"Bouquets". The crew is recorded as Scenery: ? Burton; Gowns: Glynn Hughes; Suitings: Dave Dobson; Electrical Effects: Gallagher, Tresby & Sawyer; Props: Haswell, Goffin & Reynolds; Makeup: Evans & Swann; Wardrobe Master: Hughes; Wigs: Bridges; Stage Manager: Warburton; Entertainment Officers: Lt.Col. Crawford RAMC and Capt. Knowles RAMC. The cast was George Moore as David Walsh, Cliff Ridgeway as Denise Montcalm, George Hussey as Bill, "Bash" Robinson as Dick,  Tom Dixon as Lord Bergen, Bert Blackburn as Lady Bergen, Eric Blackwell as Shop-Walker, Bobby Corrigan as Pat (shop assistant), Crichton Ford as Mick, Walter Fearn as Marion, Cyril Jones as Kit, Eric Springford and Ben Skinner as Shop Assistants (dancing buddies), Bill Salter as A Customer, Tony Sims as Shrimpy, and David McLean as Bergen's lawyer and butler. Somme Kemp and his Swingsters "supply the rhythm!" with Somme Kemp as vocalist and compare. Copyright: T.G. Stroud.

Lance-Corporal Walter Fearn who played Marion in "Bouquets". The photograph was posted in a newspaper, "... of 38, George Street, Church Gresley, missing since May, and now reported a prisoner of war in Germany." Copyright: Sheila Mayer.