Sports trophies. The shields were made by the prisoners and were the prizes for inter-hut football competitions. The cup on the left was awarded to the winner of the Athletics games held on the 1st and 2nd July 1944. On the right is the cup presented by the YMCA for the overall points winner of a football, volleyball, and basketball competition held on Belgian Independence Day, the 21st July, which was appropriately won by the Belgians. At the centre-bottom is the Victor Ludorum Cup which was awarded to Corporal Parsons of New Zealand for scoring the most points in the July Athletics meeting. In the centre is the Hunter Cup, made by Sergeant Hunter out of butter tins, and was won by New Zealand's North Island after they beat the South Island at rugby. Centre-top is the Victor Cuypers Cup, competed for and won by a Franco-Belgian effort in a charity match for the Belgian Relief Fund.