British prisoners in Stalag XXB

Names of prisoners in Norman Taylor's diary

The route taken by Norman Taylor on the Long March

Private Norman F. Taylor


Unit : Royal Army Ordnance Corps

Army No. : 7624890

POW No. : 1363

Camps : Stalag XXB


The following is a transcript of a diary kept by Norman Taylor during the Long March from Stalag XXB.


17 February

Left Gie Guts at Danzig for the camp in Stalzanberg.


18 February

Received Red Cross parcel then taken by lorry to Karthaus where we form the main column and marched all day, a distance of 30 kms and slept overnight in a loft at Poustfraus


19 February

Marched a distance of 37 kms. Slept in a big barn on a farm of 7000?


20 February

A day of rest


Wednesday 21 February

Marched a distance of 25 kms to Stolp. Received first hot soup for 4 days.


Thursday 22 February

26 kms billet farm


Friday 23 February

Through the town of Schlawe distance 24 kms


Saturday 24 February

Through Koslin distance 30kms


Sunday 25 February

Day of rest


Monday 26 February

Day of rest. Rained at morning


Tuesday 27 February

Marched 28 kms. Sop at small farm


Wednesday 28 February

30 kms today, zig zag all day through by lanes


Thursday 1 March

Terrible March weather. Gale all morning rain all afternoon, everybody wet. In the night it blow absolute gale. 26 kms


Friday 2 March

Day of rest


Saturday 3 March

30 kms horrible weather


Sunday 4 March

30 kms Doc /Joe chased us out early forced marched all day


Monday 5 March

40 kms after setting off at dinner time we marched all day and all night until 3 o'clock in the morning. Crossing by boat ferry at Swinnemunde


Tuesday 6 March

After a late start we marched all and late at night, we crossed the last of Oder Delta on to the mainland 26 kms


Wednesday 7 March

Came a distance of 10 km to catch the main party. Rested the rest of the day. Red Cross parcel not 2


Thursday 8 March

20 kms. Weather gone to good


Friday 9 March

18 kms Weather good


Saturday 10 March

20 kms fine weather


Sunday 11 March

Day of rest near Neddemin


Monday 12 March

20 kms approx, came through Neubrandenberg. Canadian Red Cross parcel each


Tuesday 13 March

20 kms


Wednesday 14 March

31 kms distillery through Waren 521 kms (a total distance)


Thursday 15 March

Rest day


Friday 16 March

18 kms 539. 1000 days POW Captured 26 6 40


Saturday 17 March

23 kms 562


Sunday 18 March

Lubz Rom Parchim 24 kms Red Cross parcel. Cig parcel from Royal Artillery (this is in another handwriting - not Dad's)


Monday 19 March

Sprlintz 10kms 596


Tuesday 20 March

Day of rest 9th clothing parcel sent 25:11:42


Wednesday 21 March

18 kms Zierzan


Thursday 22 March

Gt Warzow Karlstadt 25 kms 639


Friday 23 March

Day of rest. Bread 11.165 grms. Bread average per day 319 gms


Saturday 24 March

18 kms 657. Through Perleburg which is the nicest town we have marched through all the march and landed in Wittenburg, which is showing the signs of bombing very badly. We are billeted in the cattle market, one of the worst billets we have had. No hot water. No coffee. Told we are to work for the railways. Numerous air raid warnings during the night.


Sunday 25 March

First day with the railway. Rations 666 grms bread 60 grms sausage for 3 days. Cupful of watery soup.


Monday 26 March

First day of work, we left at 6 o'clock in the morning, arriving at the job in Hitzacker at 9 o'clock after working all day without food. We were taken back off train leaving at 6.15 evening ******* at 3 o'clock.


Tuesday 27 March

No work today. 666 grms bread for 3 days, 50grms margarine.


Wednesday 28 March

Working at Hitzacker


Thursday 29 March

No work


Friday 30 March

Work. American Red Cross parcel.


Saturday 1 April

Easter Sunday. 60 grms sausage. Cheese 10 grms. Honey 8 mn to a pay 75 gms.


Monday 2 April

Easter Monday. Bread 222 grms.


Tuesday 3 April

250 grms bread


Wednesday 4 April

Hitzacker. Bread 250g. Margarine 50 gms.


Thursday 5 April

Cheese 10 gms Marg ??? Bread 222 grms sausage 60 grms


Friday 6 April

Work in town. Bread 222 grms. Honey 125 grms. Sausage 10 grms


Saturday 7 April

Margarine 42 grms. Work in town.


Sunday 8 April

Hitzaker railway


Monday 9 April

Sand Partie. 50grms Marg


Tuesday 10 April

Work/Sand Party.


Wednesday 11 April

Work. Railway in town. American Red Cross parcel per two men.


Thursday 12 April

Day in camp. Had bath and change of clothing first since leaving Danzig. 50 grms Butter fat. 100 grms sugar. 40 grms jam. 10 grms **** No bread. Our boys make a big break advance on Wittenburge around 7 o'clock and we were told march. After receiving Red Cross parcel per two.


Friday 13 April

Marched all night last night. No rations today.


Saturday 14 April

No rations. Made a soup myself from leeks, onions and potatoes. Still at Putlitz. Sound of the battle still to be heard in the distance.


Sunday 15 April

No rations. Swiss Commission is here. Sparks flies.


Monday 16 April

American Red Cross parcel per two. No rations.


Tuesday 17 April

No rations.


Wednesday 18 April

Bread 214 grms. Margarine 64 grms.


Thursday 19 April

Bread 375 grms


Friday 20 April

Bread 250 grms


Saturday 21 April

Margarine 84 grms. Bread 250 grms.


Sunday 22 April

Bread 375 grms


Monday 23 April

Bread 375 grms


Tuesday 24 April

Bread 214 grms. Today wagon Canadian Red Cross parcels turned up. Issued with one per man. Afternoon, International Red Cross arrive with 1000 American parcels. Everyman issued with one, making two in all today. Evening 4 lads shot by drunken officer, 3 dead, 1 badly wounded. The other died in the night.


Wednesday 25 April

Bread 360 grms. Bad day with the shits.


Thursday 26 April

Bread 420 grms. Margarine 60 grms. Issued with Canadian Red Cross parcel in preparation for tomorrows marched route for Lubec. Alex had the luck to win the sections extra Red Cross parcel. I'm a lot better from the shits.


Friday 27 April

After rather a strenuous day we arrive in the billets at 5 o'clock, doing in all 27 kms through very cross country roads. Packs very heavy.


Saturday 28 April

18 kms. Dutschow. Sound of the battle to be heard very near in the evening.


Sunday 29 April

17 kms. Billeted in small farms. Weather good.


Monday 30 April

30 kms. Weather cold. RAF give a good display on route in air combat, they have complete control of the air round here.


Tuesday 1 May

Dummerstuck. Half Red Cross parcel. Weather snow in the morning. George feeling off colour.





Thursday 3 May


Friday 4 May

Still here


Saturday 5 May

Left Dummerstuck with USA transport at 10 o'clock reaching Luneburg at 3 am


Sunday 6 May

Had a delouse, and breakfast at 6.30, and so to bed.


Monday 7 May

Got as far as the airfield today but owing to the lack of plans we had to return to camp. Clothing parcel. Note sent R.C. 16.3.43


Tuesday 8 May

Left Luneburg 2.30, arrive at Brussels 4.30 pm. Transported from one airport to another and left for England at Arriving at Pushed again no more planes, so moved back to Brussels for the night.


Wednesday 9 May

Travelled out today, arriving at 6 o'clock. Great reception. Sent to camp 107.


Thursday 10 May

Reported sick with stomach and sent to hospital


Friday 11 May


Saturday 12 May

Feeling much better today


Sunday 13 May

Going out tomorrow


Monday 14 May

On my way to Redhill to see Jessie & Albert.



Copyright Joyce M Thompson (nee Taylor) daughter.


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