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The Long Range Desert Group in Action 1940-1943 by Brendan O'Carroll

Pegasus Archive review: The Long Range Desert Group were pioneers of Britain's special forces, using their superb field craft and knowledge of the desert to penetrate deep behind the lines, sometimes raiding, but primarily focusing on reconnaissance to gather intelligence on enemy strength and movements, and in so doing they created a blueprint which the later SAS raids used to great effect. This rather large entry in the Images of War series follows the Group from their formation in July 1940 through to the conclusion of the North African campaign, with an epilogue in the Aegean in late 1943, shortly before their disbandment. Its considerable number of photographs were all taken by LRDG members, and the lack of formality in these gives a great sense of how they dressed, equipped, and conducted themselves, how they lived deep in the desert, the problems they encountered, and the aftermath of some of their rading expeditions.  Price: 12.79. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


Sniper Ace by Bruno Sutkus

Pegasus Archive review: Bruno Sutkus joined the Wehrmacht in 1943, and, despite his young years became one of the most prolific snipers of the war, claiming 209 kills in just six months on the Eastern Front. There are a number of equally superb memoirs which explore this deadly art, the methods they employed, and their insight into what makes a successful sniper; Sutkus does all of this, but what sets his account apart is the extremely rare inclusion of notes from his log, recording the date, place and brief circumstances of every kill. This alone would make it one of the most valuable narratives on the subject, but the second half of the book is just as compelling, telling the story of his extraordinary and harrowing struggle for survival in the post-war Soviet Union. Forced to join the Red Army, he immediately deserted and attempted to join the Lithuanian Resistance, but eventually fell into the hands of the NKVD, who tortured him before banishing him to a Siberian Gulag. He was released after 12 years hard labour, but it was not until 1997 that his struggle finally came to an end when he was at last allowed to leave Russia and return home. Price: 12.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


The Two Lieutenants by John Howes and Ruud Kreling

Synopsis: A superbly researched account of the murders of Raymond Bussell (3rd Parachute Battalion) and Michael Cambier (156 Parachute Battalion), escaped prisoners of war from Arnhem. Hardback, 130 pages. Price: 30 plus postage. Copies may be ordered from Niall Cherry,


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