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Douglas DC-3 by Robert Jackson

Pegasus Archive review: The DC-3 has a special place in the history of aviation, with its classic design establishing new benchmarks for reliability and luxury, and it was so successful in pioneering new mail and passenger routes during the latter half of the 1930's that within a few short years 600 had been built and enjoyed a near monopoly on commercial air travel over the USA. This achievement was dwarfed by its performance during the Second World War, with over 15,000 military versions being produced as the C-47 Skytrain, otherwise known as the Dakota to the British and the Lisunov Li-2 to the USSR. It provided the Airborne Forces with a superb parachute dropping and glider towing aircraft, but above all saw ubiquitous service as a transport workhouse, carrying passengers and freight all over the globe, delivering supplies to forward bases and evacuating wounded on the return flight. This book summarises its service history, but with many colour photographs and renderings it is primarily intended as a superb reference for modellers, including a wide range of patterning examples and close up detail of numerous component parts. Price: 16.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


Hitler's Munich: The Capital of the Nazi Movement by David Ian Hall

Pegasus Archive review: The Bavarian city of Munich has a long and distinguished history as one of Europe's great cultural centres, but in the aftermath of the First World War it became a crucible for extreme right wing thought, as it was here that the Nazi Party was formed and where Adolf Hitler first entered politics, developing his considerable oratorical skills and quickly establishing a reputation as a venomously charismatic speaker. In 1923 it was also the scene of the failed Beer Hall Putsch, and shortly after the Nazis took power they transformed Munich into their spiritual home, with those killed in the attempt being all but deified with monumental buildings to commemorate their sacrifice as though they were legendary heroes of antiquity. David Ian Hall brilliantly describes the origins and rise of Nazism through the prism of Munich, exploring how each was shaped by the other, and how the violent and chaotic beginnings of their ideology was gradually transformed into a sinister cult. Price 25.00. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


Of Stirlings and Stalags: An Air-Gunner's Tale by W.E. "Bill" Goodman

Synopsis: When William 'Bill' Goodman died in 2002 little did his daughters know the extent of the memoirs he had been writing in the few years before his death. Bill's life, from joining the RAF in 1941 at the age of 18 to his demob in 1948, was fraught with adventure. He describes his service with 7 Squadron at Oakington; he then highlights the terrifying events of the night their Stirling was shot down over Holland, his subsequent incarceration at Stalag Luft 3, periods in other camps and, finally, the long debilitating march back home. All this with fascinating commentary, vivid description and the intimacy of his experience. The reader will meet his fellow airmen and Pows, the man who shot down their Stirling on that eventful night, the heroes of the Dutch resistance and, surprisingly, a kindly and caring guard in Stalag Luft 3! A fascinating first-hand account of a young man's wartime experience. Copies may be purchased from Amazon.


Britain's Glorious Aircraft Industry by J. Paul Hodgson

Pegasus Archive review: With the founding in 1908 of the world's first properly registered company for the design and production of aircraft, Britain's aviation industry rapidly expanded and went on to achieve many more firsts, pioneering new technologies and designs to create some of the finest aircraft in the world. The author has very considerable experience within the industry and so is excellently placed to tell the story of how it evolved, the breakthroughs it made, how it was shaped by international and domestic competition, technological advances, and political interest or lack thereof. It also examines the reasons behind the decline of the industry from its 1950's peak, as the companies amalgamated and Britain became increasingly reliant on international collaboration, as remains the case to this day. The book closes with a very large set of appendices which list every production and experimental aircraft produced by the industry with a brief outline of their basic characteristics. Price 15.59. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


SDKFZ 251: 251/9 and 251/22 Kanonenwagen by Dennis Oliver

Pegasus Archive review: The Sdkfz 251 half-track was one of the most extensively produced armoured vehicles of the Second World War, with 15,000 being built and used in a very wide variety of roles, from personnel carrier and command vehicle to mobile rocket launcher and bridge layer. This superb modelling guide looks at the 251/9 and 251/22 variants, mounting a 7.5cm short and long-barrelled gun respectively, with the former seeing extensive service from early 1943 and the latter emerging during the final months of the war. It is beautifully illustrated throughout with numerous colour renderings of each type, showing a range of camouflage and markings relating to specific units at particular times and places. It also includes a brief history of the two variants, as well as an overview of their service in every individual panzer formation. Price: 16.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


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