Probably taken in a work camp attached to Stalag XXB. Gunner Stan Constable of the Royal Artillery was captured at Dunkirk. He is sitting second from the left in the front row in the photograph taken in 1944. In the second row second from the right was 'Lofty' Jowell and on his right is Wally Hilderly (with glasses). This picture was taken after the Germans issued new uniforms and boots and the photograph was taken for propaganda purposes as up until this point they were surviving in rags. Stan Constable sent a copy home to his parents but is not sure at which camp this photograph was taken. Stan spent much of his time at Marienburgh XXB. Stan also spent time at Lichtfelder Camp in East Prussia and was billeted in an old underground cellar. He can recall that he was billeted with Jim Anderson, George Eccles, Jack Bradley, Bob Scase, Titch Brooker, 'Taffey' Atwell, George Durrant, Brian Fahe and 'Pedler' Palmer. They were sent out to work on the surrounding farms.