Henry Vies "Ginger" Suggit and George Beesen, disguised as German guards shortly before an attempt to escape at 21:29 on Wednesday 25th August 1943. The trouble makers of Stalag 383, persistant escapers known as the "Hohenfels Gallopers", were all held in three huts where they were kept under close observation. Suggit and Beeson were in Hut 201, which included, amongst others, Fred Stuckey, Archie McKee, Bert Howe, Bob Jordan, Ned Lynch, Ted Hardman and Alex Shelton. In Hut 170 were Les Murname, Eddie Ramage, Jock Ryan and his brother (alias Winton and Darwin), Fred Courtney, Bob Wilkie, Sid Buttons, Bill Hake and Ted Ainslow. And finally in Hut 171 were Lofty Williams, Eric Domini, Percy Sekine, Dick Pacey, Geoff Spence, Henry Hall, Tuggles Heath, Bill Opie, and Baronowski. All of these men had at least three escapes to their name. Copyright: James Suggit.