Leading Stoker George William Oliver


George Oliver was the sole survivor of the submarine H49, which sank after a depth charge attack off the Dutch coast, west of the island of Texel. He made his escpae without the aid of breathing apparatus and was taken to Marlag und Milag Nord. The following poem, courtesy of his niece, Christine Frahm, is included in his diary.


In England now, the black cap sings
and martins dart on tireless wings,
about their nests in cottage eaves.

Behind the lattice work of leaves across the meadows,
there hath rolled a rippling tide of green and gold.

The flower is on the apple bough
and lilac blossoms in England now,
the hawthorn whitens once again
along the hedge in the lane
and gay is every garden plot
with tuplip and forget me not.

The herds in quiet pastures stand
and beauty is upon the land
as if it basked in Gods own smile,
this dear this sweet, this blessed Isle.