1. Introduction - The first attempts to cross the Rhine in 1944, and the Ardennes offensive.


2. The Advance to the Rhine - The 12th and 21st Army Groups reach the western bank.


3. The Special Relationship - Field Marshal Montgomery's dismal relationship with his American peers.


4. Operation Varsity - The 6th Airborne Division's plan.


5. Operation Plunder - The 2nd British and 9th US Armies cross the Rhine on the 23rd March 1945.


6. The Airlift - The flight of the 6th and 17th Airborne Divisions to their drop zones on the 24th March.


7. The 3rd Parachute Brigade - Their landing and the capture of their objectives.


8. The 5th Parachute Brigade - Their landing and the capture of the crossroads.


9. The 6th Airlanding Brigade - Their horrendous landing, the capture of the bridges and Hamminkeln.


10. Divisional Troops - The arrival of Divisional Headquarters and its support elements. A summary of the 17th Airborne Division's activities.


11. Later in the Day - The counter-attacks on the bridges on the 24th and 25th March. The 15th (Scottish) Division arrives.


12. Differences of Opinion - General Eisenhower's plan for the advance into Germany.


13. Beyond the Bridgehead - The 6th Airlanding Brigade advances across the River Issel.


14. The Division Follows - The 3rd Parachute Brigade advances and the 5th Parachute Brigades reaches Erle.


15. The Road to Lembeck - As part of VIII Corps, the 3rd Parachute Brigade captures Lembeck.


16. The River Ems - The 6th Airlanding Brigade reaches Coesfeld, the 3rd Parachute Brigade cross the River Ems and arrive at the Dortmund-Ems Canal.


17. Across the Dortmund-Ems Canal - The two brigades secure a bridgehead.


18. Osnabruck to Minden - The 5th Parachute Brigade clears Hasbergen and Osnabruck, then the 3rd Brigade captures Minden.


19. Difficulties on the Weser - The 6th Airlanding Brigade struggles to secure the bridgehead.


20. The Advance to the River Leine - The 5th Parachute Brigade clears Wunstorf Airfield, captures the bridge at Borenau, but suffers heavy losses at Neustadt.


21. Mopping Up - The 6th Airborne Division, in reserve, rests and follows the 15th (Scottish) Division to the River Elbe.


22. Germany in Disintegration - The final days of the Third Reich.


23. Wismar or Bust - The 3rd and 5th Parachute Brigades race each other to Wismar. The Division contacts the Red Army, celebrates VE Day, and prepares to return home.


24. Analysis - Operation Varsity-Plunder: a brilliantly handled but expensive tactical success.


25. Conclusion - Was the Airborne experiment in the Second World War worth the cost?