The Garden Party. Second from the left is Les Robertson, who penned the following poem on the subject in August 1944. Can anyone identify the other three men? Copyright: Thelma McMurchy.

Rotenburg Gardeners

Four jolly gardeners are we Gardening in the heart of Germany,

Arriving at work half an hour late, After cursing children guarding the Commandantur gate.

We hoe and plant day by day, Dig and rake for 70 fennig pay,

Watch the women walking by And look for welcome visitors from the sky.


Four jolly gardeners are we, Weeding the garden very leisurely.

We eat the onions, the carrots and peas, Clasp the hoes and lean at ease,

Watch the "Piggies" parading in the park, Curse the watchdogs and their awful bark,

Trade with tobacco, cigarettes and soap And we bring in eggs and bottles of dope.


Four jolly gardeners are we, Walking to the lager very slowly.

We inspect all people walking in the streets, Curse a summer of very temperate heats.

Notice all the builders' rackets and the foresters' squeeze,

Observe all the idle rich living at ease,

Thirst for pints of dark brown ale And we wait for the boat that's going to sail.