South African prisoners of war pose for a photograph. Left to right, back row: Lieutenant B. Roxburgh, Pilot Officer W. J. Chase, Lieutenant G. A. Francey. Third row: Lieutenants B. D. McFarlane and G. Haller, 2nd Lieutenants R. Wilkins and E. Clyde-Morley, Lieutenants R. D. Mellor and J. Stevens, Pilot Officers D. Maxwell and A. A. Ruffel. Second row: Lieutenant J. S. Gouws, 2nd Lieutenant C. A. N. McGarr, Pilot Officer D. Heaton-Nicholls, Squadron Leader M. N. McF. Kennedy, Wing Commander G. Hull DFC, Squadron Leader D. B. Gericke. Front row: Lieutenants N. Flesker, C. H. Filmer, J. H. O. Dellow and E. C. Newborn, and Flying Officer S. Booker. Copyright: Brian Roberts.