Sapper Alexander Drummond


Unit : 591st Parachute Squadron, RE.

Army No. : 1921970

Awards : Military Medal


Sapper Drummond was one of a glider party of five under Lieutenant Cox whose task was to land 24th March with a Coup-de-Main party of the Royal Ulster Rifles to seize a bridge East of Hamminkeln and prevent its demolition.


The glider landed near the bridge but apart from other gliders and immediately drew fire from a German machine gun position 80 yards away. The party scattered to cover without sustaining casualties.


Sapper Drummond and a comrade worked themselves to behind a tree 30 yards from the post. Drummond instantly decided to take the post by assault across the open ground. He was slightly wounded in the face the moment he showed himself, but without any hesitation he, with his comrade following, rushed onto the post firing as they went. Their aggressiveness so demoralized the Germans that they ceased fire and surrendered, one of them being wounded. Drummond showed courage and determination of the highest order and by his independent action, unquestionably saved further casualties to his party.


In the subsequent fighting and preparation of the bridge for demolition Drummond was at all times conspicuous.


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