Lieutenant Jack Reynolds

Lieutenant Jack Reynolds

Lieutenant Jack Reynolds


Unit : Reconnaissance Platoon, Simforce during Sicily, 2nd Battalion The South Staffordshire Regiment

Army No. : 190738

Awards : Military Cross


Jack Reynolds commanded the Battalion's Reconnaissance Platoon, but during Operation Ladbroke he formed a part of the Simforce, an improvised addition to the 2nd South Staffords force, formed 36 hours before take-off when new gliders became available. Reynolds reached Sicily and participated in the defence of the bridge. Captured after their ammunition ran out, Reynolds was amongst the group of prisoners who were freed shortly after and returned to the bridge in an attempt to retake it. For his conduct throughout he was awarded the Military Cross:


This officer with his party of nine men landed at 2225 hours some four miles south of the Battalion Rendezvous. He led his party throughout the night to Waterloo Bridge encountering stiff opposition on the way during which six of his nine men became casualties. On the way up he collected several stragglers, forming them into an organised group, eventually assisting in the defence of the Bridge, during which two more of his men were killed and another missing.


Throughout the fighting this officer set a very high example of courage and leadership in the face of heavy odds.


Lieutenant Reynolds was later put in command of the Mortar Platoon. In this capacity he participated in the Battle of Arnhem in September 1944, where he was taken prisoner. As he was led away, Reynolds noticed a German cameraman, grinning as he filmed the prisoners. Already angry at his capture and the destruction of the Battalion, Reynolds stuck two fingers up at the cameraman.


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