Prisoners at Stalag XXB. Standing on the back row, second from the right, is William George Pow, of the 2nd Battalion the Gloucestershire Regiment. The photograph is a propaganda piece designed to show how well Prisoners of War were treated by the Germans. Although Pow is holding a clarinet, he could not play any musical instrument. He was captured on the 30th May 1940, during the retreat to Dunkirk. He made three attempts to escape during the course of his internment but was recaptured each time and was punished with twenty-eight days of solitary confinement. On one occasion he had managed to travel 800 miles before he was recaptured by an officer of the SS whilst in the process of stealing some bread from a window ledge. His unusual surname, Pow, caused the Germans some confusion at first, and for a year he was officially know as William George P.O.W., as a consequence of which it was a full year before the situation was resolved and he was finally able to receive letters from home. He was liberated whilst on the Long March on the 13th April 1945. Copyright: Andrew Pow.