Prigionieri Blues

by James Allen Hopkins.


I've got those Prigionieri Blues

Morbid monotonous blues

Won't somebody brighten my life

When will I come back to you

I've got those Prigionieri Blues

Day after day it's the same

Working, sleeping, cloudy or fine

It's always for you I pine

When I'm lying out in the sun

Or standing alone in the breeze

I just see the places I love

My home, garden and trees

I've got those Prigionieri Blues

How long will this life go on

My lonely heart keeps calling you

I've got those Prigionieri Blues

I love to linger in the fading light

And watch the shadows turn the evening into night

That's when I meet you standing beneath the stars

Then we stroll together neath the yellow moon

Exchanging secrets that lovers do

Then we'll stop and laugh and look at each other

And you, walking walking neath the velvet sky

Singing and talking as nightingales fly high

And then we'll turn around and return our steps

Walking with a light tread never stop to rest

And looking forward to another day.