Group 43, Compound 1. Left to right, back row: Sgt Blamures, BQMS Woods,  CQMS Lewis, Sgt Morton, ASM Nelson, CSM Charlton, Sgt Matthews, Sgt John Thomson "Jock" Judge ("C" Company, 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment, previously Cameron Highlanders, captured North Africa 1942), Sgt Marlowe, and AQMS Hicking. Rear Middle row: S/C Morley, Sgt Walpole, Sgt Horsforth, Sgt Meade, RQMS Norris, BSM Harvey, Sgt Patrick, BSM Swinbourne, BSM Byatt, Sgt Browning, Sgt Taylor, Sgt Bradley, Sgt Dye, Sgt Buchan, and Sgt Bragg. Front Middle row: BQMS Roses, S/C Rowse, Sgt Eaves, SSM Cockayne, Sgt Snell, Sgt Gibson, Sgt McLaren, and Sgt McPherson. Front row: Sgt Barton, Sgt Churchill, Sgt Fishburn, Sgt Jarrett, Sgt Williams, Sgt Farraw, Sgt Chutson, and Sgt Skinsley. Copyright: Estelle Fowden.