While everything on this website has been written, drawn, and scanned by myself, all the information has come from a variety of sources, and these are listed below:


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Where possible I have tried to indicate the owner of any photographs used, and so if you are the copyright owner and I have not credited you please get in touch and I shall amend this immediately. For those which have not been specifically cited, they are the property of the following: Airborne Forces Museum, Airborne Museum Hartenstein, Colditz Museum, Imperial War Museum, MI9 Archives.


My great thanks to Jim Ommeren for going well beyond what was necessary and pushing a great number of articles and pictures in my direction. Also to Andy Duncan for kindly scanning the pages of Interlude for me.


Thanks as ever to Dad, Mum, and Emma, and a cursory nod to Fred, Matt, Nik, and Mark.