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A view across Stalag 383 Looking through the woods to a watchtower CSM Maclaren's street Looking across the camp The camp in winter

The Stalag Tin Dump The R.A.F. men of Hut 99 The Harvest Festival, inside the Church Happy Hampstead The occupants of Hut 201

Ken Johns in Stalag 383 Red Cross parcels arriving at the camp in March 1945



"Digger" Knowles Jimmy Duncan "A great entertainer" Entertainer, Jack Harris I. C. Stevens Peter Fogg of the 4th Hussars

Les Foskett with two of his pets Ken "Chips" Crabtree R. Philip Smith Ted Smith, Chas Thomas and Norman O'Tagiri Staff-Sergeant Charles Brett

Staff-Sergeant Charles Brett repairing watches



"Ginger" Suggit and George Beesen in German uniform, shortly before an escape attempt An escape map



Men of Kent, 1943 No.5 Company 127 EYM Coy, Royal Engineers The Male Voice Choir, outside the Theatre The Balmoral Choir

Men of Hampshire Les Foskett and the occupants of Hut 22 British prisoners pose for a photograph outside their hut Prisoners at Stalag 383 Prisoners at Stalag 383

Prisoners at Stalag 383 Men of the East Riding Yeomanry Prisoners in Stalag 383 Prisoners in Stalag 383



The St. George's Day Sports The English Football Team, 1944 The Scottish Football team The Irish Football Team, 1944 George Berryman, Dia Lewellan, and "Plum" Orchard strut their stuff

J. Willshire demonstrates his soccer skills Leslie Collins demonstrates his soccer skills Arthur Symington demonstrates his soccer skills A boxer poses for a photograph Boxer, Harry Williams, poses for a photograph

The Hogs Basketball Team, featuring CSM Maclaren The English Basketball Team The Scottish Basketball Team



A selection of portraits on display in the Model Room A selection of poster art on display in the Model Room A model railway Model boats A model Spitfire

Arts and Craft


The Bee Keepers Association Bee Keepers A beehive Prisoners stand in amongst the beehives Bee Keepers



Eric Davey's garden



A poster announcing Anzac Day, 1944 Nominal Roll of Anzac veterans now residing at Stalag 383 Australian servicemen lead the march past The South African contingent march by Welsh soldiers march past

Men on parade to mark Anzac Day The 880 yard race, part of the Anzac Day sports Anzac Day, 1944

Anzac Day


The Rover Scout Crew membership card The Rover Scout Crew Promise Rover Scout Crew aims Signatures of Rover Scout Crew members Rover Scout Crew badges

The Rover Scout Crew The Rover Scout Crew The Rover Scout Crew The Rover Scout Crew The Rover Scout Crew

The Rover Scout Crew The Rover Scout Crew The Rover Scout Crew The notice board

Rover Scout Crew