Lieutenant Stutzer


Gravy & Brot

Composed and performed in Barrack 11 by Lieutenant Stutzer of the USAAF. The poem was taken from the book, Prisoner of War: My Secret Journal, by Squadron Leader B. Arct.


I've travelled this Deutschland wide over

I've stopped at all Stammlager Lufts

Some were good, some were bad.

Some were different,

And others the best that they had.

Now this last one I stopped at

Was a lulu,

So clean and fine and neat

But all wasn't Rotten Cross Parcels

Wait till you hear what we had to eat.

Now on Montag we had brot and gravy,

On Dienstag 'twas gravy and brot,

On Mitwoch and Donnestag we had gravy on toast

Which is nothing but gravy on brot.

On Freitag I went to the Hauptmann

To ask him for something instead,

So on Samstag in the morgen

By way of a change

We had gravy without any bread.