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Sports Day, August 1942



A scene from "Blithe Spirit" The 'women' cast members of "French Without Tears" A scene from "Hewers of Coal" Acrobatics, courtesy of the Royal Raviolas The cast of 'Turning Back the Clock'

"For the Love of Mike" Frank Hunt's Orchestral Concert Frank Hunt's Orchestral Concert New Theatre, 1942 New Theatre, 1942



An exhibition of Prisoner's art work A caricature of Flying Officer Harry Douglas Spry by Flight Lieutenant Picard

Art & Craft


Men of Stalag Luft III in grim conditions on the Long March

Long March


Gestapo officers on trial for their part in the murder of the Fifty A member of the Gestapo on trial for his part in the murder of The Fifty

Post-war justice


The Fifty


A map of Stalag Luft III