CSM Frederick William Maclaren

CSM Frederick William Maclaren, whose diary is the source for many of the photographs on Stalag XVIIIA and 383.


A view across part of Stalag XVIIIA Stalag XVIIIA The funeral of Sgt Hastie Stalag XVIIIA



All ranks, 1942 Taken in 1942 The Pipe Band of the 51st Highland Division The Weymouth contingent of the 127 EYM Coy, RE Australia House

Prisoners at Stalag XVIIIA British prisoners



A group at a work camp British and Australian prisoners British and Australian prisoners on a farm near Rheinberg, Austria



"Ginger" Coates, an interpreter Trooper Fogg, an interpreter Sergeant William Bunnett Private Alan Harvet Private Charlie Jenkins

Private Larry Cutter



The Scottish Football Team, 1942 The New Zealand Rugby Team



The programme for Pygmalion A scene from a performance of Pygmalion A scene from a performance of Pygmalion



The "Davy Laird" Band The Military Band Don Whitely's Band Don Whitely's Band



Camp Personalities - "Sam" Hawley Camp Personalities - Major Brook Moore Camp Personalities - Jimmy Duncan Camp Personalities - Davy Laird Camp Personalities - Jack Lindsay

Camp Personalities - "Mac" Camp Personalities - Duncan McLennan Camp Personalities - Jack Harris

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