Frederick Nicholls (centre) at Arbeitskommando 179, a work camp attached to Stalag XXA. This photograph was included in a newspaper with the following, "A few days ago Mr. and Mrs. C. Nicholls, of 94, Lower Murston, received this photograph from their youngest son, Pte. Frederick Nicholls, who is a prisoner of war at Stalag XXA (.179), Germany. He is in the centre. In an accompanying letter he says that he is '''in the pink," and that although there are only twenty of them on the farm where he is working, they get some good entertainment, and that he is with a fine lot of lads. Before joining up Fred, who is twenty-two years old, worked in the Sittingbourne Paper Mills. His family are comforted by the very nice letters they have had from him." Copyright: Elaine Nicholls.