Oberfeldwebel Hermann Glemnitz. Described by Alex Cassie as "the camp's chief ferret, an anti-escape specialist. Although he was responsible for unearthing more than a hundred tunnels, he possessed a sense of humour and was respected by the inmates. On a rainy day his favourite line was, 'It is bad weather to be above the ground, isn't it'? Glemnitz was quite a character. He sometimes played tough and used to swagger into the reception block to greet a new purge arriving at the Stalag looking all tough and ugly, saying, 'Good morning gentlemen. Velcome to Stalag Luft 3. Here you will find that the beer is piss poor but the gin is shit hot.' A colourful character certainly, and we used to play jokes on him. Our buildings were all raised some 18 inches off the ground so that tunnelling out of them would be easily spotted. One day Glemnitz was secretly checking under our huts so all the occupants decided they'd wash the floors. The morning was spent clearing the floors of everything, lifting chairs onto tables, carrying buckets of water and emptying them on the floor. The result was that wherever Glemnitz went there was no shelter from the dripping water. He finally emerged from his checks looking very cross and disgruntled and saying, 'I'll have you buggers'. But with a twinkle in his eye." Copyright: USAF Academy Library.