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New Additions


The Americans on D-Day & in Normandy by Brooke Blades

Pegasus Archive review: The first of three books focusing on the American experience in Europe, from the beaches of Normandy to the end of the war. At over 250 pages, this is a particularly large entry in the Images of War series, and follows the preparations for D-Day, then the drop of the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions, and the landings on the Omaha and Utah beaches, before going on to document, as many books neglect to do, the hard fighting beyond D-Day through to the liberation of the Cotentin Peninsula and Saint Lô. The book contains hundreds of carefully selected, high quality photographs, some of which will be well-known to those familiar with the subject but a great many are rarely published, and paint a superb picture of the progress of the campaign. They are typically focused on infantry in a range of situations, but they also dwell on the human cost; of the civilian experience, the care and evacuation of the wounded of both sides, the immediate burial of the dead and their final resting place in the post-war cemeteries. Price: £15.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or Pen and Sword.


German Military Vehicles in the Spanish Civil War by José Maria Manrique, Jose Maria Mata, Lucas Molina

Pegasus Archive review: The Spanish Civil War of 1936-39 presented Nazi Germany with the perfect opportunity to support its comrades in fascism, but above all to test in combat conditions the numerous new weapons, vehicles and tactics which they had developed to overcome the stalemate of trench warfare. It was an extremely valuable experience, and as such were very much able to hit the ground running at the start of the Second World War. This superbly presented book consists largely of illustrations and photographs of the considerable range of the equipment used during its course, from the relatively mundane, of staff cars, motorcycles and supply trucks, to anti-tank and anti-aircraft guns, and the most prestigious of all, tanks and aircraft. It also presents numerous tables listing the types and quantities of each, as well as orders of battle for the German and Spanish units which used them. Price: £25.00. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or Pen and Sword.


Albert Speer: Escaping the Gallows by Adrian Greaves

Pegasus Archive review: As Hitler's armaments minister, Albert Speer had performed miracles by maintaining war production despite the routine destruction of his factories in bombing raids. Tried at Nuremberg for war crimes, he conjured another miracle when he pleaded guilty by association with the Nazi regime, but convinced the court that he knew nothing of the Holocaust and so did not follow many of his former comrades to the gallows, although he did spend 20 years in Spandau prison and emerged with the remarkably favourable reputation as "the good German". As this excellent book reveals, however, after his death it was discovered that Speer was not only aware of the Holocaust and the extermination camps, but that he and the departments over which he presided had been directly involved in the construction of the camps and facilitated their operation. As the man himself later wrote, while he knew of but did not agree with Hitler's unconcealed determination to exterminate the Jewish race, he nevertheless provided him with the means of doing so. Any account following Speer's wartime career through to his release from prison would be interesting enough, but what makes this book particularly compelling is that the author, later a high ranking policeman and qualified clinical psychologist, was one of his guards in Spandau and interviewed Speer over the course of several years. Price £13.99. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or Pen and Sword


The Mighty Eighth: Masters of the Air Over Europe 1942-45 by Donald Nijboer

Pegasus Archive review: A superbly illustrated tribute to the US 8th Air Force, whose bombers and fighters were at the forefront of the campaign in Western Europe, and played an immense role in the destruction of German industry from 1942 onwards, as well as drawing the Luftwaffe into a battle of attrition which ultimately achieved air superiority and made the D-Day landings possible. With hundreds of excellent photographs and illustrations, many in colour, the seven chapters of this book describe the formation of the 8th Air Force, its organisation, training and tactics, the aircraft and weaponry it used, an overview of the bombing campaign throughout the war, the experiences of individual aircrews, and profiles of some of its commanders and notable personnel. Copies may be purchased from Amazon


The Warsaw Uprisings 1943-1944 by Ian Baxter

Pegasus Archive review: Of the numerous tragedies which befell the Polish people during the Second World War, the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 was certainly amongst the worst, as the proximity of the Red Army encouraged the Polish Home Army to rise up to assist the advance of their liberators, but they did not come and instead allowed the resistance to be crushed. The fighting raged for 63 days, at the conclusion of which the city had been systematically demolished but remarkably the survivors of the Home Army were treated as prisoners of war, though many civilians were deported as slave labour and some ended up in concentration camps. The superb photographs in this book chronicle this sad episode, and equally that of the Jewish Ghetto Uprising of 1943, which was brutally put down with a much less favourable outcome for its participants. As is typical of the Images of War series, the excellent quality photographs have been carefully selected and come with detailed explanatory notes. Price £10.49. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or Pen and Sword


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