Warrant Officer G. J. W. Simister


Unit : Royal Air Force.

Service No. : 964694

POW No. :269990

Camps : Stalag IVB


April 17th 45.

Noon - wood party strafed by 2 mustangs outside camp - killed - 2 Yanks, 1 English, 1 Russian, 1 Jerry - several wounded. One hut hit. Blackie Owens shaving and hit in neck - I was on floor at his feet: .5 smashes leg of form at our table.


April 18th 45.

Few return to bed in a.m. after strafing escape. Stone latrine for cover. Camp marked P.O.W. now. Saw "Tons of Money" at "Empire".


April 19th 45 (Thursday)

Hectic day spent mostly in and out of trenches. In a.m. forts fly over and bomb Falkenberg area 10 m. to N. of us. Colossal explosions shake huts here. In evening thunderbolts strafe train of ammo. standing on line near camp. Windy day - huge fires and explosions - whole train caput.


April 20th 45.

Strafing and bombing all around - huge explosions - we feel Jerry is blowing up dumps etc. and demolishing factories. In evening Hauptman Konig calls up all men of con. He says Russians are only 50 K. from here - do we want to march over to West of the Elbe. All Nationals but the Poles say "we stay here" 700 Poles leave at midnight with quite a lot of Jerry guards from camp. Other Jerries remain but I think they will cross Elbe if Russians look like reaching us before the Yanks come.


April 21st 45. (Saturday)

First rain for ages. Artillery fire heard and seen in distance. Issue of 14 cigarettes each.


April 22nd 45 (Sunday)

All gash parcels in camp broken down and issued - I got half packet of Canadian Raisins and George gets third of a tin of bully. Cold and wet. We all expect the allies any hour now. No bread issue so draw extra spuds in lieu - 1600 grams - 3 times daily issue. 3000 Russians come to camp and 2000 other Nationals - Ruskies carry small tents - pitched them on Soccer Pitch in French compound. Bill and I walk round and talk "home and food". Wet and cold. Explosions all around. Jerry evacuate camp during the night.


April 23rd 45 (Monday)

at 0715 - 4 Ruskies on horseback ride into camp armed with tommy-guns, pistols and hand-grenades - barebacked riders, like brigands - I like brigands - I believe they are escaped prisoners who have rearmed and joined their forces. Roll call cancelled. we are liberated. All Nationals hoist flags in camp. Wet and cold day. Lots of the boys go out of camp - in spite of no looting orders they return with food - eggs, meat, spuds etc., bicycles, poultry, alive and dead. I boob - do not go out. Lot of food confiscated by camp police. No bread issue for 2 days - we draw extra spuds. No water and no lights in camp. We rely on pumps. We hear that all Jerries who were here have been caught and killed. Atrocities committed - people murdered. All Ruskie prisoners leave camp. Our boys who have been out and with Ruskie forces do well - Ruskies gave them a lot of food. Yank forces expected but do not arrive.


April 24th 45 (Tuesday)

5 years since I reported at Gordington. In Muhlberg in spite of orders to the contrary, many leave camp in search of food. George, Vic and Aubrey return with chicken, flour etc. We eat and how. I stay up all night and prepare burgoo and eat more food than ever in camp, bicycles, wireless sets - but no electricity! Fire all night - jam etc. - the Germans round here were far from starving - any amount of food.


April 25th 45 (Wednesday)

Huge breakfast of burgoo and saccharine made from marge, fried spuds and meat issue (tinned), and maize cakes and jam and Jerry coffee. Nearly out of cigarettes - most folk are out. Ruskies billeted in houses sometimes civilians there too. Nice day - I eat too much - feel tired and very uneasy in stomach! George and Aubrey go out to town. Vic and I wash up. They return with very good haul of food etc. Vic and I go to Muhlberg in afternoon - too late - place cleaned up in morning by our boys. A sorry sight to see houses looted and ruined - dead jerries etc. Vic and I fare very badly - flour and cherries only. Dose of squits all day. First Yanks arrive in camp 10 pm. To bed.


April 26th 45 (Thursday)

Up 0300 - calamity - have to dhobue! Do not return to bed. George goes out will Bill and Ted Buckler - much larger camp rations each day, but chaps don't want them - so much loot to eat. Cigarettes very scarce.


April 27th 45 (Friday)

Eat and cook all day. Have last haircut from Chas. Ball! Squits gone.


April 28th 45 (Saturday)

Cook and eat all day - good show. Bad cough - troublesome at p.m. Yank Captain returns to camp with gen that camp will be flown home within 7 days or so. With him come next week's Radio Times and yesterday's papers and no one allowed out of camp since yesterday - a lot of the chaps have left to make their own way home though. All of us tired and waiting.


April 29th 45 (Sunday)

Cold day. Still eating well. Stomach nearly normal. Issue - 3 cigarettes per man and 4 sweets - brought back by Yank Captain - given by troops in front line. Walk with Tony - visit Hab and Wm. Stanley!


April 30th 45 (Monday)

Harry and Uncle Harry's birthdays. Bright day - cold wind. Hosts of the boys leave camp for Torgau - unofficially!! Bill, Ted and Charles leave. R.A.F. "delegation" goes too.


May 1st 45 (Tuesday)

Report sick with swollen legs - not serious. Everyone tired of waiting - "evacuation" continues. Ruskie biplane lands outside camp at pen [?]. Mayday - Ruskies promised extra food - their promises the same as jerry's!!


May 2nd 45 (Wednesday)

A few Yanks in - 20 cigarettes each and sweets. Yanks K.G.'s leave on 17 KM. march - we leave tomorrow. Later this appears to be Russian order as later in day a Yank brigadier arrives and he knows nothing of the move - he says "stay fast" - promises to fly us to France and then Blighty if he can get Ruskie consent - we must be ready to move at 11 p.m. tomorrow - but order may be cancelled - further news when he has met Ruskie O.C.


May 3rd 45 (Thursday)

Bill Chas. and Ted return from Torgau as they heard we were leaving - had a wizard time in S.S. Army barracks - food galore - tinned etc. Move cancelled but at 1 hour's standby to move. Brigadier Venables gens us up on Ralph Saunders, one of the R.A.F. delegation to Torgau. He got over to W. bank of Elbe, met Brigadier who was trying to get to E. side. Brigadier told him useless to try to get back to IVB - make own way home. In letter to Tommy Andrews (with 60 Lucky State cigarettes) he said he was motoring to Brussels and then flying to Blighty. Legs still swollen and sore throat and cough - so do not go looting out of camp. Huge quantities of meat killed and brought in by our boys.


May 4th 45 (Friday)

We are told to stand by at 1 hour's notice to move off. Our rations have been getting worse and worse as looted stock runs out in kitchen - yesterday we got only a few unwashed unboiled spuds and small flour issue - we have had no marge, jam, cheese, meat etc. for some days. It's obvious the Ruskies want to get rid of us. They boys roam in and out of camp as they please and lots live out with civilians. R.A.F. Officer arrives in camp to get camp strength - says transport is ready over the Elbe - we shall be cleared in a few days. Hear B.B.C. programme for first time since capture. Radio set in hut 53B.


May 5th 45 (Saturday)

All longing to get over Elbe - war seems to be nearly caput. Rations today - 12 raw unwashed spuds each. Night of 5th/6th clocks put on one hour to Russian time - we are now 3 hrs ahead of GMT. Wet day. At 0900 we start registration prior to moving - on the 9th May so we are told. At 1030 at Russian Officer reaches camp, stops registration and says prepare to leave camp! Army compound moves off at 1310. R.A.F. move at 1500 - what a bustle. Quite a lot of looted food, also clothing, left behind. French and Ites in huts before we leave, after loot. We march 20 KM. - cross the Elbe over pontoon bridge at 1755 (Russian time) and then walk another 5 K.M. to Riesa. No rations - but for our loot we should be in queer street. About 8.00 p.m. reach Jerry police barracks - they were a lovely lot of buildings - now a shambles. Lucky ones find a little food - cigs from Ruskies en route - transport (horse) columns - and lemonade from Jerry civilians - what a march - blisters on heels. About 6000/7000 of us. I find a billet with Vic near water and a cooking range - "sleep" on short table. Fleas! We are in sergeant's mess. Some of the boys sleep out in civilian's houses - unoccupied. Some had go-carts, bicycles, to carry kit from IVB. I carried two side packs and one suitcase A' La' Dick Whittington.


May 7th 45 (Monday)

Up 0600 prepare coffee brew, then burgoo made from flour I brought with me from IVB. Parade - no organisation here at all - everyone found his own billet Army and R.A.F. mixed - no rations up to now (noon) and no one knows how long we shall be here. Rumours of a parcel issue. Vic goes into town and gets soup powder and flour. My legs ache but stood journey well. Throat still sore and voice nearly gone. Vic out again - gets macaroni, rice and sultanas - we go to town - cakes, rice etc. Feed well - Ruskie ration of bread (1 per 8 men - 250 grams) sugar and cooking fat. Vic returns at night again with 1 Pukka bargoo, icing sugar, etc. Oh boy! No beds here - in some billets there are beds, mattresses, sheets etc. I sleep in Sgt's. mess on short table with 1 blanket.


May 8th 45 (Tuesday)

No parcel issue yet. We hear that the War ended today. Lovely weather but I have not been out of billet - too busy cooking and eating. Small range round corner - good cooking - plenty of food scrounged and looted. Lights on in our billet, skilly at noon. Bread 1 per 6 men. Went out in afternoon - legs swollen and aching. A lot of the boys heard Churchill's speech - we "commandeered" a wireless set for our room. There was a big store of crockery etc. here, but what we want we get in houses down town. Electric, Kettles, fires, bicycles - everything in fact. Buy bread in bread queues. - walk to front.




also - no queueing for our boys - bad show, but Jerry would do same in our position. Miss Churchill's speech but hear the King on radio at 10.00 p.m. Moscow time (9 p.m. Blighty). Feed late and well. To be 12-45 a.m. Ruskies firing small and large arms all night - hand-grenades etc. - drunk - they celebrate.


Wednesday May 9th 45

Still at Riesa. Lovely day - gash, bread, wine, 1 per 5 in a.m. Report sick with throat, legs and feet!! Skilly of peas and onions - good, at noon and 3.0 p.m. I get both and eat them!! I register prior to move from here. Vic out so make cakes and cook - Vic returns with bicycle, jam, cheeses, crockery etc. - found in cellar with dead Jerry! Hear reproduction of Churchill's speech. Ruskies drunk - we hear them during the night, singing and shooting. They smash up cars etc. and nothing said.


Thursday May 10th 45

See M.O. re swollen legs - he says "complete rest" sore heels too - hard to walk - can eat though! Russian General said to us yesterday that we shall be here 5 days or so, then transported to Yanks - none will walk! Breakfast today - compared with breakfast in IVB. (I got up 0530 to avoid rush round fire) Pukka oat burgoo. (It's dixie for 20 of us). Chips, Jerry tinned meat, peas, onions and spuds (yesterday's remaining skilly) with toasted bread, hamburger sauce, toast and gooseberry jam, sultana cake, Ersatz coffee and sugar - not bad!! Lovely afternoon - legs very painful. Vic has had his bicycle stolen when on parade at 0900. He goes out with Roy and returns at 1800 with another, plus large quantities of lard and fats (from Zeithon), sugar, powdered milk, crockery etc. Only wish my legs were O.K. so that I could go out. usually get to bed (on my blackboard!) about 0100 and up again 0530. Lovely to hear birds singing in conker trees outside our windows at dawn - never heard them in IVB, apart from a few larks.


Friday May 11th 45

Roy comes in 0500 - he was in civvie billet and Ruskie broke in - got drunk on cognac, raped one of the women, threatened to kill all so Roy vanished! Lovely hot day again, Vic, Roy and I move from room 83 (Sgts. & Lts.) to room 109 with Paddy Johnson and Norman. Medical Exam in afternoon - I weigh 73 K grms. - nearly 12 stones. We eat very well as apart from looted food we get bread (civvie) fat and sugar and a good skilly of peas, onions and spuds at noon and 3.0 p.m. Walk round town with Paddy and Norman. At p.m. legs ache! Visit Duffield in Doctor's house. Return 11 P.M. (Moscow time) - cognac before bed - good.


Saturday May 12th 45

(Should have been    Race Wak). Up at dawn - hear cuckoo for first time. Eat colossal meals - Burgoo, rice, macaroni, fried bread, etc. etc. - indigestion often - no time for exercise and my legs won't stand it at present. Vic and Roy go out on bicycles and return with a chicken - we boil it and 5 hours later eat it with roast spuds, fried bread, boiled spuds and beans. (skilly) Sweet - My bread pudding and custard (to use up bread) - with large amount of sugar, powdered milk and raisins and fat! Also pancakes and sugar.


Sunday May 13th 45

Marvellous day - very hot. Eat huge breakfasts - and all meals, in fact. Everyone walks about the camp in "negligee" - so hot. Go to church service in dining hall - the service should have been down town by Ruskies said "No". I thought this was Whit-weekend, but am told it is next week. I lash up numerous pancakes for lunch - wizzo! Yesterday Yank convoy came to fetch the Yanks who preceded us here but for some reason Ruskies would not allow them to go. Vic and Roy were out and met the convoy - scrounged some "Half and Half" tobacco - at midnight I enjoy a quiet pipe of same. Ruskies issue an order that no one is to live out of camp, but numerous chaps ignore it. All walking out passes cancelled but chaps still go out. Ruskies gather some chaps in down town but soon tire of this. Cinema show in the garage in camp "The Hurricane" - a flop at 2 afternoon performances - garage not blacked out - to be shown 10 p.m. (Moscow time) (3 hours ahead of GMT). Vic and Roy return late with one tin of Asparagus (? spelling) and 15 large tins of garden peas, also some civilian clothes.


Monday May 14th 45

Very windy but warm. I spend most of my time round the fire (cooking) or at the table (eating) - browned off with life here - want to be on the move. Whenever I feel "peckish" I have some bread and fat (all of us well off for bread, but not spreads) or make myself a few pancakes - flour, Jerry milk powder and water - served with lashings of sugar!! When I return home, sugar ration will be far from enough for me! To bed 1 a.m.


Tuesday May 15th 45

Windy but nice day. Paddy and I walk down town in morning. Norman started to walk to Erfurt about 0700 today. A hell of a lot of the boys are leaving and making their own way Westwards in spite of orders to the contrary. My throat and legs much better - both still troublesome though. Blisters on heels nearly O.K. 12 of the boys caught by Ruskies while starting for Leipzig - brought back to camp and handed over to the Jessop to be put on a charge. Any amount of live ammo about everywhere - bullets, grenades, mines, mailed firsts (anti-tank) - explosions going on all day and night!! Rumours at pen that 2 Officers (Yank or Kiwi) have been in town advising the boys to be on the road to Leipzig tomorrow when they will be picked up by some convoy - a lot mean to leave tomorrow on the strength of this.


Wednesday May 16th 45

Aubrey Cope starts for Leipzig on foot. Vic and Roy do likewise on bicycles - also Joe Bretherton. Lovely hot day - I sunbathe. A Yank "jeep" came to camp today with eleven release parcels!! (a waste of petrol) The 2 Officers apologised for bringing such a small quantity - no more on hand they said. Also advised us to "stay put" - typhus and shortage of food to the West. Some say chaps who reach Leipzig are flown home at once - others say that the chaps are put in "pens" to await re-registration - what is one to do? If my legs were O.K. I should be off. Very difficult to "pinch" a bicycle now - chaps remove wheels etc. when not in use - also on go-carts etc.!! 2 of our Officers to go to Leipzig to contact Allied High Command.


Thursday May 17th 45

One of the padres and Mr. Barker return from Leipzig. They say 2 Officers (Hunter and Fox) have been flown to Paris to contact Allied High Command and are not expected back for 2 days - they say when we do move - it will be very sudden - let it be soon. This is a life of ease but everyone is really fed up and wants to be on the way. The food we get from the Russians is as follows: Monday - Saturday noon and 3 p.m. skilly or peas or beans, dehydrated spuds and onions, sugar and bread (varied between 1/8 and 1/2 a loaf) Sunday one skilly (similar) at noon, sugar and bread. We have had fat issues but these have ceased, and one day we had an olive oil issue for cooking. We have to fry the bread and make bread pudding to use up all our issue - we have no spreads. In spite of this we still live well, the supplies of looted food are running low! Several of the boys tell me I am looking better and that I am putting on weight - I should be considering what I eat! Today's menu shared by Paddy Johnson and self, as below. (only the two of us in room 109 now - luckily unlimited coal here!!)

        Breakfast: Burgoo, chipped potatoes, fried bread, skilly (peas, spuds and onions) with hamburger sauce. Jerry tea (pukka concentrated stuff - very good).

        "Elevenses": 2 pancakes each (flour, powdered milk and sugar).

        Lunch: Lettuce sandwiches, hamburger sauce, bread pudding and custard, made from Jerry Blancmange powder with sugar and powdered milk added.

        Late Tea: Today's skilly - beans, onions and dehydrated spuds, fried bread, hamburger sauce, bread and marge and rhubarb jam (which I made today), followed by a wizard rhubarb pie (made by Paddy in Flat Dixie) and custard.

        Supper: Bread and marge, lettuce, cold Jerry tinned peas (very good), hamburger sauce, stewed rhubarb with "Klim bash" (Powdered milk (Jerry) sugar and water), bread and marge and rhubarb jam.

        Not a bad feed for one day - but I'm longing to get on my way home - sunbathed in afternoon.


Friday May 18th 45

Severe storm in night - much cooler today, but warm still and nice day; few light showers, we are now allowed to walk out of camp between 1100 and 2100 - not official as yet as far as the Russians are concerned - we get contradictory orders every day! Have some pork from Robbie - Phil and Co. persuaded 2 Ruskie Officers to kill it yesterday - they shot it and then rushed away in their car. The Ruskies here - tank and motorised men chiefly - have one ambition it seems - to ride a bicycle! They "commandeer" them from Jerries and our boys all day long - our boys often pinch them back again!


Whit-Saturday May 19th 45

Warm but cloudy. Paddy and I walk to station in afternoon - see train-load of people whom Jerry has had working for him for years returning, to Poland - they had come from Planen, said 10 Yanks with them. In addition were about 500 Russian Ex Kgfs. who had jumped the train. They go into Riesa town, break into a Bakery and a restaurant and clear them out - LOOTING! Russian General and staff visit our camp. General says we start evacuation of Yanks and British here tomorrow at the rate of 1750 per day. We may be in Blighty within a week!! I can't believe it!


Whit-Sunday May 20th 45

Fall on stove - burn shoulder - report sick - not serious. Go to Holy Communion in dining hall. I am on second party to leave here. First party stand by all day - no go. In afternoon about 20 Yank lorries bring in evacuees etc. and want to take back some Kgfs. Ruskies, for some reason say no - trucks return empty.


Whit-Monday May 21st 45

We are told that Yank truck came here on the chance of picking up prisoners - entirely unofficial - the move should be on today. Cooler day - Paddy and I walk at night and gather some potatoes. Roy, Ernie, Sandy etc. (George too) come to us from Mengels (Doctor's house). 2 mates of theirs leave to walk West. They return 10 p.m. - they reached Oshety at 7 p.m. and were collected by a Russian General - some 60 or so roped in and brought back to camp. Russian General said all was laid on for us to move today but Yanks said they were not ready for us - he said they wanted to give us a good farewell etc. and that we should definitely move in 2 or 3 days!! (promises again!!) When Paddy and I went out for our walk we saw lots of flags flying etc. - ready for celebrations of some sort.


Tuesday May 22nd 45

No movement - guard on us much stricter - very hard to get out of camp. Jerry signs all over these barracks and town itself - "Vie Wieder ein 1918" (never again a 1918) "Was turt Atu Fie den Siea?" (What are you doing for Victory?) "Siegen Oder Siberie" (Victory or Siberia). Ruskies have women and children brushing the streets.


Wednesday May 23rd 45

Movement on - so 'tis said - Russian General and his staff here - exchanging us for Ruskies in Yank hands - just as though we were at War with Russia instead of an ally. Ruskie General said they could not do much about any complaints re food and lack of cigarettes etc. (Apologised for guards shooting at our boys breaking out of camp - said order was given by a drunken Major). About 1 p.m. first parties move off with band, armed Russian guard of honour etc. Parties walked about 3 kilos to embussing point - Russian, Yank and British flags, photos etc - Russian farewell. We are 5th party due to move off 1.15 p.m. - luckily move postponed - torrential rain all afternoon. We return to room 109 - looted in absence but still enough food left for "fry-up" and "bash". On square again 5 p.m. - given 10 cigars each. Finally leave camp 6.30 p.m. and to our delight march into town of Riesa and find Yank transport waiting for us - about 40-50 of us to each lorry. We give "gash" food (bread, sauce etc) to Jerries - women and children - and finally leave Riesa at 8 p.m. Brigadier General Venables, along with Russian Officers take salute as we leave town - Russian band there too! - Russians (and Jerry civilians) wave goodbye - girls see our boys off - Frau Elsa Menzel (George's sleeping partner) comes to see George off. Signs of strafing on road - we meet Jerry prisoners, with Russian guards, marching East. Russian girls on point duty - with rifles etc. Route lined with flags as far as River Mudle ("de-marcation line") - Russians on one side, Yanks on other (Fruit trees along roads on both sides). - then no flags to be seen in streets or windows. Join autobahn and pass 8 kilos from Leizpig - town cane be seen in distance - signs of bombing, craters etc. Reach Halle 11 p.m. Large town, signs of bombing (church etc) and street fighting. Pass on to Halle airport arrive in dark. Put in 124 group (George and I) - Paddy separated in 113 group - no lights in our billets. 2 blankets "bus" but sleep O.K. Brew up 1 a.m. - rations up - 10 men to box - 4 cigs. each. Yanks make mistake and "parcel" us twice so get 8 cigarettes altogether. Rain - nightingales in trees outside our barrack - reminds me of Italy - lovely.


Thursday May 24th 45

More rations up - 9 cigarettes each - goodo! "K" rations up 3 times per day in lieu of hot meals - so many in camp - 7000 plus - Yanks certainly know how to feed us. Wrote home to MEW and Gwen. Bad flying weather. If fine tomorrow we shall all be away. Walk round Aerodrome lots of (Jerry) burnt aircraft. Different atmosphere here - like R.A.F. - Canteen etc. - Pat may be here. Not much time to do much else but eat!! (Airport near Halle). Each of us drew Yank Red Cross comforts - 50 cigarettes, toothbrush and paste, razor, blades, shaving soap, Handkerchief, choc etc.


Friday May 25th 45

Wrote Joe today. We draw "K" rations 3 times per day - earlier groups are on 3 hot meals, 20 cigarettes and choc. per day, but we arrived at 10 minutes notice and may move at any time so do not get hot meals - am quite content on "K" rations!! Had haircut on camp - Jerry civilian barber. Next month Russians are going to take over this area - Jerries will get a shock! Now they have poultry, ride cycle and even have cars and do not fly flags - but when Joe comes.....!! Travelling Forces (Yank) canteen gives us coffee, doughnuts, and cigarettes - much better than British Organisation. Yanks certainly feed their troops. About 100 D.C.3 aircraft land here in short time with Russian, Polish etc. prisoners and refugees etc. When last one lands the first one takes off with our boys - homeward-bound. We may leave tomorrow. Yanks here do not fraternise with the Jerries - Yank Forces men are fined 65 dollars if caught talking with civilians when off duty. Nightingales each p.m. lovely. To bed 1 a.m. - lights working.


Saturday May 26th 45

Lovely day. D.C.3's roll in in droves - hope we leave today even though Yanks are treating us fine. No parades or bulsh of any kind and they lob out rations and cigarettes and chocs. galore - also today, we have had an issue of the whitest bread I have ever seen, also extra cigs and chocs. Standby to fly away from here all day, but no joy - about 85 Kites leave today. At night walk with Robbie - huge blocks of barracks here (Aerodrome small and no runways) - we "inspect" gardens and get lettuce and a few strawberries which the Jerries cultivate in a big way. There will be a very good fruit harvest in this part of the country this year from all appearances.


Sunday May 27th 45

Dull day - only about 40 DC3's in today (we go in groups of 25 men - I am in group No.D124) Standby all day but no joy - plenty to eat and smoke. At night walk to nearby village, which is 5 Kilos from Halle and have 4 pints of beer with Fred Arney, Kingy, Cyril Phillips. Beer 25 pfenigs per glass - about 4d. (Note in camp I got 2 Marks (2/8d) for 1 cigarette - 4 pints of beer can be obtained for 1 cigarette.



28.5.45. Halle to Brussels by British aeroplane. Spend p.m. in camp in Brussels - walk in Brussels pen.

29.5.45. Brussels to Dunsfold by British aeroplane stay p.m. in R.A.F. hostel in Eaton Place, or Eaton Square.

30.5.45. London to Cosford R.A.F. camp (near to Wolverhampton) Stay p.m. at Cosford.

31.5.45. Cosford - Stoke-Pipegate by train - home (2 Station Road, Pipegate, Nr. Market Drayton, Shropshire about 5.30 p.m.


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