British officers in Oflag VIID, shortly before all were transferred to Oflag VIIC-H. They are the following men but it is not known if they are listed in any particular order; Lieutenant P.J. McCall, Captain Martin Gilliatt, Captain Lord Rathcreedan (reported a POW in 1940), Captain the Earl of Hopetoun (son and heir of the Viceroy of India, and who married Vivien Kenyon-Slaney in 1939), Lieutenant D.A. Orr-Ewing, Lieutenant C.R.C. Weld-Forester (married the Earl and Countess of Ossory's daughter, Lady Moyra Butler, in 1940), Major J.S. Poole, Lieutenant C.J.J. Clay, and Lieutenant A.R. Porter. Thanks to Hugo Mitchell.