The Pegasus Archive War Diary Collection


1st Airborne Division

    Divisional Headquarters

    Headquarters, Royal Artillery

    Headquarters, Royal Engineers

    Headquarters, Royal Army Service Corps

    Headquarters, Royal Army Medical Corps


1st Airlanding Brigade

    Brigade Headquarters

        1st Airlanding Light Aid Detachment, REME

    1st Battalion The Border Regiment

    2nd Battalion The South Staffordshire Regiment

    9th Field Company, RE

    181 Airlanding Field Ambulance, RAMC


1st Parachute Brigade

    Brigade Headquarters

        Brigade Signals

    1st Parachute Battalion

    2nd Parachute Battalion

    3rd Parachute Battalion

    1st Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery, RA

    1st Parachute Squadron, RE

    16 Parachute Field Ambulance, RAMC


2nd Parachute Brigade

    Brigade Headquarters

    4th Parachute Battalion

    5th Parachute Battalion

    6th Parachute Battalion

    2nd (Oban) Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery, RA

    2nd Parachute Squadron, RE


4th Parachute Brigade

    Brigade Headquarters

    156 Parachute Battalion

    10th Parachute Battalion

    4th Parachute Squadron, RE

    133 Parachute Field Ambulance, RAMC


Divisional Units

    1st Airlanding Light Regiment, RA

    1st Airlanding Reconnaissance Squadron

    21st Independent Parachute Company

    93rd (Airborne) Composite Company, RASC

    250th (Airborne) Light Composite Company, RASC

    253rd (Airborne) Composite Company, RASC

    261st (Airborne) Field Park Company, RE

    1st (Airborne) Divisional Ordnance Field Park, RAOC

    1st (Airborne) Divisional Workshops, REME

    1st (Airborne) Divisional Provost Company, CMP

    1st (Airborne) Divisional Postal Unit


Attached Units

    1st Battalion The Glider Pilot Regiment