Private Edgar Brett


Unit : 224th Parachute Field Ambulance, RAMC attached to 8th Parachute Battalion

Army No. : 7345423

Awards : Military Medal


Near Greven on 31st March 1945, Private Brett was a stretcher bearer with the leading company which was forcing a way over the Dortmund-Ems canal.


The leading platoon came under very heavy accurate 88mm ground and air-burst fire. Three of the platoon were seriously wounded.


Private Brett and another immediately dashed forward into the open to render first-aid to the wounded men. Under great difficulty, Private Brett and his companion carried the most seriously wounded to cover and returned again for the other two. During the whole time there was continuous accurate shelling on the area.


Private Brett showed complete disregard for his own safety under this intense fire and by outstanding courage succeeded in saving the lives of these men.


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