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General POW Sites

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Kriegsgefangenenpost - French only

A French language POW forum.



German Camps - Oflag

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Oflag VIIA

Contains numerous rare photographs.



German Camps - Stalag

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BAB21 Blechhammer


Stalag IA

Contains photographs and information about the camp. Belgian site - translate with


Stalag IIB - The Final Report

A detailed report on conditions at Stalag IIB.


Stalag VIIA

An extremly detailed site.


Stalag XIIF/Z

German language, from Moosburg online.


Stalag XVIIIC and P.G. 65

A collection of photographs.



German Camps - Stalag Luft

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Detailed reports on Dulag Luft and most of the Stalag Luft camps. Includes details on the Death March, and veterans stories.


Stalag Luft I Online

An excellent site about Stalag Luft I - Barth. Includes a number of veterans accounts.


Stalag Luft IV

Includes photos of the camp, and lists of all known prisoners.



Italian Camps

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Stalag XVIIIC and P.G. 65

Several photographs.



Japanese Camps

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Center for Research, Allied POWs under Japan

Excellent site about Japanese camps. Includes a huge list of camps, veterans memories, and links to camp-specific sites on the web.


North China Marines

A history of US Marines serving in North China. Includes camp reports and POW letters.


US-Japan Dialogue on POWs

Contains many US veterans accounts.



Internment Camps

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Deliverance it has come; WWII POW Diary 1942-1945 Los Banos

About the Los Banos and Santo Tomas camps.


Santo Tomas Internment Camp

Includes photographs and a roll of some of those interned.



Veterans Stories

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45th Infantry Division WWII reenactors and Venturing Crew

A history of the US Division, including some veterans accounts of POW life.


Michael Goodliffe: Wartime Shakespearian Actor and Producer
Includes details of a number of productions at German POW camps.


Prisoner of War Frank Larkin AIF

Photos, letters and assorted memorabilia of a POW of the Japanese in Malaya, Thailand, Singapore and Japan.


Searching for John C. Kelley

The moving story of Lieutenant Kelley, USAAF. Shot down over Burma, Kelley died of his injuries in Japanese captivity. In 1946, the aircraft repatriating his body disappeared en route to India. Neither the aircraft nor his body have been recovered.


Lt Sterling Tuck

Memories of Stalag Luft I.




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American Ex Prisoners of War

Includes many first hand accounts of POW's.


The Commonwealth War Graves Commission


Help For Heroes

Helping wounded veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.


Rats of Tobruk Tribute


Royal Air Forces Ex-POW Association


The Royal British Legion


Swiss Internees Association Inc.

Information about the 1,500 US airmen who crashed over Switzerland and were interned there Prisoners of War until the cessation of hostilities. Includes many veterans accounts.



Other Sites

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Hitler's Third Reich and World War II in the News

Articles on the Second World War.


Nga Toa

Meaning "Many Warriors" in Maori. A project dedicated to preserving the oral histories of New Zealandís last remaining World War II veterans.


UK Family History Researcher

Includes information on the Coventry Blitz and Home Guard

Official US Department of Defense military medals and service ribbons


Wartime Press


An excellent links site.