Lieutenant Mike Sinclair, known as the Red Fox, a British prisoner who dedicated his every thought to escape. He was observed to spend many hours staring out of a window, noting the routine of the guards and searching for a weakness in the German defence. Some of his attempts to escape were researched most thoroughly and were bold in the extreme. Sinclair's most famous attempt was to impersonate Stabsfeldwebel Rothenberger, a highly distinctive and fearsome character, and he went to great pains to ensure his costume and manner were entirely accurate. One night, accompanied by a few fellow prisoners dressed up as guards, Sinclair casually dismissed the German sentries leading up to the main gate in order to facilitate a mass escape. Having successfully fooled two guards he failed at the last hurdle when the man at the gate spotted an error in Sinclair's papers. In desperation Sinclair ranted and screamed at the man in fluent German until eventually out of panic Sinclair was shot and wounded. He recovered, but was killed on the 29th September 1944 when he tried a simple and suicidal dash across the wire and was shot in the attempt. For his relentless devotion to escaping whilst a POW he was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Service Order, the only Lieutenant to be awarded the medal during the Second World War for an action behind the wire.