A postcard Arthur Watson sent home to his mother on the 14th January 1945, after being taken prisoner at Arnhem, September 1944. It reads: Dear Ma, I hope you had a good Christmas as I had a pretty good one myself, I am expecting to get some mail through shortly, some of my mates have had  some. Please write to Madge and Olive and give them my love, remember me to Dad and Les, lots of love from Arthur."



A letter Arthur Watson sent home to his mother on the 9th January 1945. It reads: "...day is Christmas day, I have just had a big dinner of steak and kidney pudding with cream over the top and am about to prepare for tea of currant cake with cream and pineapple and rice and cream, good eh! We are going to have a variety show tonight, we have zipped up a smashing christmas tree it is as like old times as possible under the circumstances. I expect you have had a nice time I hope to be enjoying it with you soon, the one thing I have missed is my good beer up, well write to Madge and give her my love and to the terror, remember me to Don, give my love to olive, remember me to Phil, and please write to the Cramptons. Well cheerio for now hope to see you soon ,your ever loving son, Arthur."