Date of visit: May 6th, 1944.



Stalag IV D/Z.


Camp commander: Oberst Bier

Camp leader: Sochnel

German doctor: Oberstabsarzt Dr. Otto (IV D/Z)

German camp doctor: Unterarzt Uhlig

Abwehroffizier: Hptm. Lehmann

Man of Confidence and Senior British medical officer: Major Parkes (228364)

1st Assistant: Cpt. J.W. McNamara (39581)

Begleitoffizier: Hpt. Schaefer


This special camp has been opened about two months ago. It meant for prisoners of war who are repatriable and who have to wait here until their exchange takes place.


There is a big stone building which has formerly been used as a schoolhouse. The interior arrangement is rather unusual for prisoners of war. In most of the bed-rooms there are only single beds, partly with spring mattresses. The hygienic installations must be considered as excellent (toilets, showers, etc.). There is even a very good stocked canteen.


In the surrounding of the stone building there are a few wooden barracks of the usual type. These barracks are used for mental cases and for contagious cases. Outside of this large compound there is a lazaret for the serious cases.


At present the staff of this camp is the following:

        Staff:   4 officers (all doctors)

                 50 non-commissioned officers and men (including 41 sanitators and 9 non medical personnel)

        for repatriation:   46 officers (including 17 doctors and 2 sick doctors which are D.U.)

                                119 sanitators

                                190 patients (N.C.O.s and men).


About 30 patients will be coming in this camp in one of the next days, waiting for repatriation too.


The total strength will be of about 800 in the next future.


According to the opinion of the British doctors, this camp ought to be considered as a lazaret. This question has a great importance for the Red Cross supply, especially for the supply of medical parcels, invalid parcels, diet supplement parcels for occupational therapy.


The representatives of the IRCC have not yet visited this camp.


The British doctors of this camp would like to know what are the conditions for repatriation of the protected personnel. At present there are two British doctors at this camp who will be repatriated at the next opportunity. Both of them have been captured only 6 months ago, both of them have worked as doctors during only two months, both of them are rather young and not married. It is quite incomprehensible why these two doctors should be considered as more entitled to repatriation than their colleagues who have been held in captivity for 3 or 4 years and who have during that time continually done rather hard work for their comrades etc. The same question must be raised in connection with the choice of the sanitators who are to be repatriated.


The British doctors would like to have to permanent staff in this camp, of whom a certain percentage would be repatriated on every exchange. These doctors and sanitators would know exactly their patients and this would be a great advantage during the transport back to England.


General Impression: This camp (Heilag) is excellently run and there is no doubt about the fact that it will make things easier for all the prisoners of war who have to stay there and wait for their repatriation.


Dr. med. M.S. MEIER sgd.



From: C.I.R.C. Geneva.

To: B.R.C.S., London

Date of Letter: 19.5.44


Stalag IV D.Z. Heilag a new camp for repatriable Ps.W.


"We have just been informed of the above named Heilag... intended to house about 700 repatriable prisoners of war. The camp commander... has asked us to send forward food parcels. Invalid Diet Supplement parcels, Medical Units and a certain number of different articles of clothing for the benefit of these prisoners of war.


We are unfortunately not in a position at the present time to send forward the articles of clothing requested but will do our utmost to meet this demand as soon as we are in a position to do so. We are however sending forward 2 waggons of supplies to the camp... It  may appear that the number of medical units... is rather high, but we have sent forward these parcels purposely as we feel that this camp being one especially for repatriable [Page missing]