British prisoners of war at E715, Auschwitz, 15th July 1944. Copyright: National Ex-Prisoner of War Association.


Back row, left to right: Mick, Tommy, Joc, Bob, Henry, George, George, Frank Merrill, Driver George Alexander Saunders (captured in North Africa on the 6th June 1942, he was held in two Italian camps before being sent to Stalag IVB. Despite having been a cinema projectionist before the war, he volunteered for engineering work at a new camp and so came to E715. After liberation he weighed less than 5 stone and was suffering from malnutrition, pleurisy, pneumonia, and frostbite; he was not expected to survive but made a full recovery. He passed away on the 12th April 2000).


Front row: Bill, Eric, Jimmy, Bill, Sailor, Jack, Harry, Jock.