This section may be used as a means for veterans of the 1st Airborne Division and associated units to get in touch with their former comrades, or for friends and relatives of these men wishing to hear from anyone who knew them or anything of them, and also by researchers who are seeking assistance. Should you wish to place an advert, contact me at and I'll publish it here asap.


Ralph Baverstock

My name is David Baverstock and I am a writer and have been researching my Grandfathers past. His name was Ralph Baverstock and he was a member of the 2nd Bn Parachute reg 1941 -45. He was a batman throughout this time, I would love to find out what officers he looked after. In the second photograph below I would love to try and find out who the other three characters are, so I can give them more depth in my book. Dave Baverstock,

Ralph Baverstock Ralph Baverstock in Maison Carrée, 1942 Ralph Baverstock, possibly 1944


John Baxter

I am looking for information on surviving members of "J" section, 1st Para of 1st airborne division. I am staying with a veteran, a Mr John Baxter, who fought at arnhem and in North Africa and Sicily. If anyone can help us can you please contact me via email on : Thank you, Thomas Manning.


Thomas Peter Berry

I would like any information on my father. Thomas Peter Berry (Chick Berry). He was in 1st Battalion Parachute Regiment. His unit was number 1 LAD, REME detachment, and was on the first drop at Arnhem on the 17th Sept 1944. He joined the Army in 1934 as boy solider in the RA in Winchester as he was from Eastleigh in Hampshire. He joined number 1 Para 1941 done his jumps at Ringway, then He was in North Africa 1942, Tunisia and was injured by a land mine, and ended up in the French Foreign Legion for 10 months (by accident). Got back to his unit and went to, Sicily, Italy, D + 2 Normandy, Arnhem 1st drop, and swam the Rhine to get out. I think he was one of the last men out across the river. He was in the Black forest after Arnhem where he was blown up again. He was one of the founder members of the Tyneside Branch of the PRA. The information I would really like is Arnhem if any body could help if they knew him.


Pte Norman Blakemore (KIA 09/06/43)

I have been researching the death of my uncle -Pte. Norman Blakemore - 2nd (airborne) bn South Staffs regt., kia 9th July 1943, Sicily. Unfortunately no family photographs of him exist. His unit was S Company. Any help would be much appreciated. Paul Withers,


RSM Michael "Mick" Briody MBE (d. 1991)

Lilian Mann is seeking any information, anecdotes, photos etc., of her Grandfather, RSM Michael Briody MBE, No.2 Wing, Glider Pilot Regiment. He was awarded the Dutch Bronze Lion, and the MBE. He was later commissioned and ended his service in the early 70's as Paymaster at the Depot of the Parachute Regiment in Aldershot. In addition to the Battle of Arnhem, he was also involved in the Sicily Landings and prior to joining the GPR served with the Irish Guards in the 1940 Norway campaign. Sadly, he passed away in 1991. Any information, please email: Further info:

RSM Michael Briody RSM Michael Briody RSM Michael Briody


Pte Robert Gilbert (advert placed 15/02/20)

My Grandad, Private Robert Gilbert (7267084), was in the RAMC (16 PFA). He was active in North Africa, Sicily and Italy then went to Arnhem where he was captured and taken POW to Stalag XI-B. I would be especially grateful for any group photos and information on medals he would have been awarded. Brian Murray,


Sgt George G. Hammond (advert placed 17/02/17)

I am trying to find out any information about my Dad, George G. Hammond. D.O.B. April 27, 1924 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was drafted into the Army in approx 1942 and was initially assigned to a tank corps for a short stint before volunteering for the 2nd Independent Parachute Brigade serving in North Africa, Italy, France, Greece and Palestine. I believe he was a Sergeant. Any help, information, or suggestions on my search would be so greatly appreciated. Jason Hammond,


Cpl Stanley Hey

9th Field Company, RE. My Grandad's name is mentioned in the war diary entry for the 19th September 1944 as having brought in 7 ors from Driel. As far is I know he was dropped in the first lift at Arnhem and was attached to 3 Platoon under Capt Heggie. I know very little about him, as he died when I was young. I am also aware he served in Africa, Italy, Sicily, and was posted to Norway in 1945 and assisted in the recovery of bodies in Operation Freshman. He ended the war as a Sgt. At present I'm trying to build his history and am looking at his time firstly in Arnhem then other theatres in which he served where their is less info. Any help would be appreciated. Richard Huntington,


Stan Hutchings

Does anyone know anything about my mother's first cousin Samuel Stanley (Stan) Hutchings (born 27th February 1917 in Abertillery, died 13th December 1999 in Abertillery). Following the war he became a well known butcher in Abertillery. Known to have served with the 1st Airborne Division in North Africa, Sicily and Italy, and according to a family story, he was on the Arnhem raid but their group jumped too early and landed in the sea. They were picked up after two days. Any information would be useful as I would like to obtain his sevice records etc to record for family history purposes. My e-mail address is 

Stan Hutchings Stan Hutchings in 1986


S/Sgt Sam Isaacs DFM

His son, Simon Murray, is writing a book/radio play about his father's war experiences with Arnhem as a central feature and would welcome any information on him. Sam Isaacs was a glider pilot who also saw action in Sicily and Normandy and he ended up in India at the end of the war. Simon is particularly interested in tracking down Bill Perry, Sam's 2nd pilot from D Day and Arnhem, or Bill's family. Contact with anyone who actually remembers him in action would also be marvellous! Please contact Simon at

Sam Isaacs in 1945 Sam Isaacs in 1978


James Macdonald

William James Kirk Macdonald. I am interested in finding any additional information on my father who was a member of 1st Glider Pilot Regiment from 1st October 1942. He had enlisted in July 1939 in Lanarkshire, and had fought with the Gordon Highlanders in Belgium, before coming out through Dunkirk in May 1940. In April 1943 my father was one of 100 trained glider pilots who sailed on Niew Holland from Gourock and arrived Oran, Algeria on 26th. Moved to Tizi on Mascara Plain. Accommodation was in an American-built POW compound! In July 1943 he took part in Operation Fustian and then went back to Tunisia after the operation. He was then with the GPR through Italy and in August 1944 was involved with Operation Dragoon, in Southern France. In December 1944 he was commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant. There is limited information in his war record and we have unfortunately lost his Log Book. He was probably know as "Jim" or "Jimmie" as nobody referred to by his first name "William". I have attached a photograph from his identity card. If anyone has any additional information I would be very pleased to hear from them. John Macdonald,

James Macdonald


Pte A H McNaught

I'm trying to find more information and contacts who may have known my father, Pte A H McNaught. He was one of the first to join 1st Airborne and remembers going to London with an officer to buy red berets before they were formally issued. I know he spent time in North Africa (Tunisia), took part in the invasion of Sicily (and I believe landed in the sea in his glider), he was at Arnhem as part of 1st Airborne headquarters, having been based at Fulbeck Hall and leaving from Barkston Heath. Finally he took part in the liberation of Norway. I attach 2 photos, both taken in Tunisia. Bill McNaught,

Private A. H. McNaught Private A. H. McNaught


Lt Leslie James Patrick Magee

My grandfather was in 21 Independent Coy as a L/Cpl from June 1942, then served with the 8th Parachute Battalion as a 2nd Lt from August 1944 until early 1945, and after the war with 22nd Independent Coy, the 5th Parachute Battalion, and 16th Parachute Brigade, retiring in 1977 as a Lieutenant-Colonel. Would love to hear from any veterans still alive that may have known him, as sadly he passed away in 2000. See for more information. Sean Nash,


L/Cpl Sidney James Nickless

Of the 1st Para Brigade's 16 Parachute Field Ambulance, serving with them in North Africa, Sicily, and Arnhem, where he was captured. Army number 7385572, and a POW at Stalag XIB, prison number 118546. His son, Peter, would like to hear from anyone who knew him. Contact


Pte Norman J.C. Osborne

I am looking for anyone who trained with Private Norman J.C. Osborne (RAMC) at Ringway, Manchester in June, 1940. Also, Private Osborne was posted to the parachute training course at AFDS Chesterfield in January 1943, probably with the 127 Para Field Ambulance. Anyone with a photograph from either of these two schools would be very helpful. Thank you for your assistance. Andrew T. Osborne,


L/Cpl Peter Quilliam MM

2881271, L/Cpl Peter Quilliam was in the 1st Parachute Battalion. Peter along with 9 others was parachuted into Ancona in Northern Italy - their task to make contact with the allied prisoners and assist them in their escape to the allied lines - extracted from Sangro, (awarded a MM for this), He was at Arnhem. He was taken prisoner by  the Italians after a parachute drop into Sicily 'in mid 1943 but escaped. Peter also survive Arnhem where he was taken prisoner by the Germans but managed to escape. I am seeking any information about his operations and service during WWII.


Cpl George Rothwell
Mortar Platoon, 2nd Bn South Staffords. Served with the battalion on airborne operations in Sicily, Italy and Holland. He was wounded in the chest by mortar fire late in the battle near Oosterbeek church and captured shortly before 1st Airborne's withdrawal. George spent the rest of the war as a POW and took part in the 'long march' in early 1945. He came from Burton-upon-Trent and died during the 1980s. Any information on him would be welcomed by Andrew, his 2nd cousin.


Albert George Such

Albert George Such No. 14318215 joined the Army on 5th November 1942 enlisted as a gunner with the Royal Artillery. In February 1943 he was posted to the 1st Air Landing Light Regiment and was a fully trained airborne gunner. In May 1943 Albert left with his regiment for North Africa arriving at Sousse Tunisia on 27th May 1943, training was intensified for the airborne invasion of Sicily. In September 1943 Albert left with his regiment for Italy landing at Taranto where they had their first taste of battle. He arrived back in England on 10th February 1944. I am not sure if my dad was involved in the assault on Pegasus bridge he seems to think he was. Albert (my dad) took part in probably the most famous Airborne Assault - Arnhem. By the 25th September they were trapped in a small pocket with their backs to the Rhine. They were ordered to withdraw by swimming across the river. They had to leave behind radio operators, medics and the wounded, which Albert was (shot in the groin) he was eventually picked up and taken Prisoner of War to a Military Hospital and on to Stalag 9C. Later when the Americans were advancing they moved the prisoners further into Germany, but Albert and some others escaped and hid in a farmhouse until being picked up by the Americans who he stayed with for a few months before being repatriated. Due to his injuries he was transferred to the Military Police. He was promoted to Bombardier in 1946 before leaving the forces. He will be 87 in April and wonders if there is anyone that remembers him. Lynda Lidington,


Pte Joseph Watson (advert placed 03/01/17)

My Uncle Private Joseph Watson took part in the amphibious landings at Taranto Harbour, Italy in September 1943. He was on board the Minelayer HMS Abdiel. Unfortunately two ground mines detonated beneath the ship and caused it to sink within 3 minutes. My Uncle lost his life, aged 20, at sea on the 10th September 1943. He was among 58 from the 1st Airborne Division who lost their lives during Operation Slapstick. My grandparents were devastated by the loss of their son. I never knew my Uncle Joe, but am very proud of him. I am trying to gather together as much information as I can about his time serving in the British Army. He attended Parachute Training at RAF Ringway 5th April to 16th April 1943 (course number 59). If anyone has information, I would be very grateful if you could share it with me, Diane Jackson,