John Terry


One Glorious Mow

Thanks to Nola Muller.


Well Pal, the Parcels here again
and quite a nice one too.
I’ll get the biscuits open
Whilst the chocolate you undo.


And whilst we nibble at the chocs
We can both decide
What we’ll take from out the box 
and what we’ll leave inside.


Here’s a nice sultana pudding
we can mow that right away
as a sort of extra little treat
because its parcel day.


For Friday there is M&V.
For Saturday Meat Roll
For Sunday, Bacon you’ll agree?
For Monday, Fish Rissole.


By the way the Teas is coming
The carriers are gone
So Pal split up the Margarine
Our little party’s on!


That Duff was really excellent
The Biscuits were a thrill
The Cheese and Jam and meat paste 
Were nice –but hardly fill.


So, what about the M&V?
The Bacon you insist!
Well, let us have the both of them,
They’re to nice to resist.


Well, that leaves us with Meat Roll.
On its own it looks forlorn
So borrow Cyril’s opener!
That’s that! the parcels gone.


And now before we go to rest
Our thanks to God we’ll say.
And ask Him, if he doesn’t mind,
To speed next Parcel Day.