Lance-Corporal Raymond Usher Brown


Unit : 6th Airborne Divisional Signals.

Army No. : 2369555

Awards : British Empire Medal


This NCO has shown bravery diligence in his work as NCO in-command Despatch Riders from 6 June 44 to 9 May 45. He has always been a leader and an example to others in the Section. No matter how bad were the conditions his cheerfulness kept up the morale of all who came into contact with him. He always took on the brunt of the work himself and seemed glad to do so. I have often known this NCO to be without rest for 48 hours to ensure that, despite a grave shortage of Despatch Riders, and their heavy commitments, there would never be a late delivery of Signal traffic. It was a matter of personal pride to this NCO that messages were delivered. He was wounded in Normandy, but still carried on. Throughout each of this Divisions campaigns this NCO has been an outstanding example.


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