CQMS Cecil Edward "Dickie" Johnstone. Born in May 1916, he was the son of James Arthur Johnstone, the Mayor of Wallingford during the Second World War, and Lillian Kebir Johnstone. He served with the Royal Berkshire Regiment, and during the retreat to Dunkirk repeatedly used a truck to evacuate the injured from the front line until he was himself wounded by shrapnel and a bullet to the head. Assumed to have been dead, he was left in a ditch until a passing German patrol saw him twitch and moved him to a field hospital. He wrote a letter to inform his parents that he was a prisoner of war, and so unknowingly spared them considerable distress as official records had confused him with another Johnstone who had been killed, and they subsequently received a letter of condolence from the King and Queen. Johnstone was known to have been in Stalag IXB in November 1940, Stalag XXIA in May 1941, and Oflag 64/Z in July 1943, before being repatriated to the UK in November of that year. He passed away in August 2005. Many of the photographs in the Stalag XXIA section are from his collection. Copyright: Chris Johnstone.