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Hill 112: Battles of the Odon - 1944 by Tim Saunders

Pegasus Archive review: As the British advance in Normandy began to move around Caen, the innocuously named Hill 112 and its dominating heights became a vital position for both sides, changing hands several times. This book focuses on Operation Jupiter, which ended in a stalemate with neither side able to fully control the hill, though it did succeed in drawing the German armoured reserves into a costly battle they could ill-afford, helping to pave the way for the American breakout in the west. In the time honoured style of the superb Battleground Europe series, Tim Saunders compresses a substantial amount of information into a remarkably small space, with his clear and concise narrative excellently supported by numerous veterans accounts, reports, photographs and detailed maps. Price 14.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


Logistics in World War II 1939-1945 by John Norris

Pegasus Archive review: The subject of logistics in warfare is amongst the most complicated and least glamorous areas of study, and as such many have glossed over what is an utterly essential component of any successful campaign. Yet as John Norris demonstrates it can be a fascinating story of almost stupefying statistics, with hungry armies consuming tens of thousands of tons of supplies each day, requiring continual replenishment of all things from rations, clothing and medical supplies, to petrol, shells, and vehicles; all of which often had to pass through obliterated towns, and along congested roads and wrecked railway lines. The book takes a chronological approach, describing the challenges faced by the Allies and Axis Forces in the West and the Far East, the state of their armaments programmes, and how these evolved over the course of the war. Particular attention is paid to key points in the conflict, including the effect that the Blitzkrieg revolution had on logistics, rebuilding of the British Army after Dunkirk, the struggles for North Africa and Italy, the Normandy landings, and the difficulties of sustaining these vast armies beyond the beachheads. Price: 28.00. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


In Cold War Skies: NATO and Soviet Air Power, 1949-89 by Michael Napier

Pegasus Archive review: A beautifully presented history of Cold War aviation, crammed with large and in many cases colour photographs, documenting the rivalry between East and West for technological supremacy from 1949 to 1989. The period coincided with the dawn of the jet age, and the first aircraft covered are those post-war models which represented the peak of propeller-driven technology before the jet came to dominate, heralding an era of magnificent designs and experimentation. Napier sets this development in context with each chapter chronicling a new decade, describing the political situation in each along with the shifts in military thinking and their effect on the aircraft produced. Including accounts from those who flew them, all of the major models are profiled for both sides as well as neutral countries. The book closes with an order of battle for every ten years, listing the locations and aircraft used by each squadron. Copies may be purchased from Amazon.


Objective Falaise by Georges Bernage

Pegasus Archive review: The battle to close the Falaise Gap and trap the German 7th Army marked the final phase of the Normandy campaign in August 1944. With the Americans racing through the open terrain to the south, this book follows the difficult advance by the 1st Canadian Army from the North over devastated ground and against prepared German defences. The book is divided into two parts to cover Operations Totalize, which after an initially promising start was brought to a halt by the 12th SS Panzer Division, and then Tractable which ultimately forced a path through to Falaise. With the addition of first hand testimonies, this is a lavishly decorated account, filled with excellent and in many cases colour photographs, showing scenes from the advance, as well as equipment, insignia and personalities. Price 13.00. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or


Two Steps Forward: A Case Study of the 8th Parachute Battalion, its German adversaries and the 4th Parachute Battalion by Carl Rymen

Synopsis: In 1942 the British Army was building a Parachute Army. The 4th Parachute Battalion was formed early 1942 and the 8th late 1942. Men were needed to volunteer for these battalions. Officers addressed units in the hope that enough men would take two steps forward. Once they volunteered the first step in becoming a paratrooper was pre parachute training at Hardwick, the second step was parachute training at Ringway. Once a man had made these two steps with success he became a qualified paratrooper. Who were these men? How did they experience the two steps in becoming a paratrooper? Can we know? Copies may be purchased from Amazon.


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