Private Alexander Tranter


Unit : Defence Platoon, 6th Airlanding Brigade.

Army No. : 5379336

Awards : Military Medal


On landing at Hamminkeln on 24th March 1945 the Landing Zone immediately came under heavy fire from Small Arms, Mortars and Self-Propelled guns. Private Tranter, who was a member of the Brigade Defence Platoon Section detailed to clear a way through to the prearranged Rendezvous, was leading man and armed with his Bren gun led off towards the enemy.


Casualties were being suffered all round him but this man, firing from the hip at any target which  showed itself, continued forward with utter disregard for enemy fire and his own safety. The remainder of his section were inspired by his example and as a result followed Private Tranter to the Rendezvous which was then cleared and the party able to assemble in good order.


On 25th March, discovering that there were wounded men left in a glider which had crashed in a wood still held by small parties of enemy, Tranter entered the wood, brought out one man and then assisted by others returned again to bring out the others.


This soldiers example, fearlessness and complete disregard for the enemy was of a very high standard. His actions during these two days had a very marked effect on the whole defence platoon and the successful establishment of Brigade Headquarters was in no small way due to his courage and devotion to duty.


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