By an unknown Canadian Prisoner of War, captured at Dieppe. Taken from the diary of Harold Scharfe.


It was the 18th day of August in 1942.

We sailed away from England and no one knew where to.

We had received no orders, no friends to see us leave.

The 2nd Canadian Division with the blue patch on their sleeve.


Early the next morning, when everything was still,

We saw the tracer bullets come at us from the hill.

But we kept right on a 'sailing, and no man will forget

The morning that we landed, on the beaches of Dieppe.


The enemy was waiting and had taken up his posts.

We met a hail of bullets as we landed on the coast.

But every man there landed or at least he tried.

Tho' many there were wounded and many also died.


It was early in the morning, when we started in to fight.

The mortar shells came at us from left and front and right.

They shelled us from the cliffs and bombed us from the air,

But the 2nd Canadian Division were not so easily scared.


We fought there for 9 hours, from 5a.m. til 2.

Our losses were terrific, but there was nothing we could do.

The Navy came to help us but their boats they could not  land,

So we had to surrender at Dieppe, there on that stretch of sand.


What is left of us are prisoners, beneath a foreign flag.

Here in the heart of "Deutschland" in a camp they call "Stalag".

Many of our comrades fell, but we never will forget.

They gave their lives a fighting in the battle of Dieppe.


When this war is over and once again we're free.

To our homeland we'll be sailing, to a land of liberty.

Though many have a battle scar, I'm sure no man can forget

The morning that we landed on the French coast at Dieppe.


Red Cross


We thank you for all that you do

Every day you are helping us through

Delicious hot tea we can frequently brew

Coffee and cocoa we thought we'd not get

Remember the joys of the first cigarette

Oh! for some chocolate was once the cry

Seems-the RED CROSS has heard the great sigh

Sincerely we thank thee for all that you do.

Sometimes we're browned off 

Or feel rather blue

Or even be feeling quite sad

Come what may there's one thing that's true

In RED CROSS we'll always be glad

Every parcel we have the luck to receive

Tom, Dick or Harry is proud to receive

You'll join me in saying it's true

RED CROSS --We thank you for

All that you do.


Safe Keeping


I pray for your safe keeping

With every hour that chimes

Thru all the pain and peril

And terror of the times


My thoughts are ever with you

Although we are apart

In daytime and in darkness

You are in my mind and heart


We cannot be together

These troubled times to share

But may you be protected

This is my constant prayer


That you may be delivered

Thru all the strife and strain

God have you in his keeping

Until we meet again




Of all the places in the world

At least it seems to me

A prison camp is not the place

For women's eyes to see


For months behind a barbed wire fence

Can warp the sanest mind

Unless it keeps some ort of hold

Or somehow strength can find


And hunger causes men to steal

To get some filthy stew

And some behave like animals

The lowest thing to do


The saddest thing of all to see

Is virile manhood brave

Reduced to fleshless skin and bones

Like those due for the grave


So God forbid that you my son

Should ever captured be

And pray that all your battles then

Shall end in VICTORY



He grabbed me round my slender neck

I could not call or scream

He dragged me to his dining room

Where he could not be seen


He tore away my flimsy wrap

And looked upon my form

I was so cold and wet and scared

Whilst he was hot and warm


His feverish lips he pressed to mine

I gave him every drop

He drained me of my very self

I could not make him stop


He made me what I am today

That's why you find me here 

A broken bottle cast away

That once was filled with beer


Keep Smiling


Tho' clouds may blot out the horizon

And the days seem weary and long

Just think of the dawn of tomorrow

And cheer up your heart with a song


For if every day we keep smiling

And stick to our word "Carry On"

The shadows will break into sunshine

And Right will soon triumph over Wrong