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Allies Forever by Karen A. Patterson


Synopsis: Abandoned to foster homes during the Great Depression, Gladys grew to be a strong woman with an independent spirit. Then she met Red, a gentle man of great humor. Red was seventeen when America entered WWII. Eager to do his part, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force, but not wanting to lose Gladys, the two married as soon as he completed his training. Red was shipped overseas to Great Britain, and Gladys began married life alone and pregnant. On Christmas Day in 1944, Red and the rest of the flight crew were ordered on a bombing mission. Caught in a battle with the Luftwaffe, his plane was severely damaged, and Red was forced to bail out over German territory. Captured and wounded, he endured a ninety-mile march before reaching the prisoner-of-war camp. Daily life became a miserable combination of intense cold and starvation. Stateside, Gladys gave birth to a healthy baby boy. For two years she was self-sufficient - taking care of her child, working, and saving money for the future. But when Red returned, he was resentful, angry, restless, and showed little interest in his son. The war may have been over, but for Gladys and Red, their greatest challenges lay before them. Allies Forever is an awe-inspiring testimony to the resilience of the human spirit during war times and a heartwarming story of what it means to be a family…even in difficult times. You won't forget this story anytime soon!

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Diary of a Nazi POW by Victor Wojtas


Synopsis: Victor Wojtas was a Nazi Prisoner of War for 25 months. Stalag VIIA, IIIB, IIIA. During that time he kept a diary which he kept hidden from his Nazi captors. Read the thoughts and feelings, poems and recipes of Vic and his buddies. Also a "don't miss" report on their escape from Stalag IIIA, Luckenwalde and their Russian "liberators". Victor's biography before and after the war is included as well as historical follow-up on events in the Diary. The author has included letters from Stalag IIIB, photographs of POW life and descriptions of the camps. Maps of the locations of the POW camps in Europe are also provided.


Price: US $15.99 plus shipping

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Guests of Hitler's Reich by James Coulter


Synopsis: When, at the outbreak of WWII in response to an appeal from his bishop, Devonian churchman Geoffrey Kestell-Cornish volunteered to become an army chaplain, he was not to know that virtually his entire career as such would be spent as a prisoner of war behind the barbed wire of the notorious prison camp Stalag VIIIB at Lamsdorf in Poland. In 1944 he was transferred to a POW working camp at Sosnowitch. In January 1945, with the Red Army making rapid advances into Poland, the inmates of E5-38 at Sosnowitch were forced to evacuate. Liberation this was not but the start of an epic journey of some 400 miles on foot from Poland throughout Czechoslovakia into Southern Germany. Written in pencil in a tattered school exercise book, Padre Geoffrey Kestell-Cornish's day by day account of the long march is a poignant tale of dogged courage and endurance in the face of grinding adversity when the human spirit was often tested to its limits and beyond.


Guests of Hitler's Reich is published and distributed by James Coulter in paperback format: 210x148mm with 97 pages, 12 b/w photos, 3 line figures and a map at £8.25 from booksellers or by post within the UK at £9 from the publisher. To order, contact James Coulter at


Highland Schottische by Robert Grieve Black


Snynopsis: Ian Black was born in 1906 on the Island of Walney in Vickerstown near Barrow-in-Furness in the north-west of England. His parents Donald and Mary were both born in Appin in Scotland from parents who were from the Island of Lismore just a little north of Oban. Donald had moved south to work in the Vicker's yard building submarines. When Ian was six years old his mother died and he and his brother Donnie were sent north to live with an aunt in Port Appin. The story traces his young life up to his meeting with Christina Mackenzie from Benderloch. Together they share a love of music especially Highland music. Their courtship is abrubtly interrupted by the Second World War as Ian goes off to France with the British Expeditionary Force. Poorly prepared and ill-equipped they fight a rearguard action in Picardie as the main part of the British force runs home via Dunkirk. Many die and many more are taken prisoner. Ian spends the next five years in Stalag XXA in Poland exchanging heavily censored correspondence with Christina, and then, as the Third Reich begins to collapse, all the prisoners are forced to march across the snow covered plains of northern Europe defenceless into the raging battle zone. Eventually while Britain celebrates VE-Day Ian with his two stalwart comrades flies back to the UK and to Christina. The book explores not only life in Stalag XXA and its various work camps but also the events leading up to the capture of the main body of inmates. The last chapters deal with the horrendous march from Poland to Germany and to eventual freedom.


Price: UK £9.99, USA $14.99, Canada $19.73, Australia $35.

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A Kriegies Lament by George V. Neale

Taken from the pages of his original diaries, written under the most extreme conditions and bound to his body for safe-keeping. For 664 days, Halifax Bomber Pilot George V. Neale spent time as a "guest" of the Luftwaffe in three different Prisoner of War camps. The diaries offer an insightful look into the lives of the "Kriegies" who adapted to their unfavourable surroundings and created their own culture. He kept the diaries faithfully daily before, during and after his captivity.They were carried around his waist in a canvass bag, out of sight, so as not to be confiscated.


Price: USA $ 22.95. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the books is donated to the author's church building fund.

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Laughing - We Ran by Len Dann


The story of Len Dann's escape from a Prisoner of War camp in Italy, and of the following nine months he spent behind the lines, working with partisan forces. A heavily condensed copy of his story can be read here.


To Order: Telephone Christine Hickmott-Arnold on 01580 763946.


My Mother Kept A Scrapbook: the True Story of a WWII POW by Gerhard Johnson as told to Kathleen Marie Marsh


Synopsis: Captured during the ill-fated Allied offensive in Italy in January 1944, Army Private Gerhard Johnson did not expect to ever see his family again. As a prisoner of the Nazis, he endured 15 months of hell, deprived of the most basic human needs: food, water, shelter, sanitation, and medical care. Determined to come home to the only woman he had ever loved, Gerhard lost over a third his body weight while somehow managing to survive. This is his story. Meanwhile, back home in Central Wisconsin, his mother wrote letters, sent Red Cross parcels, and filled a scrapbook in an amazing effort to keep her absent son alive as long as she possibly could. This is her story too. Read and recommended by Ex-POW's worldwide!


Price: $10.50 plus shipping

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Our Father Who is in Heaven, had His Own plans for me by Manuel Darmanin


The true life experiences of Father Salvino Darmanin, a prisoner of the Germans at Stalags IVA and VIIA. Extracts can be read here. To order, email, price: 5 Euros.


Proof Through The Night by K. P. Burke


Synopsis: A B-29 Pilot Captive in Japan. The Ernest Pickett Story by K.P. Burke. A gripping WWII memoir tells the story of a B-29 pilot who was shot down over the Japanese homeland. Highly descriptive, this account includes plenty of white-knuckle flying and the little-known story of the early deployment of the B-29 in India and China prior to the establishment of bases in the Pacific. The account of Mr. Pickett's thirteen months of captivity, six of them in solitary confinement, will stay in the reader's mind long after the book has been closed. Foreword by Lt. Gen. James V. Edmundson, USAF, retired.


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Under the Wire by Bill Ash and Brendan Foley


Synopsis: A fantastic new book - the WWII memoir of a rare American Spitfire pilot, legendary escape artist and real-life 'cooler king'. Bill Ash is one of a rare breed - an American prepared to sacrifice his citizenship and risk his life to fight the Nazis at a time when the USA was not yet in the war. He left the 'Hungry 30s' to join the Royal Canadian Air Force and before long found himself in England, flying Spitfires in combat. Then, in March 1942, Bill was shot down over the Pas de Calais. He survived the crash-landing and, thanks to the bravery of local civilians, evaded capture for months.


It was in Paris that he was betrayed to the Gestapo. Tortured and sentenced to death as a spy, he was saved from the firing squad by the intervention of the Luftwaffe who sent him to the 'Great Escape' POW camp, Stalag Luft III. From there, Bill - already branded a trouble-maker by his captors - began his extraordinary 'tour' of Occupied Europe, breaking out of one camp, being dispatched to the next - in Poland, Germany and Lithuania. Bill became one of only a handful of serial escape artists to attempt more than a dozen break-outs - over the wire, under it in tunnels, through it with cutters or simply strolling out of the camp gates in disguise. These were years of extraordinary hardship, frustration and brutality - each time he was recaptured his punishment was a long spell in solitary. He was a real-life 'Cooler king'- but through it all he maintained not just remarkable courage, but also an anarchic sense of humour, great humanity and an unstoppable desire for freedom. From its honest, funny and exciting reflections on life in wartime Britain to the vivid, compelling, sometimes poignant recollections of his time as a POW, UNDER THE WIRE is more than just another memoir. It stands as a tribute to the bravery and resolve, not only of Bill Ash, but of an entire generation. In the words of top writer Alan Plater "Bill Ash makes Steve McQueen look like Jim Carrey". At the time of writing, this book is available in the UK at 30% off through the links on this page, but this offer may end at any time. 


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Whispers from an Empty Coffin by Kathleen Belfiore Schuman


Synopsis:  Donald W. Schuman – a rather ordinary sounding name, but this is no ordinary man. Descendant from German immigrants and growing up in rural South Dakota, Donald is an all-American teen when he joins the fight against the tyranny of Nazi Germany in WWII. First-hand experiences of the horrors of war, in the end, pale in comparison to the many trials and tribulations, and then the ultimate triumphs Donald would experience across an ominous and all-too-short lifetime ahead of him. How many times must he overcome his own death – once, twice, more? Whispers from an Empty Coffin is an emotionally captivating and historically thrilling true-life tale of one man’s life journey and the many family, friends, and foes that would inevitably steer the path of his life. An inspiring adventure that serves as an inspiration for generations to come and truly exemplifies the adage, “It’s always darkest before the dawn”. See for more details. Books


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Spectator In Hell by Colin Rushton


Synopsis: Auschwitz was not just a camp for those that the Third Reich deemed "undesirables", hundreds of British Tommies were also incarcerated there and witnessed the atrocities meted out by Hitler's brutal SS. This is the true story of one of these spectators, Arthur Dodd.