A letter reporting that Private Alfred Frederick Rollason is a prisoner of war in Stalag IVD. Rollason (see photograph below) was born on the 11th July 1922. He lived at Northfield, Birmingham, and worked as a carpenter before enlisting in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment on the 19th February 1942, joining the Parachute Regiment when the 8th Parachute Battalion was formed from the 13th Warwicks. Soon after landing in Normandy with the 6th Airborne Division, where he appears to have been a bicycle-equipped runner of the 3rd Parachute Brigade Defence Platoon, Rollason was taken prisoner and, after a month at Stalag XIIA at Limburg, spent the remainder of the war at Stalag IVD at Torgau, specifically the B.E.12 work camp, an open cast mine at Bitterfeld. On his return, he was posted to the Royal Artillery until being demobbed in late 1946; his commanding officer described his conduct as exemplary and provided the following testimonial: "5127192 L/Bdr. Rollason enlisted in February 1942. He was a Para Trooper during the war and saw exciting and dangerous service overseas, being made a Prisoner of War. He joined 227 R.A.T.R. (Dvr) in December 1945, and was found to be a good joiner, so was employed in this capacity in this unit. He is a hard working and obliging type of man. He is first class at his work and trade and is strongly recommended. He is honest and trustworthy, works best on his own and does not need supervision." Alfred Rollason died in 1974, aged 51. Copyright: Tony Rollason.


Copyright: Tony Rollason.