loaded with the assistance of 40 German Ps.O.W. & despatched at 1730 hrs.


1900 - Orders received to despatch 60 vehs in addition to 10 from 63 Coy by 1930 hrs for tp carrying.  Using all vehs just returned from tp carrying & unloading W/S & HQ stores 52 vehs were found.  These proceeded under Capt Smith with Guides from 5 Para Bde at 0030 hrs.  The drivers on this detail had not slept since 0400 hrs the previous day.  The vehs took the Bde right up to the line & one pl came under fire with the loss of 3 vehs with bullet holes in the radiator.  The Pl held fast and evacuated wounded from the battle area.


7th April 1945

2045 - AP moves to Lhade.  Warning order received to move Coy to Lhade A.M. 9th April.


8th April 1945

Tp carrying vehs (less 3 cas) return to Coy between 1400 & 1800 hrs.  All Amn on the ground was loaded into 32 vehs, & W/S & HQ stores were loaded preparatory to move.


1800 - AP moved to Sachewhausen.


9th April 1945

0500 - Orders received to move Coy to Hagenburg.


1200 - Coy established.  All 2nd line Amn on wheels is off-loaded in Coy location.


1900 - Orders issued for AP to return to Coy location, and all att vehs to be off-loaded.  The vehs reported in at 2230 hrs & the last veh was unloaded at 0230 hrs.


2010 - Instrs received that 1 complete tpt pl must RV at Wunstorf at 2100 hrs.  Under comd Lt. Hann vehs reported at 2215 hrs and proceeded to 9th Para Bn.


10th April 1945

0800 - 30 vehs under Lt. Plumridge, release through unloading Amn in Coy location, report to Wunstorf to lift the 8th Para Bn.  On completion of this lift B & C Pls lifted the Oxf & Bucks and the 12th Devons respectively & returned to Coy location by 2000 hrs.  During the day the AP was open on the ground in Coy location.


11th April 1945

0800 - B Pl under Lt. Hann loaded up with Amn for standard AP for an Airldg Bde, Armd Recce Regt & Light Regt RA.  AP opened under comd Capt. Fergusson at Bruick at 1230 hrs.


0730 - 30 vehs left to report to 62 FMC to convey Sups & Fd Bakery Equipt to 53 FMC at Hagen.  During the night 11/12 Wksps experimented working night-shift but the system was found unsatisfactory owing to difficulty of finding suitable accommodation & lack of light, apart of course from fatigue.


12th April 1945

Instrs received to scale down 2nd line holding of Amn in Coy reserve & AP to a holding of 234 tons.  Adjustments made by return of surplusses & drawing up deficiencies.  Instrs received from CRASC to despatch Amn from one Standard Para Bde point to a dump to be formed by 716 Coy east of Fuhrburg.  Vehs left at 1630 hrs.  These same 10 vehs to be available from 130600B for tp carrying.


1400 - Instrs recd to be prepared to move Coy on 13 Apr & to load 2nd line Amn in Coy location.  It is decided that Wksps will work during the hours of daylight only.


13th April 1945

1630 - 16 vehs carry out a tp carrying detail with 5 Para Bde.  Move of Coy postponed till 14th April.


14th April 1945

0900 - Coy moved to area east of Celle in Sq 4748.


1700 - AP arrived in Coy location & operated from there.


15th April 1945

15 vehs proceed on tp carrying detail with 6 Airldg Bde to Breitenees and returned to location.


1200 - AP moved to area Echede.


16th April 1945

Coy moves to Breitenhees.  16 vehs reported to 716 Coy having completed tp carrying detail.


2000 - Coy lines attacked by hostile enemy Heinkel aircraft.  2 ORs were wounded & some vehs & 2 Polsten Guns were damaged.


17th April 1945

1030 - Coy HQ, Comp & Wksps Pls moved to the wooded area already occupied by A & C Tpt Pls.  AP moved to same location.


1400 - AP moved to area Lehmke.  10 Unit vehs are off-loaded to assist in the move of 716 Coy.


18th April 1945

0800 - Coy moved to new area 1 mile south of Hanstedt II.  40 vehs were unloaded and joined by 13 released by 716 Coy to provide 45 vehs for tp carrying, and necessary vehs for the maintenance train.  During the day there were very heavy demands for 75mm Amn from AP.  In all 4023 rds were sold.


19th April 1945

1945 - Orders received for 1 Pl to proceed to 64 FMC to collect Amn & take fwd to 65 FMC.  Vehs moved off at 2130 hrs.


20th April 1945

0030 - Vehs report to 64 FMC & loading completed by 0300 hrs.  Vehs proceed to 65 FMC at Lunneburg & return empty to 64 FMC.


21st April 1945

0200 - Message received to sent 1 tpt pl in addition of the one already at 64 FMC plus 1 Pl from 63 Coy to rendezvous at 64 FMC & proceed under comd Capt. R.G. Smith to 10 Army Roadhead at Goch to collect Amn.  Vehs moved off at 1000 hrs and left for Goch at 1400 hrs.  Capt. J.R. Gibson reported to Coy to assume duties of O.i/c Wksps, vice Capt. A.J. Robertson who has been evacuated to UK.


22nd April 1945

1200 - Warning Order received to move Company 23 Apr.  8 vehs from 716 Coy & 32 vehs from 63 Coy report p.m. to load Amn & HQ stores prior to Coy move.


23rd April 1945

0830 - Coy moved to Medingen, south west of Luneburg.  All vehs are unloaded.  716 & 63 Coy vehs together with 20 of B Pl RV at 5 Bde Area near Lehmke to meet guides at 1800 hrs to proceed to Bn location for tp carrying.  AP opens on the ground in Coy location.


24th April 1945

1600 - 2 tpt Pls under Capt. Smith arrive at 65 FMC having returned from 10 Army Roadhead, Goch.


25th April 1945

1500 - 2 tpt pls return to Coy location having been off-loaded at 65 FMC.


26th April 1945

Concentrated Veh Maintenance & Interior Economy carried out.


27th April 1945

0130 - Lt. Hann with 29 B Pl vehs released from tp carrying detail with 5 bde return to Coy location.


1000 - B Pl complete, 20 vehs from C Pl & 10 from A Pl proceed under comd Capt. R.G. Smith for 14 Army Roadhead at Neirdorf to load Amn & deliver to 65 FMC.


1700 - 12 vehs proceed to 65 FMC to load Amn & together with 4 vehs of 63 Coy carrying sups, proceed under comd Capt. I.A. Fergusson to 15 Scottish Div Duckw Dump to off-load during the hours of darkness.


28th April 1945

0300 - 12 vehs return from 15 Sc. Div Duckw Dump.


29th April 1945

2 Pls return from 12 Army Road Head.  All Amn on the ground is loaded in preparation for the Coy move to conc area.  10 vehs for 6 Airldg Bde under Capt. Fergusson & 6 for the 53 Lt Regt RA form the first two portions of AP to cross the Elbe.


30th April 1945

1000 - Move of Coy to conc area in the Forest of Medingen.


2230 - 47 vehs left Coy location under comd Lt. Hann & crossed the Elbe the following morning at 0400 hrs, and arrive in Coy location at 0500 hrs.