Sergeant Aurelle Bray


Unit : "C" Company, 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion

Army No. : C/2871

Awards : Military Medal


On 24th March 1945, after landing on the Dropping Zone North of Diersfordter Wald, Germany, Sergeant Bray came on a platoon of another Battalion pinned down by heavy enemy machine gun fire. He assumed command of the platoon and immediately led three of the men in an assault on the machine gun nest. After assaulting and capturing the machine gun, Sergeant Bray proceeded to his own platoon objective.


On arriving before his own platoon objective, he discovered that he was the only member of the platoon to reach there. Knowing full well that it was vital to capture the objective to ensure the carrying out of his Battalion's plan he moved straight on with a Sten gun as his only weapon. By this outstanding act of courage, he captured the feature and 16 German Luftwaffe troops.


Two other members of his platoon then joined him and dashing forward they captured a further 45 prisoners.


By his outstanding initiative, courage and leadership he ensured that the objective was captured and the lives of many of his platoon and company were saved.


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