Lorne Welch and Walter Morison, who tried to escape dressed as guards. The plan was devised by "Big X", Squadron Leader Roger Bushell, who masterminded the Great Escape. Bushell planned that the Germans would discover a louse because he knew that their immediate response would be to evacuate the affected barrack and de-louse its occupants, which meant taking them beyond the wire, outside of the camp. The operation was remarkably timed, and when two Germans entered the camp to escort the prisoners to the de-louser, Welch and Morison, dressed as guards, escorted the prisoners out of the gate. Amazingly the plan worked brilliantly and 24 men disappeared into the woods and went their separate ways. Welch and Morison attempted to steal a German plane from an airfield, but were caught in the act. Morison was sent to Colditz as a result.