Bob Ingram, who was later killed during an escape attempt on Saturday 6th November 1943. See also 1, 2, 3, 4. Kim Button writes, "My father (Gordon) was a POW at Stalag IXC and knew Bob Ingram there and has had his photo in a box since coming back from the war. My dad remembers the furore when Bob was shot whilst trying to escape. Dad assisted with running some of the stores in the camp. These stores were in an upper storey building and dad showed Bob where the floor became a ceiling to a room below. This room was next to the outer wall. Dad gave Bob a compass to help him on his way, once outside the camp. Prior to the attempt, sadly, the escape became common knowledge among a few - including some guards. My father tells me that the guard who shot Bob was a Czech (or eastern bloc recruit) and gave no allowance to surrender before firing. The soldier was waiting in the room below and that was it. Bob was killed instantly as he broke through the ceiling. I am told by dad that his fellow escapees surrendered. My dad is now nearly 90 and I would love to hear from anyone who is related to, or knew Bob. If I could pass any words from any surviving POW or relative / friend of Bobs I know my father would be very touched and comforted. My dad was seriously wounded prior to capture in May 1940 - whilst retreating to Dunkirk. He was released by the Americans in 1945." Contact Kim care of Robert McAllister at Copyright: Mary Boyle.